Hoosiers continue adding to 2018 recruiting class

Indiana’s 2018 recruiting class has increased by two since Saturday afternoon.

On Monday, the Hoosiers landed a verbal commitment from three-star tight end TJ Ivy, who decommitted from West Virginia last week. Ivy’s pledge to IU follows the re-commitment of Cam Jones, a three-star athlete from Tennessee.

The commitments of Ivy and Jones give the Hoosiers 19 players in their 2018 class, which is currently ranked No. 10 in the Big Ten and No. 40 nationally by 247 Sports.

The 6-foot-5, 217-pound Ivy originally committed to West Virginia in June. A recruiting priority for IU offensive coordinator Mike DeBord, Ivy has additional offers from Illinois, Iowa, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse and Cincinnati, among others. In nine games this season for Marist High School in Chicago, Ivy has 15 receptions for 231 yards and six touchdowns.

Jones first committed to Indiana in early April before he reneged on his verbal pledge on May 25. The 6-foot-1, 205-pound prospect kept the Hoosiers in his announced top five in June, a list that also included Tennessee, Memphis, Mississippi State and Missouri, and finally re-committed midway through IU’s loss at Michigan State on Saturday.

Jones, who could fit at linebacker for the Hoosiers, is a two-way star for St. Benedict at Auburndale in Cordova, Tenn.

Jones has made 69 total tackles, including 32 solo stops, 13.5 tackles for loss and 5.0 sacks. On the other side of the ball, Jones is averaging 59.4 receiving yards per game with seven touchdowns. He’s also carried the ball for a total of 218 yards and eight rushing scores.

Here’s a closer look at how IU’s 2018 class is shaping up, courtesy of 247 Sports:


  1. IU football recruiting is maintaining. No drop off from K.W. years. K.W. had a slim few 4 stars but they hardly ever worked out after much time and effort was invested.

  2. 10th in the Big Ten and 40th nationally would be higher than all but 1 of Wilson’s classes. I think Wilson’s second class ended up at 35. Since IU finishes recruiting strong, they could end up in the low 30’s which would be their best recruiting class ever. The problem is that everyone in the Big Ten is also recruiting better. That Cam Jones looks like a real talent. They’re calling him an athlete but he seems like a clone of Tegray Scales. I’d be surprised if he isn’t a linebacker next year.

  3. I’m not sure how these rating systems compare to anything. How can a team tenth in its conference be fortieth overall? Can the B1G really be outrecruiting everyone else by such a margin? Weird.

  4. I don’t think it’s to perplexing. You presently have five of the 12 Big Ten teams listed in many of the top 25 W/L performance rankings for this season. I think 40th now with the prospect of improving on LOI signing day is positive for Coach TA’s program.
    Also Virginia has surprisingly and quietly shown up on some Top 25 rankings for the season.

  5. Thank you, Charles Campbell. Thank you for presenting yourself in a manner that shows you care. The tie….the exposed white collar under the traditional football/letterman’s sweater. Well done.
    Pride and winning attitudes were once reflected in the crispness and conscientiousness of the threads matching the theme/occasion. Your look was right out of my father’s 1940’s Gary, Indiana football yearbook. He played on one of the best football teams in the state. He was an All-State pick. You could have been any of his teammates in a football portrait. Back in the day, my friend…Back in the day. When you strolled the hometown streets, those passing by would know….”That is a winning bunch…Look how they carry themselves?…Look how dapper?…Almost like military men. Polished look. Polished and winners.”

  6. This class has the potential to be one of IU’s best classes in the current star rating. They want to add 7 more recruits for 2018 which will move them up quite a bit. Right now Alabama ranks in the lower 35 but no one thinks they won’t finish in the top two. I really like the OL commits and having Walker at RB is a big get. Defensively the class is strong with just a couple of players needed to finish it out. Getting a quality JC QB is needed to balance out the QB room or we will be counting on a Soph, R-Fr, and a Fr.

  7. Are there any jc qb recruits to get. There is a reason they are not playing big league fb. Lagow first to UCONN, then to Oklahoma State then to Jc then to IU. Now, to the bench at IU….even though I feel this is one of those years to divide the offense into 2 games in 1… Lagow plays and Ramsey plays. As far as jc qb’s either can’t run and can pass or can run but can’t pass plus mistake prone. Plus they take much investment of time and energy to end up on the bench. Ramsey is not the future starter qb at IU and if Tronti is behind him then he is not either. At most partial starters or backups. Since I do not see any 4 star qb’s being recruited then that leaves a true freshman for next year in the mix with Ramsey and Tronti. The true freshman is an athlete who can run circles around Ramsey plus he can pass. However, he is not that big but he is tough enough. What a mess. It costs wins for IU.

    1. Tronti will have a redshirt year! That is the reason that he is not challenging Ramsey for #1. Look at Stevens, the kid from Indy, sitting on the Bench at PN St. At the end of this season who has the better future, Stevens or Ramsey? Ramsey of course! And Stevens will continue to sit on the bench next year as McSorley shines on!

  8. Twelve, fourteen, it’s all a blur. Don’t be too hard on yourself, HC, who can keep track these days? Louisville is in the Atlantic Coast, Colorado is in the Pacific whatever, Notre Dame is in the some conference or other, but not really- blah blah blah. Must be hard to get a job these days for B1G math majors; I can just imagine the interview:

    PERSONNEL DEPT.: “Congrats on your math degree from [insert name of B1G U. here], young man.
    JOB HUNTER: “Thank you, sir.”
    PD: “Let me ask you one question. How many teams are in the Big Ten?”
    JH: “Fourteen.”
    PD: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

  9. BP. Unless you want to set on the bench at Penn State rather than play at IU. I felt that would be the case when he decommitted from IU and signed with Penn State. Stevens was a 3 star qb @ about 78 rating. During K.W. years IU had a very difficult time to get QB’S to stick through there eligibility. They were willing to go to lesser programs for a chance to play. If Trey would have stayed Suds injured and he would have been the starter for a long time. Several good programs have 2 or 3 qb’s setting on bench better than any starting QB at IU. Maybe, this can get turned around quickly as it leaves hardly any depth to go along with lack of talent at qb.

  10. t, I worry about a JC QB too but we need two 2018 QBs if we don’t get one as no one is sure where Taylor will play. Will he shine at QB against B1G talent or will he move to another position better suited for his talents. I am interested in seeing how he does at QB but IU needs an insurance Qb in the class.

  11. I haveve zero confidence Ramsey is the quarterback of the future for IU. Tronti maybe is a better prospect. He sure needs a backup and it might as well be Taylor even if IU gets one or two 2018 quarterback commitments. Right now he is the only 2018 insurance in hand.

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