IUWBB: Hoosiers to take trip to Italy

Indiana women’s basketball announced Wednesday its first foreign trip since 2009.

The Hoosiers will head back to Italy, the destination of their prior overseas excursion. That is the program’s only other foreign trip on record. NCAA rules allow teams to take a foreign trip every four years.

The trip will run from Aug. 2-11. The team will fly out from Indianapolis and land in Rome. Vatican City, Florence, Pisa and Venice are also on the itinerary, and the 2017-18 roster will compete in three games versus Italian opponents.

IU coach Teri Moren has been talking about the possibility of a foreign trip for some time. In August 2016, she talked specifically about Italy. Her friend, Georgia Tech coach MaChelle Joseph, was familiar with a touring group in the country.

Premier International Tours helped arrange the trip for IU. When Moren talked about the process of scheduling a trip, she said representatives from the Italian touring group would visit IU in the fall, along with other universities.

Moren said a foreign trip could help expand the Hoosiers’ connections overseas, but it was also a worthwhile experience for her players.

“I don’t think that Amanda Cahill or Tyra Buss would ever forgive me if I didn’t take them on a foreign tour,” Moren said last August.

Cahill, the Hoosiers’ All-Big Ten forward, has already been overseas, traveling to Vietnam last summer as part of the “Coach for College” program. That is outside the experience Moren had as a player at Purdue.

“I know when I was an athlete, I didn’t want to expand my wings. ‘I am a basketball player, I am going to live in my own little bubble,'” Moren said. “Not those guys, and that’s one of the things I envy about them and respect about them, that they are getting the most out of their college experience and I think that’s really cool.”

Moren indicated that a trip was overdue, noting a “disruption” occurred when she replaced Curt Miller as coach in 2014.

The Hoosiers, as a team, could use a bonding experience this offseason. IU will have only four returners from the ’16-17 roster, including seniors Buss and Cahill. They are joined by sophomore Bre Wickware and junior Kym Royster, five freshmen and two transfers.

IU will be allotted 10 practice days before heading out to Italy. Players are currently on campus for a summer session that runs until July 28. They will have time off following the trip in August.

There is also hope this trip could cultivate recruiting connections in Italy. For instance, Georgia Tech currently has two Italians on its roster, guards Francesca Pan and Antonia Peresson.

“We’re hoping that (a trip to Italy) opens up some things for us,” Moren said last year. “We have connections over there. Of course, we’ll have to fight Georgia Tech for all the best players. But maybe that will open some doors for us internationally.”


  1. Wow! How lucky this group is , Italy , foreign competition, and a dream vacation , I am quite envious of them. Besides that hopefully this will help to mold and blend the team into one.

  2. Foreign trips are known to bring team chemistry together and the extra practices before are a great advantage. This will be crucial for this team since they have 5 incoming freshmen to integrate into the system. And, what a great experience for a college student to go over seas and travel in a foreign country. there is nothing negative about this! Go Hoosiers!!

  3. A tribute to T.Moren and staff of working to upgrade IU ladies basketball program. Plus T.Moren looking to expand recruiting possibilities to seek out anything or players that may help program. Maybe, IU ladies could become a program in the big ten as to what Gonzaga men are in their league. Just a thought. IU ladies would need bigger taller players on the inside though.

  4. t– I agree but bigger doesnt necessarily mean better, they do need to have some game.

  5. True. I am not sure how good the Italy along with the rest of European ladies young game is. I was thinking how some of the of the European guys are tall shooters and scorers and rebounders.

  6. It should be noted that East coast colleges and many West coast colleges rosters are littered with quality foreign players every year. Many great foreign players are playing in the states, why not try to tap into that area if possible?

  7. Hope this trip works better for team chemistry than holly warlicks “team up”

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