Scheduling incentive included in Archie Miller’s contract

Archie Miller will be handsomely rewarded for bringing competitive opponents to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Under the terms of his first Indiana contract, obtained by The Herald-Times on Tuesday through an open records request, Miller will receive an annual bonus of $125,000 for playing no more than one non-conference opponent that has a sub-300 RPI rating.

That’s just one of the benchmarks laid out for Miller, who agreed to terms on an incentivized seven-year contract worth $24 million and averaging $3.35 million in annual compensation.

Miller will make $550,000 per year in base salary, an additional $1.65 million to $1.95 million in outside promotional income, which increases by $50,000 annually, and $1 million in deferred compensation.

Through guaranteed compensation alone, which stands at $3.2 million entering this season, Miller is already one of the highest paid coaches in the country. According to the most recent update of the USA Today coaching salary database, Miller’s salary would rank eighth nationally, immediately behind Michigan’s John Beilein’s $3.37 million salary.

And like the contract Indiana recently executed with new football coach Tom Allen, Miller’s deal includes provisions for multiple performance-related bonuses that can add to his total compensation.

The non-conference scheduling provision is the most compelling, especially after the criticism former coach Tom Crean took for dotting the early-season schedule with sub-300 teams. According to the contract, Miller will receive his scheduling bonus if no more than one non-conference opponent has an RPI rating above 300 from the season prior as reported on the final ratings of

Last season, four of the teams Crean scheduled finished with sub-300 RPI ratings. For next season, Indiana has already scheduled two teams, Howard (No. 339) and South Florida (No. 316), with sub-300 ratings.

For the future, Miller has spoken openly about working on a home-and-home series with Arizona and restarting the Kentucky series. Filling the dates in between will be the challenge.

Beyond the non-conference portion of the schedule, Miller will also be rewarded for success in March.

The IU coach will receive a bonus of $125,000 for winning the Big Ten regular season title and an additional $50,000 for winning the Big Ten Tournament. Each season that Indiana qualifies for the NCAA Tournament, Miller will receive a $25,000 bonus. He’ll make an additional $35,000 for reaching the Sweet 16, $50,000 for reaching the Elite Eight and $125,000 for reaching the Final Four.

Should the Hoosiers win an NCAA championship on Miller’s watch, the coach would receive a $250,000 bonus. Miller would also make $50,000 for receiving Big Ten Coach of the Year honors, and $50,000 for receiving National Coach of the Year honors. Miller would receive a bonus of $125,000 for his team posting a multiyear APR score over 950.

If Indiana were to fire Miller without cause before April 1, 2022, it would owe him all of the base salary, outside promotional income and deferred compensation remaining on the contract. If Miller were fired on or after that date, Indiana would owe him half of the base salary, outside promotional income and deferred compensation remaining through March 31, 2024.


  1. Sounds like a big time winner to me…as with most major league people. Crazy but nevertheless, big time winner.

  2. It appears these contracts are being written with “promotional salary” often 4 times more than the “base salary.” Is it done this way because it creates some sort of tax advantage for the coach and/or the university?

    Are many university athletics programs now being set up as non-profits in an effort to create additional tax avoidance/loopholes?

    Makes me wonder how much the citizens of states who have long pumped money into providing for their public institutions(via their own income taxes) actually benefit from the enormous amounts of dollars generated in college sports.

    This is why I’ve grown to have more distrust and distaste for the entire process. It’s rather despicable how such abuses allow the spineless tax-dodgers and their lawyers all the advantages of corporate loopholes, contracts, and “laws” written for the sole purpose of allowing the rich to get richer while the average complacent zombie “Joes” of the world pay big bucks(along with their big federal and state income taxes) for tickets to sit in the stands like oblivious clapping brainwashed performers to idolize the games only designed for dollars that never give back to the community.

    Everything in designed “non-profit,” but believe me, they are profiting out the wazoo. Meanwhile, healthcare becomes more expensive than having three mortgages, the cost of a college education is carried in decades like balls and chains of rollover interest expense to the grave, automobiles(the symbols of success and image for a chocked middle-class) are made to look “affordable’ via leases and lengthy payback terms nearly doubling the amount of years once the norm, city schools continue to rot in rotting crime-ridden streets, and the infrastructure of America crumbles in shameful disregard

    Somehow, amongst so much borrowing and narrowing of disposable income and quality of life for the vast majority, the rich not only get richer…but dodge paying taxes as well.

  3. “Should the Hoosiers win an NCAA championship on Miller’s watch, the coach would receive a” ……… totally new contract so that IU is protected from having their young superstar coach poached by a program that will not hesitate to pay him more than $5 million a year…..guaranteed.

    Another million or so a year and Archie will be up there making what his older brother is making.

    I can’t wait to see how Archie’s compensation package compares to what OSU gave their new head basketball coach.

