IU closes fall camp with Saturday scrimmage

With the fall semester set to begin Monday, Saturday’s closed scrimmage represented the end of Indiana’s 2017 fall camp.

To coach Tom Allen, it was a good way for the offense to go out.

Allen was pleased with the performance of that unit, citing sharp throws from quarterback Richard Lagow and consistent catches from IU receivers as some of the highlights of the day.

“The thing that jumped out was I thought our offensive timing was much improved,” Allen said in a video filmed for the school’s web site. “They were in rhythm, for sure. I thought Richard threw the ball extremely well, receivers caught the ball well and the tempo was what we want. Very pleased with that.”

Allen structured the scrimmage similarly to last weekend’s matchup, lining up the first team offense against the second team defense, and the first team defense against the second team offense.

Defensively, Allen worked in young and inexperienced players as much as possible.

“We know what these older guys can do,” Allen said. “… When they’re going fast on offense, it puts pressure on those young guys. A lot of that created some of the plays the offense made, I’m sure, but at the same time, great work by the whole group.”

The scrimmage included more than 100 total snaps and featured plenty of situational special teams work, too.

Allen praised long snapper Dan Godsil for his consistency, while offering an encouraging assessment of kicker Griffin Oakes and the field goal unit.

“Griff kicked the ball well today, which is good to see,” Allen said. “It’s just a gradual continuation of his confidence in the snap, hold and kick. We had some issues last year with all of those and the protection. He’s gaining confidence in that. I think we got a lot of those things cleaned up. We don’t know until the bullets are live, but I think today was another step toward that, for sure.”

Allen was also pleased with what he saw from his punters. The IU coach likes the potential of newcomer Haydon Whitehead, a former Australian Rules Football player from Melbourne.

“We want to make sure that we’re always improving,” Allen said. “Joseph Gedeon is another guy that’s in there taking reps and competing for that spot. He didn’t practice all spring with surgery, and so he’s been working hard. Drew Conrad, as well, is doing a great job of holding and doing a great job punting. As a group, very pleased with them.”

With fall camp wrapping up Saturday, Allen is prepared to shift IU’s focus toward preparing for Ohio State and the Aug. 31 season opener. IU will practice earlier in the morning to accommodate afternoon classes, while moving to more of a game-week preparation mode.

“That’s the next step,” Allen said.


  1. The 2017 football campaign rolls on with Fall Camp ending. I am excited to see what this team will be like. There are many reasons to believe in this team but with the mistakes of the past I can’t be sure if all that will be cleaned up with the change in coaching. It will be interesting to see how the team looks led by coach Allen and his staff. I hope they bring some magic to the team and the players play up to their ability that creates a special yer this season.

  2. Positive attitude and a lot of fluffy talking in blogs lately. We will see how much improvement, decline, or things remain the same on the field as T.A. refers to live bullets.

  3. every year in the BIG 10 their is a team that makes a upward surprise (Penn State last year) and their is a team that makes a downward spirals (Michigan State last year). From reading most of these blogs expectation are very high in Hoosierland…everyone is looking for that breakthrough season. Which way will the Hoosier football team surprise the IU fan?

  4. yea, and Penn State just rewarded their head football coach in a very big way. Certainly Glass and IU’s BOT is paying attention.

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