Hoosiers make changes to this weeks 2-deep

Indiana made a couple changes to this week’s depth chart.

When left tackle Coy Cronk left Saturday’s game with an apparent knee injury, former tight end Danny Friend took his spot during IU’s final few offensive possessions. Cronk remains on this week’s two-deep — IU coach Tom Allen is hopeful the sophomore will play Saturday at Maryland — and Friend is now officially listed as his backup. At this point in the season, IU seems determined not to burn freshman tackle Caleb Jones’ redshirt.

Donavan Hale is also no longer listed at the second outside receiver spot. As has been illustrated during this month’s action, that position now belongs to Taysir Mack. Hale, meanwhile, could miss the remainder of the season after recently undergoing surgery on an unspecified injury.

At corner, injured corner A’Shon Riggins makes his return to the depth chart this week. Allen said Monday that he’s also hopeful Riggins is nearing a return after having missed the past four games.

Indiana also updated its two-deep at Husky, where former slot receiver Isaac James is now the listed backup to Tony Fields. James has been practicing at the hybrid position for a few weeks now and made a nice tackle on special teams Saturday to pin Michigan State inside its own 10-yard line.

Here’s the full depth chart:

LT: Coy Cronk, 6-5, 305, So.
, Danny Friend, 6-5, 260, Sr.
LG: Wes Martin, 6-3, 310, R-Jr., Grayson Stover, 6-6, 305, R-Fr.
C: Hunter Littlejohn, 6-3, 305, R-So., Harry Crider, 6-4, 290, Fr.
RG: Simon Stepaniak, 6-4, 305, R-So., Mackenzie Nworah, 6-4, 305, R-Fr.
RT: Brandon Knight, 6-5, 305, Jr., Delroy Baker, 6-6, 305, R-Jr.
WR: Simmie Cobbs, 6-4, 220, R-Jr., Whop Philyor, 5-11, 180, Fr.
WR: Luke Timian, 6-0, 195, R-Jr., J-Shun Harris, 5-8, 170, R-Jr.
WR: Taysir Mack, 6-2, 200, R-Fr., Ty Fryfogle, 6-2, 205, Fr.
QB: Peyton Ramsey, 6-2, 210, R-Fr., Richard Lagow, 6-6, 240, R-Sr.
RB: Mike Majette, 5-11, 210, Jr., Morgan Ellison, 6-1, 225, Fr., Devonte Williams, 5-10, 190, R-So., Cole Gest, 5-8, 195, R-Fr.
TE: Ian Thomas, 6-5, 248, Sr., Ryan Watercutter, 6-2, 228, R-Jr.

DE: Greg Gooch, 6-2, 250, Sr.
, Allen Stallings, 6-2, 240, So.
DT: Jacob Robinson, 6-4, 285, Jr., Jerome Johnson, 6-3, 295, R-Fr. or LeShaun Minor, 6-3, 300, Fr.
DT: Nate Hoff, 6-2, 310, R-Sr., Mike Barwick, 6-0, 295, R-Jr.
DE: Robert McCray, 6-2, 270, Sr., Brandon Wilson, 6-3, 255, R-So.
LB: Chris Covington, 6-2, 230, Sr., Dameon Willis, 6-1, 230, R-Jr. or Mike McGinnis, 6-2, 230, R-Jr.
LB: Tegray Scales, 6-0, 230, Sr., Reakwon Jones, 6-2, 230, R-So.
CB: Rashard Fant, 5-10, 180, R-Sr., A’Shon Riggins, 6-0, 183, So., Raheem Layne, 6-1, 190, Fr.
Husky: Tony Fields, 5-11, 205, Sr., Isaac James, 5-11, 195, R-So.
S: Jonathan Crawford, 6-2, 203, Jr., Khalil Bryant, 5-10, 200, So.
S: Chase Dutra, 6-1, 212, R-Sr., , Zeke Walker, 6-2, 215, R-Jr.
CB: Andre Brown, 6-0, 195, R-So., , Tyler Green, 6-3, 190, Jr.

K: Griffin Oakes, 5-10, 198, R-Sr.
, Logan Justus, 5-11, 180, R-So., or Jared Smolar, 5-11, 225, So.
P: Haydon Whitehead, 6-2, 205, R-So., Drew Conrad, 6-2, 195, R-Fr. or Joseph Gedeon, 6-3, 200, R-Jr.
LS: Dan Godsil, 6-4, 230, Jr., Shaun Bonner, 6-3, 250, R-Fr.
H: Drew Conrad, 6-2, 195, R-Fr., Peyton Ramsey, 6-2, 210, R-Fr.
KR: Devonte Williams, 5-10, 190, R-So., Cole Gest, 5-8, 195, R-Fr.
PR: J-Shun Harris, 5-8, 170, R-Jr., Luke Timian, 6-0, 195, R-Jr.


  1. So, let’s talk about how bad Indiana’s offense has been this year.

    They lead all of FBS in punts per game. Overall, we’re the 95th ranked offense.

    I love Tom Allen and think he’s got the moxie to get this dumpster fire that’s Indiana Football put out. But DeBord has been a total failure.

