NOTES: Allen salutes summer standouts

On the eve of fall camp, Tom Allen is recognizing his Iron Hoosiers.

Defensive end Greg Gooch and left guard Wes Martin are the recipients of this year’s Iron Hoosier Award, which recognizes IU football’s summer workout standouts through the realms of work ethic, mindset and leadership, Allen announced Tuesday.

“It’s not real surprising that those guys, when you go out and observe the training, they stick out,” said Allen, IU’s first-year head coach. “Their verbal leadership, their physical leadership, the way they come to work every day. Just really, really proud of those guys.”

Allen also went position by position to recognize other standout performers this summer. They include:

QB: Richard Lagow
OL: Simon Stepaniak
TE: Ian Thomas
RB: Alex Rodriguez
WR: J-Shun harris
DL: Jacob Robinson
LB: Chris Covington
S: Chase Dutra
CB: Ben Bach

Allen detailed the work put in by a few of those individuals. With Covington, Allen was most pleased with his leadership as he takes steps toward replacing former Mike linebacker Marcus Oliver.

“That position demands leadership verbally and physically,” Allen said. “Stepped up and responded well to my challenge to him this off-season.”

Allen also reported that Bach is fully healthy after the redshirt senior played through injuries during the 2016 season. Bach, a reserve corner, started the first four games of the season and appeared in 11 games total.

“Really pleased with his progress,” Allen said. “He’s back to 100 percent. He’ll be a valuable part of our football team. Real excited about the work ethic and the preparation our young men have brought.”

No position changes … yet

Indiana will open fall camp with the same position assignments it had to close the spring.

Allen said Tuesday that he doesn’t expect to move any players around — at least for now. Some incoming freshmen could be on the move, but Allen did not specify which ones.

“We’ll see how it all plays out,” Allen said. “There’s three or four guys in that class — we’ll start you here, but we’ll see how you develop. There may be some changes there.”

One of the notable spring position switches included Kiante Walton moving from safety to linebacker. Allen said that move will stay the same this month.

“He’s a guy that I want and am challenging to step up, to help us,” Allen said. “A guy that’s extremely athletic, very strong. From a weight room and testing perspective, he’s one of our best guys. Need him to stay healthy and contribute. So that’s one that we switched. Other than that, I see it being pretty consistent from spring to fall.”


  1. Even though it seems like IU is still bitten by the injury bug this year – Sykes, Knight, Patrick, and Simmons already; it is good to hear about the players that have done really well this Summer. It will be exciting to see how this team develops this season with the change in coaching. I have to say the different approach will bring improvement to the team but only the play on the field will tell the story.

  2. I tend to agree. But the offense is a Q mark. Too many intangibles. DeBord is experienced and good but is he Wilson good. Hart and Hiller are level or 2 below what we had and lost. We have a QB Coach in his 1st gig. + the 1st season launching of a new offensive playbook. Lots of personnel 2 deep changes. Even if RL shows marked improvement the offenses efficiency will be a work in progress for a large portion of the season. I fear for the IU offense on the 31st as there will be many rocks in that road to navigate for the ride to be smooth. But overall for the program I remain positive with our trajectory on the graph.

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