IU likely to expand compliance office after Fitzgerald saga

After a heralded freshman football player was ruled ineligible last week due to poor guidance from IU’s compliance office, IU athletic director Fred Glass is implementing changes to make sure such a mistake doesn’t happen again.

On Friday, the NCAA ruled that rookie defensive back Bryant Fitzgerald was a final non-qualifier after Indiana’s compliance department inaccurately advised him regarding eligibility requirements. As a result, Fitzgerald cannot play or practice with the team until the spring.

Glass said Monday that IU will implement redundancies, such as having staffers double check cases and using “technology” in an effort to avoid future embarrassment.

Those redundancies will likely lead to staff expansion in the compliance office, Glass said. Citing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Glass declined to provide further details in the Fitzgerald case.


  1. Kudos to Mr. Miller for putting “technology” in quotation marks. Technology is people. Wait, I forgot. Soylent Green is people.

  2. Change is needed to backstop the office because they are advising athletes about NCAA and IU requirements to be eligible. Fitzgerald’s situation is like a taxpayer that calls the IRS site on a tax question then gets penalized for using the wrong numbers [numbers the IRS gave them]on their tax form. If athletes can’t believe what the compliance office tells them then athletes will quit choosing IU as a place to go to and play. I hope this change eliminates mistakes like this as Athletes put a lot of effort into getting ready for the season.

  3. Lack of intercepting a potential NCAA problem before it became a problem? Fumbling a kid’s first season away?
    No defense for not tackling this head on early in the game?
    Simply passing this down field into a crowd without a valid route or shot at completion?
    Things soon spiral out of control now that it’s late in the game?

    Sounds like the administrative side of the ball plays the game in the same historical fashion as Hoosiers on the field side of the ball. Remember reading another Scoop post on this topic where someone in IU’s organization was quoted with respect to how this would be a good test of Fitzgerald’s resolve and character…?
    Maybe some administrators need their character tested by being locked out of their offices for a year?

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