  4. To have a substantive conversation about comp, what’s interesting about this section of AM’s contract is that it points towards how much influence the HC has in scheduling. We can infer, rather clearly, that the cupcake schedule Indiana had in the non-conf the last few years was pretty much all Crean. Also, the Kentucky series….

  5. BTW, anyone see that Jeff Meyer left Michigan to join LaVall Jordan at Butler? They’ve had a long history of working together. Regardless, interesting move to take a lateral position from the Big Ten to the Big East. Michigan lost another assistant coach, too. Beilein has two positions to fill pretty late in the year.

    I hear that Mitch McGary is considering leaving the world of bowling to teach future Michigan players how they too can survive being run over by Cody Zeller-type players. It’s an online course where the first day of class is McGary sharing rich anecdotes of how he fought through the D-League with the heart of a lion. He overcame it all with Cody Zeller’s footprint tattooed on his forehead.

  6. Hey, sorry if I gave the wrong impression, but I am in no way criticizing Archie’s new contract. In fact, I think it’s great, for both him and for IU. The total dollars are about what I expected they would be, and I like the incentives. IU’s efforts to pay our basketball coaches has never been an issue to me. Being cheap with the football program is another matter.

    But if anyone thinks Archie’s not going to be offered huge money by another blue blood basketball school after he leads IU to a final four or a National Championship, they are being naive. And honestly, when Archie hangs another banner in Assembly Hall, he will deserve elite money. I’m not suggesting that IU ever pay a coach “stupid money” like our two neighbors in Kentucky do for their two basketball coaches, but when Archie wins one, IU will need to narrow the $2 to $4 million gap between Archie’s deal and the money those elite college basketball coaches are currently getting paid. Keep in mind, a few of those elite coaches are not going to be coaching for too many more years.

  7. Great post, DD. Looks like a little dissension in the ranks at Michigan. Breaks my heart.

  8. Now that Crean is out of work, it’s a given he’ll being hanging around bro-in-law at U. of Michigan way too much. Meyer knows Crean now has way too much time on his hands…Goodbye coaching. Hello Harbaughs….and stalking the Michigan campus.

  9. Yes, I am criticizing A.M. contract in every way, but no more than any other contract of a major league individual regardless of what field that individual is in. It is the priority of wealth distribution that is outer space out of balance between the inherit or non inherit different work/occupational levels in society. Yes, absolutely if I was among the major league individuals in society I would 100 percent take advantage of such circumstances. However, I am not so I won’t.

  10. Just to clear things up a bit….Zeller was a sophomore. McGary was a freshman.

    Now let’s dive into tattooing.

    First Half: McGary, was not even a starter in the game you keep referencing as the “tattooing” of one Michigan player. After subbing in for his first appearance on the floor at around the 15:04 mark of the first half, he was subsequently tattooed by the refs with two quick personal fouls in the span of one minute(1st @ 14:16, 2nd @ 13:03). He was subbed out immediately after the 2nd zebra tattoo and did not return for the rest of the first half.
    McGary played a total of 1 minute and 13 seconds in the first half.

    Second half: McGary did not start the second half. He subbed in for the first time at the 18:13 mark. He was hit with his 3rd foul 35 seconds later (@ 17:38 mark). At the 15:05 mark, McGary was tattooed with his 4th foul.

    Review: The refs tattooed McGary. He played a total of 8 minutes. He was hit with, essentially, back-to-back fouls in each half. He may have smoked his share of weed while in college, but he was never smoked by Cody Zeller.

    What did the freshman, Mitch McGary, do after his 8 minutes against Indiana….? He simply put his team on his back and took them to a Final Four. What did Cody do on the biggest stages of March? Be brave…Take a look at the Syracuse stat sheets. A broomstick could have performed better over 37 minutes.

    The move McGary likely forever regret is not entering the NBA draft after he took the NCAA tournament by storm. He would have likely been chosen in the top 10. The following season at Michigan was a season of back injuries.

    You’ll be hard pressed to find many freshman centers whose stats and performances will ever compare to what McGary accomplished in March Madness of the 2013-13 season. When the lights were brightest, he came up far bigger than any Hoosier over the last 15 years. Most Indiana kids have that sort of basketball gumption in their genes.

    Crean built softness into teams. I don’t blame the players. I blame his persona and his scheduling. I blame his anal behavior, his micromanaging of the minutes, and his inability to personally relate to all sorts of personality types. He was a disastrous coach who made teams far weaker than their collective talent.

    1. Make no mistake about it, McGary was tattooed by CZ. It happened. I don’t care if Zeller was a 5th year Senior and MM was a Frosh. Any news worthiness mention of McGary was simply a flash in the pan.

      1. Make no mistake, you’re wrong. McGary was taken out of the game by tattooing refs. Eight minutes total on the court.
        And Zeller never “tattooed” anything in a deeper round of an NCAA tournament.
        Considering the unprecedented hype(probably only second to Damon Bailey) before Zeller came to Indiana, he was tattooed by five banners asking one question: When?