    There is this obsession with tempo. Yet, the play calling is so unimaginative around it. Seems like we hurry, run up to the line, hand the ball off up the middle and get stuffed. No time off the clock. If DeBord thinks he has an empty cupboard of talent, perhaps he should go watch some film of the 1990-1991 NY Giants Superbowl team. Ball control. Parcells worked with what he had and they masterfully game-planned around a dominant defense and an offense which, while kind of boring to watch, controlled the clock and didn’t turn the ball over.

    So far, the only time where “tempo” seemed to have any effect was the first 2.3 qtrs of the Ohio State game.

    I really hate to say this. It actually makes my fingers lock up when I’m typing. But I think that Lagow might be a better solution here. The only strength that we have is our receivers. Even with the injuries. With Ramsey in there, Cobbs has been taken out of the game. However, I do understand that Lagow is good for a turnover or four per game. So I dunno, perhaps a wash here? Someone needs to get Lagow to download the “Headspace” app, learn to meditate and calm his decision making down. If he was good for a pick a game, vs two or three, we might have an offense that can do better than running into seven rushers three times in a row with only 13 sec ticked off the clock.

    I sympathize with DeBord in what he has to work with. However, I don’t think he’s done himself any favors with his game-planning or personnel decisions. Next year, we are going to graduate 8 of our starters on D. We have some talent coming in, but it is safe to say that our D won’t be this good next year. We could be looking at a significant drop-off. This is where the head coach needs to man up. DeBord has to go.

  2. Talking about how bad the offense is this year without talking about personel and injuries is missing a big part of the story. Last year’s offense wasn’t very good despite having 4 starting OL players, especially Feeney, and a thousand yards RB back for another year. Last year’s offense was better in yards gained but not points per game. I agree DeBord isn’t helping himself out and would like him to reevaluate what helps this team the most.

    1. I don’t care if they have a team of midgets out there. Do you really think that the game planning, play calling and playing time for those who are healthy has been solid?

      DeBord has been a failure across DeBord in all three aspects.

      Indiana wasn’t expected to light up and scoreboards this year, but they can certainly do better than this, even with the injuries. Talking about the injuries seems to be the ONLY thing being talked about. DeBord has been unimaginative and strident in working with what he does have.

      Punt John Punt, one of the most detailed, balanced and thoughtful writers on IU football, feels DeBord has been a failure. He has 5 games left (4 against teams we SHOULD beat) to see if he can get it together.

    2. That O line was damn well hampered last year with injuries too, remember Camille and Feeney both being out and the LT was a Frosh. Not much diff.

  3. I haven’t watched all the games(nor all games in their entirety), but from what I have watched, the play calling has been rather atrocious. Very risk-averse. Little inventiveness…Too much running of Ramsey (beating the hell out of the young man). Not enough Ellison. What does Indiana Football have to lose? Why not more attempts on fourth down even in situations where field position advantages may be sacrificed?
    I don’t know enough about defensive schemes, but something has changed. We are faster to the QB …and look much more solid against the run game.

    If the offense was only incrementally better, we could have seen real rewards for the effort and improvement on the defensive side. Was Wilson really that good…or is the current staff that bad? And don’t just look at the points scored, V-13…A better defense often makes for better field position and more scoring opportunities. An average offense would be reaping the reward of those efforts.

  4. But to be fair, we are in that Murderer’s Row of the Big Ten….I would like to challenge any team in the country to play four out of six weeks against OSU, Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State. Not even sure if Alabama could even get through that Fourmidable group without a couple losses. Some of the top teams in the country may not survive anymore than our Hoosiers 0-4 shortcomings. I wouldn’t bet on any team from the Pac 12 getting through our schedule with much better results.
    We don’t have the advantages of being an Independent. We can’t pick and choose. The softer half of our schedule is ahead. Yippee. Now that you’ve had almost all of your teeth knocked out via four fights against Mike Tyson, you get to a jealous Leon Spinks for a month.
    And when evaluating Ramsey in consideration of the conservative approach against a Murderer’s Row of opponents, I think he’s shown some real moxie, skill, and guts.

  5. In the spirit of Halloween….I think we would get more imaginative play-calling from DeGourd. What a pumpkin head! We never carve up any defenses! All we ever do is get squashed! Butternut get your hopes up…any time soon.

  6. After having seen Lagow all of last year and Ramsey this year for a handful of games I’m certain Lagow’s arm is better than Ramsey’s wheels. Even though Ramsey can run some Big 10 defenses don’t allow it. Throw the damn ball.

  7. Whatever happened to more “crossing routes?”

    And with the sort of pressure Ramsey has been seeing(and to his credit, being able to escape a lot of that pressure), I’m not sure if the far less mobile Lagow gets enough time in the pocket to set-up and fire his bazooka.

    Of course, Lagow will look better because we are now done with the Murderer’s Row. And everybody looks better when not in crutches or on a stretcher.

    Now it’s time to enter ‘Patsy’s Pathway’ portion of the Big Ten schedule. Lagow is now safe to drop back into the flower patch…and blossom.

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