1. Great first half. All questions about Lagow have been put to rest. He looks fantastic. The INT was a tipped ball and not his fault. Four passes dropped, and a lot of defensive interference by OSU was not called. My only complaint about Lagow is that he runs like a hobbled giraffe.

    Defense is giving Wilson fits, although OSU’s little running back is incredibly shifty. With a break or two, IU can win this game. But one way or the other, the score at the end of the first half is not a fluke. Go Hoosiers!

  2. No, the questions about Lagow have not been put to rest though he is improved. Lagow has some really good receivers and is still limited physically.
    IU offense resembles Gary Pinkel’s Missouri Tigers a few years ago when they were a top 15 to 20 team with tall physical receivers.

  3. What a shock. Lagow throws for lots of yards and then turns the ball over 3 times. Defense collapses. Fans bail.

    These dudes quit. Didn’t think I would see this after seeing their first half. Ohio State is amazing, and Kevin Wilson just filleted Fred Glass.

    I’m not going to overreact about the year. So hopefully we so quitting in the 3rd quarter. But I’m just sick to death of rooting for Indiana football. My Ohio State friends I’m watching the game with just turned on the U.S. Open. Joke.

  4. Wow, some harsh comments considering IU played a team that has about 18 players that will be in the NFL in the next two years and will probably play for the National Championship this winter. OSU is loaded, and that’s why their head coach gets paid $7 M per year.

    The obvious issue was IU’s O-line. Either OSU’s D-line is much improved over last year, or IU’s O-line is not nearly as good as it has been in the last two seasons. Probably a little of both. But without any running game at all, it was just a matter of time before the pressure would cause turnovers.

    Lagow played very well, even though he still has the instinct to try to complete every pass. I’m sure some of his decisions will be painful to watch in the film study.

    Cobbs is a stud, and he dominated OSU’s #12 tonight. IU’s tight end looks great. I hope they use him a lot more. As for the backs and a couple other receivers, they dropped six passes tonight.

    IU’s defense gave up way too many big plays…..again. Good effort in the first half, but they just got worn down by a much bigger and faster opponent.

  5. It should be some harsh comments. Personally I disagree with some of you I do not believe that the IU players gave (quit) up but “LEO” will be tested….they just got out played by the better team ( a team with more depth, more talent and more speed). A team with a very good offensive cord, that executed his game plan to perfection (no one dimension offensive). OSU ran the ball well which setup the deep passes, exactly as Kevin Wilson wanted. As I stated before, this is the second go round for Tom Allen defensive, teams will be better prepared. An typical IU defense (just like last year) they could not stop the run. Realize this is the number 2 team in the nation, but this game shows how far IU has to go to be competitive in the BIG 10 East. Lets just hope that the team does not dwell on this lost for too long, that the players are not ready for the next game.

    1. The OSU team will be playing Bama for the National title next January. OSU will also have either the #1 or 2 rated defense in the country by the end of the year along with Bama. This OSU defense is probably the best Urban has had since he’s been then. Every one of those D lineman will be playing in the NFL.

  6. Won at the LOS, lost at the LOS. Too many horses and to big. RL has improved. OSU dictated 1 dimensional offense only for IU. Last 4 years at IU make Wilson look like a genius after last night. What an offense.

  7. Bar remains low to be an Indiana football fan. Seems like a lot of people were really giddy about losing by 28 points last night. Which by the way, coincidentally, is the number of years since we last beat Ohio State. Wait sorry, that’s 29.

    So another decade, another pounding by the Buckeyes. They had 600 yards of total offense. We lost the way Indiana always manages to lose: turning the ball over and giving up the big play. I mean plays. Plural. They rushed for almost 300 yards. Us? 17. That’s generous too. We were -2 until late in the 4th quarter. Our running back situation is Tyrion Lannisters by committee.

    Lagow has improved, but he also was a good part of the reason we lost badly last night. Don’t turn the ball over. He almost gave it up 5 times, with that overturned fumble (when he should have taken the sack), and another forced pass that Hubbard dropped. He needs to learn to take a sack. JT Barrett showed that maturity last night.

