IUWBB: Teri Moren on Big Ten coaches teleconference

In response to a question from BTN’s Vera Jones on what Indiana coach Teri Moren thinks is important for IU to reach the “next level” as a program:

“I think belief, belief in what we’ve been able to do here in a short amount of time. But I have, in Tyra (Buss) and Amanda (Cahill) two confident young ladies that are still leaving a legacy at Indiana and still have goals of getting back to a NCAA tournament. But we have five freshmen, too, that have no experience and know nothing about what it takes to get to the tournament. Their leadership is going to be so important this year. It’s just bringing those young kids along and getting them to believe and understand that the work we are putting in in practice is hopefully going to put us in a position to be playing in postseason play. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know as young people. As far as a sense of urgency for Amanda and Tyra, they know their window is closing and they want to get back desperately to the tournament. It’s getting everyone around them to believe we need to get back to the tournament.”

In response to a question from ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel on recruiting in-state talent: 

“We’re still a work-in-progress with that. I look at my roster and really feel we don’t have enough Indiana kids. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we have other tremendous schools right here in the state of Indiana, which is, again, as you know, so rich in tradition in basketball. We’re a basketball state. That’s been a challenge to get these Indiana kids to, first, want to stay in the state, and, second, where the state of Indiana women’s basketball has been, to take a chance and come to a place like this where our vision is to play for championships and get to the tournament, year-in and year-out, is important to us. It’s been a challenge for us, but, again, we have so many great players in the state that — again, relationships, that’s where it starts. We really try to do our part as far as a staff of developing relationships with the coaches here in the state and, quite frankly, recruiting has changed. We are talking to really young kids right now, just trying to build those relationships, and hope that when it’s time for those guys to make decisions that Indiana will be a school that will be high on their lists. To say I want to keep the best kids in the state of Indiana a Indiana, there is no question that that is where it starts, and then we have to build out from there.

“But we have to do a better job of trying to, again, get those kids to want to come to Indiana and take a chance on a program that we believe could be special.”

In response to a follow-up question from Voepel  on what Buss has looked to improve on coming into her senior year: 

“I think Tyra is at a whole other level with her confidence. She was always confident, but as far as right now where that level of confidence is, it’s at an all-time high in her own game. But what I’ve been most proud of is the leadership she’s shown with the young kids that we’ve got on our team, and that’s what I’ve been most impressed with. She certainly has her own goals, individually, and team goals, but there is no question that Tyra Buss is playing at an all-time high as far as confidence.”

Listen to the audio from today’s Big Ten teleconference here


  1. I love Tyra and Amanda! Come on Freshmen take this opportunity to make this season great!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how the freshmen blend in with Buss, Cahill, and Royster. Mainly curious about their potential defensive transition game.

  3. I’m scared but hopeful the freshmen are as good as advertised.
    If they’re really good, we could also be really good.
    Royster is the key in my mind.
    We all know what Buss and Cahill will do.

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