Hoosiers assessing depth at quarterback

Peyton Ramsey closed a strong spring practice season with a fine performance during Indiana’s annual spring game.

This month, he appears to be building off that work with a strong fall camp.

Ramsey, a redshirt freshman, has consistently earned praise for his work as IU’s backup quarterback as camp continues. Working with the second team offense, Ramsey has delivered consistent results in practice as the understudy to starter Richard Lagow.

“You get the same thing from the kid every day,” Lagow said. “There’s a lot to be said about that.”

Last fall, Ramsey earned IU scout team player of the week honors on five occasions before closing his freshman season as the Hoosiers’ offensive scout team player of the year.

The Cincinnati native was arguably the most impressive player in IU’s spring game, when he went 10-for-17 for 92 yards and two passing touchdowns, according to unoffical stats. Ramsey also rushed for a score during the spring exhibition.

During his first year-plus with the program, Ramsey, a coach’s son, has impressed his coaches and teammates at IU with his attention to detail. He’s also demonstrated his mobility and his upside as a downfield passer.

“He comes across as an older, mature guy,” Lagow said. “But he’s still got four years left.”

True freshman Nick Tronti is also competing for reps during his first fall camp. The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Tronti, who won last year’s Mr. Football award for the state of Florida, resembles a bigger version of former IU quarterback Zander Diamont.

“I think Nick has done an awesome job,” Lagow said. “For being a true freshman, he’s doing awesome — far, far, far better than I was my true freshman year, that’s for sure. … He’s so young. He’s got so much time left to stay hungry and keep doing everything that he’s doing. I think the sky’s the limit for him.”

Quarterbacks coach Nick Sheridan agreed with Lagow’s assessments.

“They’re taking advantage of their reps and they’re excited about that opportunity,” Sheridan said. “I know they enjoy playing and certainly we know that in the sport of football, you better be ready. You never know when your nuymber is going to be called.”


  1. IU had two very good underclass QBs. Whatever is holding King back I wish he would get past it and start developing to be able to use his strong arm. After this season, I bet we see more read option plays with QBs with the talent to run and throw the ball well. IU now has a rising QB room and I hope it continues in this comig class and down the road. Having a QB that defenses have to account for really opens up the run and pass.

  2. I do see players listed at qb. However, nothing more than just talk as to how good that position will be because thus far it is unproven. We will see how effective. I am thinking it could be very average which is not good enough to good or better. Always need consistently improved qb. Basically, recent blog posts are no more than player introductions, analysis, hopes and wishes. No play on the field yet.

  3. Yep, King not getting mentioned in this article, or the fact that the true freshman is getting some strong accolades from Lagow and his coach could be an indication that King is struggling. Based on this limited information, it would appear that King is fourth on the QB depth chart. I have no idea why, but coaching changes can have a greater impact on some people than on others. And no one knows what King’s expectations were when he arrived on campus. Maybe he thought he’d sit a year and then ascend to the starter. And if those expectations have been dashed, maybe he’s struggling to focus or already starting to look for the escape hatch. Who knows? But the good news is that it appears IU is building quality depth at the QB position.

  4. t, quality hasn’t been proven on the field yet but don’t forget a QB DeBord coached by the name of Tom Brady didn’t look very talented either but got the job done. There is a lot that goes into playing QB at a high level and so much of it is some thing that can’t be measured. Our two younger QBs seem to have ‘it” which will make them effective QBs with the talent they have. How effective, we will have to wait and see when they hit the field.

  5. I feel if qb and running game can be ranked 6, 7 in big ten that would equal 7 or 8 wins. The problem could be qb and running game could rank 9 thru 14. That would equal less than 6 wins. Personally, as in the past 60 plus years I am thinking a 7 plus win season.

  6. vesuvius13, you are correct Mike Debord did coach Tom Brady, but at the same time they had a very hard time trying to decide between Drew Henson and Tom Brady…we do not know if it was Lloyd Carr or Mike Debord who decided to leave Tom Brady at QB. Not to mention that Brady did not have a few problems, he drop all the way to 6th in the NFL draft. All that to say i am waiting to see how this offensive staff does. The most recent Indiana offensive staff had the IU offensive rank in the top half of the BIG 10 constantly. Yes, i know all about the defensive failures under coach Wilson, but that could be directed toward the inadequate defensive cord. The defense was so bad for years and coach Wilson concentrated on the recruiting offensive players mostly. The pass two years recruiting turned to defensive players and we now see the results. a vastly improved defensive….It took Wilson all of six years to improve the quality of players, to play football at Indiana University.

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