Will Indiana have Cobbs against Ohio State?

Will Indiana have its top receiver against Ohio State?

IU coach Tom Allen says he has still not made a decision on Simmie Cobbs’ status for Thursday’s season opener.

Cobbs, a redshirt junior, was arrested on July 15 at a Jason Aldean concert at Klipsch Music Center on misdemeanor charges of failure to identify and resisting law enforcement. According to online court records, Cobbs is also facing a charge of public intoxication.

A press release issued by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office shortly after Cobbs’ arrest stated that the IU receiver caught the attention of security personnel when he allegedly failed to clear an aise during the concert.

According to the release, Cobbs was confrontational with security and refused to cooperate when asked to take a portable breath test for alcohol. The release also stated that Cobbs refused to provide security at the venue with personal identification.

Cobbs has been practicing with the team throughout the month of August.

Cobbs missed last season’s opener at Florida International due to a suspension and suffered a season-ending injury the following week against Ball State, fracturing his fibula and tearing ligaments around his ankle on his first play of the day.

The Oak Park, Ill. native was an All-Big Ten honorable mention selection in 2015, when he made 60 catches for 1,035 yards and four touchdowns.


  1. I am hoping coach Allen knows now that what happened was a case of a venue security officer overreacting. I know I wouldn’t take a breathalyzer for a security cop as that opens you up to too much liability with no idea if security even knows what they are doing. As the story unfolded it seems like nothing should be done unless much more came out.

  2. By now and before now T.A. should have full story and know what the deal is even if he does not want to go public with it such as playing S.C. in OSU game. He could be using it as a player/team teaching moment. I feel if it was something bigger it would have already come out.

  3. While I believe it is always best to comply with an officer’s request (just common sense), this appears to me to be a “Barney Fife” case. Perhaps the “Security Guard” was feeling his oats and looking to demonstrate his authority. Who knows? And if the security guard was giving Cobbs a hard time for no significant reason (as in “failing to clear the isle” during a concert) then I can visualize how this turned from a ant hill into a mountain.

    Coach Allen, make him sit the bench for the first series, then put him in the game and let him play. I’m sure he has already learned his lesson.

  4. If any has been paying attention to Saban here lately, he doesn’t believe in suspensions for incidents worse that Cobbs. He handles the discipline in house and it is over. Saban feels that is more effective.

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