    It’s only the first game. Ohio State’s one game last year to end the season was just that. I love Tom Allen and am rooting hard for him. But we need a lot of things to improve in order to “breakthrough.” There are things to build upon. But I’m tired of the excuses (from fans). And last night’s showing doesn’t leave me very hopeful that we won’t see similar outcomes versus Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin. We have a really long way to go before we belong on the field with the best of the Big Ten.

  8. Last night prove that Kevin Wilson was a genius. Over the last 3 or 4 years, he managed to challenge and be competitive with OSU with far less talent and depth. Do not get me wrong Tom Allen will be a decent (good) coach, but Kevin Wilson was a very knowledgeable football coach. An given the talent will be a great coach. Being the offensive cord for OSU will get Kevin Wilson notice and a major football program will hire him within the next two to three years. IU dismissed a great coach. Kevin Wilson was not a people person, he was arrogant and rude sometimes to a fault, but the man knew football. An Mike Debord offensive was only fast. Maybe they should have adjusted and kept the TE on the line of scrimmage to help with the blocking. In the last 3 or 4 years i have never seen a IU football team not able to run the football. 17 total years on the ground!!!!

    1. Well said.

      Despite my rhetoric, I remain hopeful for this coaching staff and this team. But you’ve pointed out exactly where we need to get better.

      Kevin Wilson was determined to make a point last night. Up 21 and he for it on 4th down.

      1. Damn “riverboat gambler”…..turned casino owner. Now he’s on the other side of a stacked deck and an O-line. …So many chips…so, so many chips.
        Allen and Fred sorta looked like a ‘pair of silly queens’ next to Wilson’s OSU offense giving us the ‘royal flush’ in front of a ‘full house’….?

  9. It’s easy for a coach to be a “genius” when you have a roster loaded with world-class talent. Wilson did not look like a genius in the first 2.5 quarters of last night’s game. He’s back to doing what he’s best at, being an Offensive Coordinator for a team loaded with talent.

    OSU’s defensive line made IU’s offense one-dimensional. There will be a lot of teams that discover that they have a “one dimensional” offense while playing against OSU’s defensive line. But let’s see if they have a quarterback who can complete 40 passes for a ton of yards and three TD’s against them.

    Lagow was not perfect, and he simply must learn to take a sack or throw the ball away when the play is not there. And he should also be forbidden from attempting to run the ball. His “escapability” is terrible. But he played extremely well last night. 40 for 65 with the backs and receivers dropping six of his passes. That’s impressive against any team, let alone OSU! From what I observed, he is much improved over last year.

    So now that Wilson gets to go back to his other former employer next week, we’ll see if OSU is destined to play in the National Championship. My guess is that OK’s QB will have a good night, but that OSU will deliver another beat down.

    1. Po Kevin Wilson got his job with the Bucks because his genius created the Hoosier offensive prowess both rushing and in the the air at Bloomington with less overall overall talent. Now he’ll have continued continued in Columbus. Argue with Urbun. THE LOS was the Hoosiers Waterloo Thursday night. Watch the tape. You don’t even have to focus on it as it is so apparent. Now Debord finds out what it is like to not have Tennessee and Wolverine level talent.

  10. A few more comments. When Allen has talked about “breaking through,” I don’t think he meant beating the number two ranked team in the nation. When Allen refers to “breaking through,” I think he means it in the context of producing a winning season. And in order to do that this season, IU is going to have to beat a team ranked in the top 20, whether that’s during the regular season or in a bowl game.

    I hope Dan Dakich is getting buried under an avalanche of grief today. His comments during last night’s game were derisive, disrespectful and totally uncalled for. He had his red IU shirt on, but when given the microphone he sounded like a man trolling his alma mater and all IU fans. Instead of commenting on the strong turnout in Memorial Stadium or how tough IU was playing OSU through three quarters, he took the pessimistic and negative route. Hey Dan, every Hoosier alumni and fan over the age of nine knows all about IU Football’s history in football. Why don’t you try being part of the solution instead perpetuating the problem. What a dork.