      2. And “newsworthiness” is one word. I believe “news” would need an apostrophe if you prefer separation.

        1. You can crybaby all you want but what is news worthy is a flash in the pan for all to see on TV was so easily tattooed by Cody. For Hoosier fans it was a thing of beauty.

          1. Life is a flash in the pan….Fact remains, he did not shrink under the lights of the biggest stage in the sport.

            Steve Downing was also a flash in the pan….and 40 years later his performances in the NCAA tournament remain something worthy of Hoosier pride(university and state pride) and a lifetime of memories. Much like McGary for Michigan, Downing embraced the biggest stage and outplayed some of the best centers in the game(including Walton) in a storybook run to the Final Four.
            It’s why you play the games.

            Some like to rewrite history.

            After the dominant win over Florida in the regional final, head coach John Beilein said the seeds of putting McGary into the starting lineup in place of junior Jordan Morgan were planted during Michigan’s slow start against Penn State in the Big Ten tournament. The Wolverines won that game, and Morgan started again the next day against Wisconsin, but in those two games, McGary played a total of 46 minutes to Morgan’s 18. Beilein said he figured Morgan would be mature enough to handle coming off the bench and still be productive, and that he wanted to “make sure if we’re going to play right now, let’s put the best five players on the floor to start.”

            That’s been the case since the start of the NCAA tournament, and McGary has gone off. In just under 30 minutes a game in the NCAAs, he’s averaging 17.5 points and 11.5 rebounds a game on 33-for-55 shooting. He’s also chipping in almost three steals per contest as his skill level has combined with his hustle and better conditioning to allow him to make impact plays all over the court.

            If you want to talk about “tattoos,” I would suggest you revisit IU vs. Syracuse(back when you were all still slobbering over “everything hinges” and the inventor of cutting down nets after losses; basketball’s very own, Dr. Ozob).

          2. Yeah…He pretty much takes over the NCAA tournament as a freshman against the likes of Florida, Kansas, and Syracuse….and he was tattooed forever. You sure like to rewrite history.
            Nobody said Downing was tattooed. And McGary, was never tattooed by Cody Zeller….nor was Syracuse tattooed at a Sweet 16(unless you’re talking about Mitch).

          3. You do enjoy your fake news….

            Two Years of Everything Hinges: Embarrassed against Syracuse, No Elite 8, No Final Four.

            One Year of Flash in the Pan: Final Four/Championship game.

            I’ll take a ‘flash in the pan’ Final Four over zero Elite 8 appearances over the last 10 years.

          4. Funny how we hired a coach with one “flash in the pan” trip to a Final Four. Funny how we suffered through a decade of witnessing some of the ugliest basketball ever brought to the candy stripes. Funny how we paid a so-called coach 30 million dollars based on his one flash in the pan dance in March while at Marquette.

            I’m guilty as charged for being impressed with McGary’s ‘flash in the pan’ performance as a freshman on his way to a Final Four.

            What are most of you guilty of for thinking Crean was anything more than a ‘flash in the pan’ at Marquette? Fifteen years since his ‘flash in the pan’ with Wade….and many of you were still wanting 10 more years of him after Syracuse unveiled all we’d ever get out of Tom Crean.

          5. Permanently branded on TV by Cody. Tattooed by a real Hoosier forever. Now he smokes much weed to forget the humiliation.

          6. McGary did everything in the NCAA tournament that Cody & Co. tattooed in shortcomings upon the reality of all the silly marketing, “We’re Back” t-shirts, press conferences at hick town h.s. gyms, and empty “Movement” hype.
            Maybe if the NCAA had 2-A tournaments mirroring Cody’s h.s. accomplishments, we’d have a 2-A trip to a Final Four after beating Lipscomb at an Elite 8…..McGary marched through Florida, Kansas, and Syracuse….That’s “blue blood” basketball territory, my defeatist friend. Who did Cody and Co. “tattoo” in the NCAA…? James Madison? We were sure “back” alright.

  11. A free market economy is a wonderful thing. Thank goodness we live in the U.S.A.

  12. Well, in Archie’s case, it’s a free market. I for one am happy for him and hope he makes a fortune as IU’s head coach.

  13. Do you think 54 million can get us a Final Four(30 million on Ozob and 24 million deal for Archie)? Think of the hookers Louisville can buy with 54 million…? Think of the ghost classes UNC can buy with 54 million…?

    Cheapest Final Four ever was the year Mike Davis marched us past #1 Duke at a regional semi and onto the biggest stage of college basketball. I think that Final Four likely cost us less than the combined dollars to print “We’re Back!” t-shirts and produce/manufacture the “Hoosier Rising” DVD during the height of the empty hype decade.

    Taxation without banner representation. It’s how we do things at Indiana.

  14. The flash in the pan is now marching through life permanently tattoed.

  15. Uhhh, HT Guys.

    Seems you are headed toward a total of one participant in the “Comments” section.

    Sad but so be it.

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