Former IU coach Tom Crean has a new job

Tom Crean won’t be standing on any sidelines this season.

But he’ll remain involved with college basketball on a national level.

ESPN announced Monday that it has hired the former Indiana coach as an analyst for the 2017-18 season. Crean will primarily work as a studio analyst on ESPN and ESPN2, while also serving as an in-game commentator for an undetermined number of games.

“We are really excited to be starting this new endeavor with ESPN,” Crean said in a video posted by ESPN. “I’ve long had a great respect and admiration for what the people at ESPN do and how hard they work. I’ve enjoyed my association with them over my years of coaching and I’m definitely looking forward to trying to add value, add insights, share some experiences — things of that nature.”

Indiana fired Crean on March 16 after he coached the Hoosiers to an 18-16 record and a disappointing 10th place finish in the Big Ten. Crean won two conference titles during his nine seasons with the program, posting a 166-135 record while bringing the Hoosiers back from crippling NCAA sanctions.

Since his dismissal, Crean has spoken about his desire to one day return to coaching at a high major program.

Until then, his position with ESPN will do.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to study, prepare and hopefully bring some things to the table to add to what is already an outstanding team,” Crean said.

In addition to Crean, ESPN announced it has also hired former coaches John Thompson III and Jimmy Dykes, along with former Purdue standout Robbie Hummel and UConn star Caron Butler as analysts for the upcoming season.

“Our roster is distinguished by a range of history, experience and personality that sets our product apart,” ESPN coordinating producer David Ceisler said in a statement. “We are so excited to add these new voices to our college basketball coverage.”


  1. while bringing the Hoosiers back from crippling NCAA sanctions.

    Major bias in that sentence.

    a. The sanctions were sold as crippling. Hell, this is Indiana. A no-nonsense coach not wasting five years on continued witch hunts wouldn’t need the same excuses.
    b. ESPN made big news out of a minor 3-way calling violation. The NCAA timed the penalties on the eve of the NCAA tournament with intent to punish Indiana disproportionately to the offenses. ESPN and Tom Crean have continually refused to ever make commentary on the joke that is the NCAA and how they allowed a corrupt program like UNC to go scot-free in allowing athletes to take fake classes.
    c. “Bringing the Hoosiers back” to what? Mike Davis is the only Hoosier coach in the last three decades to bring the Hoosiers back to a Final Four weekend. Cody Zeller is the very fortunate reason Crean got back to anything. Unfortunately, he did not have an adequate coach during his two years at IU.
    d. ESPN is the perfect fit for Crean. All talk, no need for application. They merely operate with pure establishment bias to give credible spin to an NCAA deep in allegiances with East Coast programs and the massive media organization founded in the East.

    1. Just another attempt to stir the pot with crap we already know and yet again have to hear you spew your vomit about it.

      1. Beg to differ…The miniscule news and posting of this story(possibly newsworthy in Robbie Hummel’s tiny hometown of Valpo) was the real attempt at stirring the pot(along with the typical BS metaphors used to describe the “crippling”…the ashes…the ashes…the wrecking…the wrecking…the end of mankind…the end of Indiana Basketball until he brought us back from the dead…the destruction…the decimation….the cancer. No longer crippled. Healed by Tom Crean. We can walk again). You trolls are too much fun.

        Meanwhile, fake transcripts at UNC…? Who cares, says Tom Crean.

      2. So harsh, Juan…May I call you Juan? If you lived in Denver, you could be a Denver Blanco.

        But back to the main point…Crean’s horrifically bad coaching was far more “crippling” to Indiana than anything Kelvin or the NCAA left upon the program. Almost a decade of some of the poorest coaching ever witnessed…Teams plagued by turnovers…Kids made to believe their NBA stock was far more important than the quality of their team play. Teams never collectively better than their individual parts. Insultingly soft non-conference scheduling giving very little value to fans in the stands. Conducting public displays of narcissistic behavior while forever being condescending to HT journalists. He was the silent joke of the conference amongst coaching peers.
        Crippling? Nothing was more crippling to IU’s hopes than the bombastic blowhard. Without one savior recruit, he would have been gone much earlier and departed as the worst coach in Indiana history.

  2. oops..forgot about the Final Four with Damon Bailey. I should have said back to a Championship game.

    [Other than Bob Knight’s ’92 team,] Mike Davis is the only Hoosier coach in the last three decades to bring the Hoosiers back to a Final Four weekend.

  3. That’s what I was thinking. DiNardo, Corso, Dakich, Crean and Knight (who I will give him a pass, yes another pass). Is IU a training ground or farm club for ESPN.

  4. Hey, since this reduces the amount of money IU will have to pay toward Crean’s severance, this is great news. I’m sure Glass is delighted.

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