IUWBB: Tyra Buss does not make USA U-23 team

USA Basketball announced its women’s Under-23 team on Friday after a five-day training camp in Colorado Springs. 

Indiana’s Tyra Buss, who competed at this week’s training camp, did not make the squad.

Buss competed for one of four teams as part of the camp’s round-robin tournament. Her squad, Team 4, was coached by Princeton’s Courtney Banghart. Louisville’s Asia Durr and Stanford’s Brittany McPhee, who were also on Team 4, made the final U-23 roster.

Also making the squad: Ohio State’s Kelsey Mitchell, Oregon’s Sabrina Ionescu, South Carolina’s A’ja Wilson, Notre Dame’s Arike Ogunbowale, Baylor’s Kalani Brown, Texas’ Ariel Atkins, Tennessee’s Jaime Nared and Mercedes Russell, and UCLA’s Monique Billings and Jordin Canada.

The U-23 team will play in a tournament later this month against host Japan, Australia and Canada. Buss, one of 40 players invited to try out for the national team, is now available to join her Hoosier teammates for a foreign tour in Italy. IU women’s basketball departed for Rome on Wednesday and will compete against Italian opponents in the coming days.

The Hoosiers’ foreign tour ends on Aug. 11.


  1. Good experience. It also shows how good of coach T.Moren is for T. Buss. as in getting the most out of her ability and maximizing her potential.

  2. Love how she was ready to ditch her team to be team usa scout team. Thank goodness they foolishly didn’t choose her so we can send her to Italy stat! I bet ali patberg was getting excited thinking she was going to lead the team in italy. Also, why is Cahill in a boot? And why did they say wairu and williams were staying at iu when they are both leaving and openly talking bad about our wbb team along with other departed players?

  3. T.M., T.B. and lady Hoosiers are the best. During T.M., T.B., A.C., A,G., J.A. era thus far has put the IU ladies on the map.

  4. hoosierfan041931,
    Please change your screen name.
    You are NOT a “hoosierfan,” by any stretch of the imagination.

    Sorry Tyra didn’t make the team, but she will return a better player.

  5. Hoosier fan please don’t zip it or change your name . There are a handful of fans who don’t know or care what’s really going on . The rest of us do . If you follow the breakfast club then you get a feel for what’s really going on . Great stuff . I am a fan of the team . Amanda is my favorite . And I am also critical of things that happen . Doesn’t make me any less a fan . Get your heads out of the sand . 13 and counting . Unless I missed a few . But it happens everywhere .

  6. 041931, thanks for the info. However, there was nothing there stating that Williams and/or Wairu were going to another team or “bad mouthing” the IUWBB team. And we already knew that R. Gilley was transferring. So no “news” in the screen shot except that teammates remain friends, which is good.

    1. For the most part, the team gets along with each other. I however, tend to think that it was a little unusual to say “sorry you encountered teri” when saying farewell to your teammate in reference to coach moren. Seems little disrespectful. Doesnt seem like they are a fan of their former coach. Also, they are leaving the school, I’m not sure that either is going to play basketball. The school said both were remaining as students, which isn’t true. Found it a little strange. On another note I also would like box scores from Italy, but mainly from the one game where they played a decent team.

  7. Jeremy, is there anyway we could see the box scores from the Italy trip? Where would we go to see this, I have went to the IU Athletic website and can’t find anything. I don’t do twitter or any of that? Ple4ase help?

  8. The scoop should do a segment where they interview all the players that left now that they aren’t trying to get permission to contact and such anymore. If like to get an interview from Liz stratman, Jess walter, tia elbert, laken, ria, and Danielle.

    Williams seemed very interested in the IU broadcasting program so it’s strange to me that she’s leaving the school now withpyt her degree. Maybe to play somewhere?

  9. I dont do twitter or of that either , would be nice to see a box score of the games. It was nice to see the 2 minute video compilation of games one and two. At least that gave us a peak at some their new players. Loved the one highlight alley oop of Patberg to Wise, to bad those two players have to wait a year.

  10. This has got to be the longest string of posts on the topic of IU women’s basketball in the scoop in many years. And to think that all these comments are being made during the off-season! Who’d have thunk it possible?

  11. Podunker, it is obvious you are not paying attention to women’s posts. We had a post about 2 months ago that had 60 or so letters and another a couple of weeks before that with around 60 again.

  12. MikeC, it is obvious that you do not recognize a tongue-in-cheek comment when you read one. But I confess; even though I read most of the articles written about IU Women’s sports, I usually do not have enough interest to justify posting comments. After 20 years of watching two daughters compete in various sports, maybe I’m just burned out.

    All the best to IU’s female athletes and their fans.

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