Notebook: Miller comments on Thompson; IU adds walk-on

Race Thompson is officially a Hoosier.

The freshman forward began taking classes at Indiana this week after reclassifying to the 2017 class following his commitment to IU last month. Thompson would have been entering his senior year of high school in Minnesota, but opted instead to take advantage of Indiana’s last open scholarship and join the program as a redshirt player for the 2017-18 season.

“We are really excited to have Race join us this fall,” IU coach Archie Miller said in a statement. “It took a tremendous amount of trust from he and his family to graduate and allow our staff to get to work with him for this year as he gets acclimated to college life.”

Thompson earned his high school diploma this summer from Robbinsdale High School, where he averaged 19.6 points and 8.9 rebounds as a junior last season. He also attempted a school-record 101 free throws.

At the time of his commitment on July 16, Thompson was considered the No. 86 overall player in the 2018 recruiting class, according to the 247 Sports Composite.

Given his reclassification, Thompson is the fourth member of an Indiana freshman class that includes Illinois wing Justin Smith, Pennsylvania forward Clifton Moore and Georgia guard Al Durham.

Thompson is the first Minnesotan since Luke Jimenez to join the Hoosiers.

“He will thrive as he trains and gets ahead of the curve a year from now and be ready to contribute,” Miller said. “Race is a great fit for Bloomington, IU and Hoosier basketball.”

IU adds walk-on guard
Ethan Lasko, a 6-foot-2, 171-pound guard from Hollywood, Fla., has joined Indiana’s team as a walk-on.

The freshman averaged 25.6 points per game last year at Katz Yeshiva High School, where he earned all-county honors.

Lasko is the fourth walk-on guard on IU’s roster, joining former Bloomington South standout Johnny Jager, Vijay Blackmon, the younger brother of former Hoosier, James Jr., and Quentin Taylor.

Miller appoints grad manager
Archie Miller announced Wednesday that Drew Gladstone will serve as a graduate manager for Indiana this season.

Gladstone spent the past three years as a varsity basketball coach at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, Conn., compiling a 64-12 record.

The Greenwich, Conn. native will pursue a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.


  1. A power forward, 2 wings, and a point guard with two scholarships open for Langford and a center…could shape up to be a big time class

  2. 6’7″ or 6’8″. 4 star @ 80 (low 4 star). However, this is excellent for both sides. He can be with team 5 years and be really ready in one as a higher 4 star @ 85 or higher or two years to play college ball at IU. He could become really good and go pro @ senior. Hopefully, he will become a well known Hoosier

  3. Yes, a couple more Davis size players needed. Three needed when Davis leaves. A couple centers and a big foward will do.

  4. All of this talk of “IU needs two 5’s and a 4″ etc.” is fantasy. College recruiting is not like taking your wife’s list to the grocery store. It is about building relationships and trust and a reputation. Archie is doing a great job so far and he is just beginning! Hold 1 scholarship for Romeo in the Spring and surprise us with a high ranked player for the other.

  5. I make the mental list…and go to the grocery store. My wife is clueless to such mysterious worlds of building a meal not from her family’s masterful cooking heritage of ‘700 Ways to Mold Hamburger Helper onto a Plate. ‘

    My wife would not be recruited onto an elite grocery store shopping team. But she is spectacular at reminding me when we’re out of paper towels, toilet paper, and Ivory soap.

    May I add that any need of a list is a sure sign of a grocery store walk-on. A 5-star meal builder goes to the shopping basket decidedly with a repertoire of quick cart moves from Italian parsley to check-out lane …. To produce is not to be lost in ‘Produce.’

  6. Good contradiction. Romeo is a 5 and a highly ranked would be at least a mid 4 @ 84 or 85, maybe higher.

    1. Dort is a 28, Duke is a 47, there are others IU is heavily recruiting that are at 18, and other rankings below 84-85. What is your contradiction?? There is none.

  7. BeatPurdue, you nailed it when you wrote, “it’s about building relationships and trust and a reputation.” And that’s why it’s going to take some time for Archie to bring in the talent needed to get IU to a final four. Some people believe IU’s history plus a good coach equals instant success. But IU’s history has been largely eclipsed over the last 15 years by programs lead by coaches that have established the relationships and built their reputations. That’s what I referenced when I wrote that today’s elite college BB programs have very powerful “tractor beams” pulling the best players into their programs. Archie and staff are off to a great start, but all Hoosiers need to temper their expectations and give him some time. And it would not hurt if a couple of the coaches leading those elite programs retired this year.

  8. Below mid 80’s is a solid ranking, not high ranked. BP, contradiction is Romeo is a 5 and surprise us with high ranking player (your statement) which would be at least mid 80’s or higher 4 star (espn rating scale example)

  9. Bobby Knight had instant success….while benefiting from some very talented young men from Indiana.

    As a proud IU Basketball fan, do I need instant success from Archie? Do I require beating up on my history because I haven’t seen the Hoosiers play on an elite stage since Mike Davis’s team made a magical run? Nope to both.

    I’m just glad we have genuineness back at Assembly Hall. I’m grateful we no longer have a spin artist. I’m hopeful because we have a teacher of hardwood who will instill the importance of every possession without cue cards. Will he lasso the moon in his first season? Maybe not. But he’ll lasso Hoosier hearts by bringing a product to the court that embodies what the fans of the game from this Hoosier state have forever known to be representative of the quality of hoops cherished from every corner our borders.

    Basketball is back in Assembly Hall. The turnover madness is gone. The patsy non-conference scheduling is gone. The marketing of slogans and ‘Hoosier Rising’ videos is gone. The treatment of a Sweet 16 appearance as a benchmark to sport around in t-shirts is gone. All the overkill and malarkey is gone.

    It may take some time to regain the reputation after the foolish mirages of the last 10 years; the braggadocios bloating and labeled ‘success’ primarily given its day of headlines due to the landing/happenstance of one imperative center/talent from Washington, Indiana.

  10. And Archie will be accountable.
    Things won’t be “a process” for five years.
    He will own the mistakes and the buck of any substandard play will stop with him.
    He will own the product like all legitimate coaches should.
    As stated above, no more spin doctor. No longer will we have a voice from the basketball podium who will present himself at every press conference as ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.’

  11. It is a feeling of safety and security he brings to the table. Rather than rambling on for long stretches with a stretched mind without saying anything, ArchieWay makes sense when he talks; straight and to the point, clear and concise. The players will feel more safe and secure which will lead to a confident belief in system and themselves. Team buy in.

  12. t- Agree. It will be like a breath of heaven to listen to a coach who will not talk in circles.
    No more stupid catchphrases(“it moves, it just moves….”It’s a process”) or sideways gibberish(“deflections…deflections…deflections”) attempting to forgive/excuse overall poor play. And no more attempts to be condescending or intimidate the fine journalists of HT who were treated like they were “fake news” journalists when posing legit basketball questions.

  13. Indiana hasn’t had a good fit for a coach since coach Knight left, and he even had lack of commitment to recruiting and the program since at least 1994. Listening to Dan Dackich really explains why Indiana lacked success from 1994 on. Archie has the potential to be the first real fit for our program is about 23 years. He’s a basketball guy. He seems to embody the values that reflects the fan base. 23 long years. In those 23 years iu has won 3 big ten championships (2 of those co champions) and 1 Cinderella run to the final 4. Iu has never won a conference tournament since it began in 1998. Finally after 23 long years we have a real coach who is committed to basketball and our program. I am very thankful for this change. Its really an exciting time to be an Indiana fan. We have the facilities. We have a real coach. Make Indiana basketball great again!

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