Anunoby returns to action … and does this

OG Anunoby has come a long way in merely nine months.

The last time we saw the former Indiana forward in uniform, he was being helped to the visitor’s locker room after suffering a season-ending knee injury on Jan. 18 at Penn State.

On Tuesday, Anunoby made his unofficial NBA debut for the Toronto Raptors and turned in a few highlight-reel moments.

Anunoby checked in late in the first quarter of Toronto’s 116-94 exhibition win over Detroit at Air Canada Centre, quickly making his presence felt on the offensive end with two assists during his first two minutes.

Later, Anunoby demonstrated some impressive up-and-under moves for his lone basket of the night.

Anunoby, the 23rd overall pick in this summer’s NBA Draft, played 18 minutes, going 1-for-5 from the field, missing all four of his 3-point attempts. He grabbed two rebounds and dished three assists, while adding a block and steal apiece.

The Missouri native was a plus-14 on the night.

“He’s a top-10 pick,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said, per beat reporter Josh Lewenberg. “We were lucky to get him where we did.”


  1. Wow! He looked so much quicker and more fluid than I ever saw him at IU… and this is post-injury. That guy from the second clip looks like everything an NBA team could want.

  2. Personally, I just don’t care (and the imbedded clips don’t work on my dinosaur laptop).
    He wasn’t at IU long enough for me to care.
    Geoff is the outlier …Most people only absorb what’s pumped into their ears by ESPN. There are only a handful of mega stars who command the constant obsessions of the daily sports programming doing the pumping.
    Here are the names: Lonzo, LeBron, Westbrook, Harden, Splash Bros., KD, Kyrie.
    There are plenty with talent. There are plenty who make the obscene dollars for not being superstars or clutch performers who can put a game on their backs. Are any of the recent IU Sweet 16ers of recent years in the superstar group? Will they ever be? Nope. It’s no big deal. Put them in lights on Hoosier Scoop. They have paychecks but they don’t have banners..They really never even tried to be a hunter of banners.

    Give me some banner hunters. And if you can’t give me the banner hunters, then give me the true superstar.

  3. Anyone notice that the IndyStar’s ZO picked IU Men’s basketball to finish seventh in the Big this season? Ouch! And the most painful part is that it is hard to argue with his reasoning. I’m still predicting IU wins 22 or 23 games in the 2017/2018 season. If they’re to surpass that win total, some young guys are going to have to learn fast and step up big time in the latter part of the season.

  4. Oby passed the ball to a team mate and made a layup. Wow! So insignificant other than comes out to about $600,000 (do your own dollar figure) for him for those 3 plays and glorified for doing it. Just another reason of 600,000 that I literally hate professional sports and pretty much all entertainment on professional level including politics and media.

  5. Harv, I felt the same way about Gordon. Wasn’t at IU long enough for me to care. That with seeing him several times denying kids autographs lol.

  6. Maybe the more interesting NBA topic is just how bad the Cavs looked last night. Wade? Washed up. G;ad he’s out of Chicago. LeBron….? Not getting any younger. Sort of like a freight train finally running out of coal. Kevin Love? Plagued by inconsistency. Rose? Horrible perimeter shooter. Likely never to be the same player before his knee issues.
    Who am I missing? Cavs remind me of a bunch of washed up and overpaid movie actors acquired for a cheesy attempt at a summer blockbuster movie(e.g. Poseidon Adventure).

    Anyway, the young Bulls and Holiday(originally undrafted) will be much more fun to watch.

    1. Celtics have been fun to watch in pre-season as well… 9 new faces, lots of young talent, and a flare for sharing the ball.

  7. The Celtics certainly appear more dangerous with Irving….

    Best line from the Celtics game last night?

    Jeff Van Gundy: “Gordon Hayward gets the NBA’s ‘Most Improved Hair’ award.”

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