IU gets commitment from 3-star DE Gavin McCabe

Indiana picked up its second commitment of the day on Tuesday afternoon, taking a verbal pledge from three-star Illinois defensive end Gavin McCabe.

The 6-foot-3, 250-pound recruit picked IU over offers from Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers, Arkansas, Syracuse, West Virginia and Washington State, among others. According to Scout.com, McCabe is ranked as the No. 53 defensive end in the nation, the No. 9 defensive end in the Midwest and the second-best player at his position in his home state.

McCabe is the third player from the state of Illinois to commit to IU in the past week. Three-star tight end Matt Bjorson committed last Wednesday, and three-star offensive lineman Nick Marozas committed on Monday.

McCabe is the seventh member of the 2017 recruiting class, making his commitment only hours after IU took a verbal commitment from three-star Georgia linebacker Aaron Casey.

The class also includes three-star corner Elijah Rodgers, three-star Tennessee receiver Jacolby Hewitt and three-star Lowell safety Jordan Jusevitch.


  1. He “picked IU over offers from Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers, Arkansas, Syracuse, West Virginia and Washington State, among others.” That’s a very good indicator.

    Hmmm, when do the players from the state of Indiana start making their commitments?

  2. Who writes this stuff? How can this guy be “the No. 53 defensive end in Illinois, the No. 9 defensive end in the Midwest and the second-best player at his position in his home state[?]” In high school I was the #1 nose guard in the western hemisphere but the 1,578th nose guard in St. Joe county.

      1. No need man you got it right the first time some folks need to put their glasses on before reading.lol

  3. 1. Though IU might be @ the bottom regarding recruiting in big ten as in the past there is not that much difference among the last 3 or 4 teams regarding recruiting in big ten. Probably the same as other conferences. Maybe, they could have there own championship to see who stays out of big ten cellar. 2. Though I would not say it is loaded, however T.A. has inherited an intriguing team. There are some good fb players on IU for 2017. For a first year coach I would say IU FB team has some solid parts and experience where talent lacks (qb). T.A. has a better team than what K.W. inherited. T.A. has inherited a better team than what is often inherited by a first year coach.

  4. t, I agree with you completely. And that’s why it is essential that Tom Allen’s team “breakthrough” and produce a winning season in 2017. He needs that in order to begin attracting better talent necessary to sustain the momentum the program achieved under Wilson. Given that Allen may be an unknown to many recruits this year, if his 2017 team win 7 or 8 games, all that goes out the window and he’ll have a significant advantage in recruiting in the years to come. It won’t happen over night, but I’ll bet we’ll notice the difference in the first recruiting class after Allen produces a winning season.

    The thing I liked about Wilson is that he was an opportunistic recruiter. He had no problem taking transfers if they could help his team. I hope Allen and his staff retain that philosophy, because IU could become a great home with otherwise highly talented players who did not fit at the schools where they first enrolled.

  5. could some one please explain me the differnce between a 3 star 4 star 5 star recruite iguess iam just dumb.

  6. Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, LSU, Wisconsin, Penn State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, among others differentiate that with IU, Purdue, Rutgers, Wyoming, KY, Minnesota, Duke, Illinois, Northwestern (gotten a few 4 stars or close to 4 stars in recent years) among others.

  7. https://www.cougcenter.com/wsu-football-recruiting/2013/2/5/3956800/rivals-scout-espn-247-star-rating-system-national-signing-day

    Here’s a good explanation of the star rating system. It’s more about where a play ranks compared with his/her peers than a rating overall skills. It’s also why players going to top schools often get bumped up and players going to the IU’s of the world get bumped down once they announce their commitments. It’s a good system but not a perfect system.

    1. The flaw in the system is never knowing who in these mysterious “rankings rooms” are doing the evaluating. Why not allow the reader some insight? Why not publish names of the people comprising their respective ‘Board of Evaluators’….? Are 20 people doing these rankings…? Are there 100? Are there 1000? Who makes the final call? Or, are all evaluations done by Watson after a 10-story building filled with data entry teenagers in India enters 600 billion pages of stats every week? Is it a voting system? Does ultimate ranking power fall in the laps of journalists who are foreign to playing any high level sport? Do they have a network of coaches at the h.s. level who are regular sources for the offering of intangibles/opinions? Where do most of these Rivals/Scout/ESPN “raters” reside? Are they representative of a diverse slice of the nation…or are they following their easily swayed hearts due to certain geographic/alma mater bias? And what of the potential for corruption in these systems? What sort of oversight and controls are in place to prevent a coach/family member/recruit to influence the process via unscrupulous means? Does this system enhance the potential of late bloomers or does it forever bury guys who could have landed an opportunity based on a coach actually seeing something in a kid that these mass services overlook? Where does character come into play?

      Even judges at beauty contests don’t hide behind curtains. Seems like a lot of unchecked power to allow such “accepted” influences acting upon the dreams of a young athlete(all of which forever remain at varied levels of progress in terms of current ‘look’ and untapped potential. All athletes have different slopes of maturity. All peak at different levels. All grow or decide to artificially “enhance” their bodies at different times. All will be developed differently(to their advantage or disadvantage once under the control of their next coach).

      Bottom Line: No transparency in these rankings services. No oversight to place checks on potential corruption.

  8. McCabe, the best thing I see from his tapes are the lack of quit in getting to the ball carrier no matter where he is. I also like his closing speed on QBs and tackling form when taking on ball carriers. He is a solid player that has a motor that could make him an outstanding player in a couple of years.

  9. H4H, the rating systems are a shortcut for coaches and fans to decide how good players in HS are. You point out several problems with the system although certain groups have tried using on the field camps to evaluate players. A problem that can’t be sovled is how do you compare players from different schemes IE a DT can be a Nose, 3,5, or 7 Technique playing different styles of football. Some defenses are hit and react while others attack gaps and flow to the ball. Evaluating DTs in these different schemes isn’t easy but the colleges that do the best job finding players that fit their scheme are the schools that win games.

  10. v13- Thanks for the input. I knew I could learn something from you. Though your football knowledge far eclipses my own(thus leaving endless opportunities to gain insights I can hold with confidence), mostly what I learn from you has nothing to do with football.
    You are not a mean-spirited person…..nor someone who will forever undermine Indiana Football. Thanks again for being so steady and so respectful….no matter the bombardments in cynicism, mockery, hopeless regard, and continual second guessing that has haunted IU Football for many seasons. It’s only because of fans like you that such times will one day be a forgotten dark cloud.
    I’m more a fan of IU Football because of the hope and classy vision that is the indelible part of your spirit.

  11. And don’t forget that some players at respective positions are just better than others. They are bigger or whatever size they are; are quicker, faster, pass better, catch better, tackle better, kick better and etc etc etc.

  12. H4H, thanks for the compliments and we are both fans of IUFB. Coach Allen is a tremendous coach and motivator to get players to play harder than they were before. Recruiting is a tough job for IU and other schools because of all the evaluation they have to do to figure out which players they want. I really like the players that are committed to IUFB and the ones that stay committed to IU are very good players. Opponents don’t know how hard IU’s players will play and we have the depth now to keep playing hard all game.

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