  11. Lee Corso took his moment to ramble about his son in his most memorable moment at IU as Steve Corso caught the winning touchdown pass at KY. How about win over Brigham Young in Holiday Bowl, Lee. I know it is his son but he over emphasized that a little much.
    The game was pretty much played out like it was suppose to. IU was never going to win. OSU covered spread. To determine success evaluation for IU let’s look at games like Virginia, rest of pre-conference, Rutgers, Purdue, Illinois. There is no margin for error. Does IU get one upset win? Does IU play just 500 ball with weak part of schedule? If IU got 3 non conference wins plus wins over Illinois, Rutgers, and Purdue plus 1 upset win that would be success. However, the only offense IU has is in its receivers and a kick or two. Again, Lagow is limited (regardless of coaching and leadership books). Once scouted things could continue to get more exposed and challenged. Ramsey is not the answer either. Therefore, does IU win 5 (Lynch, Cameron and others type season and luck out to do it) or does IU win 6 or 7?

  12. Double D is so right, especially about Barrett. He threw ’em into the stands when he should have. All I can say is that I hope the OLine learned something playing against a very, very, good OSU DLine otherwise it will be a long season. Not sure whether this team quit playing hard in the second half; IUFB was clearly out-talented on Thurs. But IUFB was out-classed by a lot of teams they played much closer last year.

  13. Let’s all remember that OSU made a bunch of changes after getting shut-out by Clemson in the semi-finals of last year’s FBS Championship. They were humiliated by that loss, and that had to enhance their motivation to come out strong this season. The new assistant coaches are motivated to keep their jobs and enhance their careers. Plus, their QB is in his fourth season at OSU. While he hasn’t played all four seasons due to injury, he’s got a lot of experience and has been coached for four seasons. Given that Lagow has a totally new offensive coaching staff and only one year of FBS experience, I think he did great. And I believe he will get better and better as the year goes on. I’ll bet the majority of NFL scouts will rate him above OSU’s QB.

  14. Question:

    Why do so many IU quarterbacks wear knee braces? Do they all have bad knees or is it simply added protection? Every time I watch an IU qb it’s like seeing a gimpy Joe Namath in his latter years…..Big arms but questionable wheels. Always appears they’re one minor hit to the legs away from a pair of crutches. Mobility seems so important in the college game….IU seems to struggle in finding the total package QB. If they’re mobile, they are fragile(e.g. Zander)….If we have the big arm qb, they are a bit clunky with multiple hinging apparatuses and riveted bungee tie-downs encasing their knees. Speed, ability to escape the rush, and accurate/big arm….Always a struggle to find the complete college QB at IU Football.

  15. Yes, IU recruiting qb takes what they can get and for the most part they would play well in the MAC or MO Valley type conferences.

  16. Example: K.W. recruits King after original comitt to IU was Tommy Stevens (Indiana boy) decommitted to set on bench thus far @Penn State.

  17. Looks like IU will have to go the “JC” route again to find a quarterback in this years recruiting class. Parts of the current recruiting class looks good, but the lack of a quarterback hurts this recruiting class. With the departure of Austin King, all you have is Peyton Ramsey and Nick Tronti, both unproven. Not to thrill about the “WR”.

  18. I watched Ramsey for a couple plays. Probably will be challenged to be a big ten average passer. He is no quick or fast enough to break to much of a big play. However, can hold onto the ball and gain 7 or 8 yards. Pretty much oh hum. By big ten standards he would make not a great but solid backup quarterback for a competent skilled faster and quicker legitimate big league quarterback at IU. I don’t know what IU is to do. It is a serious problem if IU is going to rise a little above average and it has to be fixed quickly. I really can’t believe K.W. could not get it fixed and it seemed like his qb situation was somewhat good for a brief moment only to have it backfire on him and there is a definite lack of big leaf qb talent at IU.

  19. And since Ramsey is #2 qb it tells me Tronti is more of the same. He probably has some strengths but lacks in other areas to be a complete qb.

    The defense on my comment about Ramsey is that he was playing against OSU so I could be somewhat wrong.

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