No decision yet on discipline for Cobbs

Indiana coach Tom Allen says he hasn’t made any disciplinary decisions regarding receiver Simmie Cobbs.

The redshirt junior was arrested last month at a Jason Aldean concert at Klipsch Music Center on charges of failure to identify and resisting law enforcement. According to a press release from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office, Cobbs caught the attention of security when he allegedly failed to clear an aisle during the show.

Whether Indiana will have its top receiver for the season opener against Ohio State on Aug. 31 also remains unclear.

“Really don’t know,” Allen said. “I know that we’re still gathering information. Until we get all the facts, we won’t make something concrete. But right now, I don’t know.”


  1. Still trying to figure out what he did wrong… “failed to clear an aisle” at a concert… seems dubious.

  2. “Failing to clear the isle.” Really!? During a concert, where people are excited, having a good time, dancing, etc. Give me a break. Please tell me there was more to his behavior than that, otherwise it might be appropriate to investigate the arresting officer. Hamilton County should be embarrassed. What prosecutor would ever take a case like that to trial? I don’t know all the details, but this just sounds like a Barney Fife case.

  3. Indeed and that is precisely why Allen’s decision is on hold. Po’s opinion as to a prosecutor’s confidence in pushing this very far is solid.

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