1. Whether IU makes it to a bowl will be determine more by how healthy they get. Not having Knight on the OL makes a big difference and missing a few on defense changes the blitzing that can be done. As much as many want to complain about Ramsey’s arm strength, it isn’t very strong, he is much more accurate than Lagow. We will have to wait and see if he is effective against UM and how our offense does against th #1 defense.

    1. Whether IU makes it to a bowl will be determine more by how healthy they get


      Respect your football opinions immensely, but your first sentence is where I have some real issues with the idea of “breakthrough” indicators. Sorry, but getting a program to any old bottom tier measly bowl based on well below .500 conference records and seasons that hinged on victories against the likes of Georgia Southern and Charleston Southern…?

      When are we going to understand that defeating any upper tier team from the division of our conference is the true milestone of progress?

      Should the panacea known as the Panacea Bowl be the real indicator of progress or any sort of solution to Indiana Football’s historical comatose state? Do our players and coaches get pulled into the same false reality of success, never achieved via rare moments of equal standing against stronger conference opponents, but only due to wins against teams not even strong enough to be considered cupcakes by most Big Ten team’s definition?

      Get to a bowl? How about getting “healthy” enough to find ourselves late in the 4th quarter against Michigan, OSU, or Penn State …and actually having a true shot at pulling out a victory?
      Heaven forbid, maybe a goal of winning one of those tougher conference games placed ahead of a Panacea Bowl coming on the heels of 2-6 conference records might be a measure of something beyond fluffing up a soft pillow before bedtime?

      Until we start measuring Indiana Football by what we can accomplish in the conference where we merely exist like a 40-year-old loser still occupying the converted basement of a parent’s lovely mansion, that “bowl” is safety net of an excuse in never demanding more.

      And much like that 40-year-old only hyped on the latest new carpet in the basement “man cave” of the folk’s BIG home, we are forever stuck in our Big Ten adolescence.
      It’s time IU Football grows up….Bowls are merely safety nets. They exist to satisfy as a real refusal to mature in our goals and truly lift our program up.

  2. Ramsey did O.K. today, but he should have had three INT’s. He does not appear to have a strong arm. He dinked CSU to death, but I doubt he threw a completion that flew more than 20 yards past the LOS. He’s more accurate than Lagow on short passes, but he is not in the same universe as Lagow when it comes to arm strength. When Michigan puts nine men in the box, we’ll see if Ramsey can throw the ball down field.

  3. As long as IU doesn’t have a PSU moment I like how we match up man to man, defense to offense, offense to defense and ST’s against Meatchicken. Also think Ramsey’s play offers more positives at QB to IU than their QB John O’korn does.

  4. Michigan is IU’s best chance to upset a top-ranked team this season and get Allen his signature win. I just wish Michigan had defeated MSU yesterday. Michigan’s upset loss to MSU just made IU’s challenge for next week all the more difficult. But I’d really love to see Allen’s defense outplay Frey’s O-line. Five or six sacks and allowing less than 100 yards rushing should do the trick.

  5. MSU win was mild upset at most. I think it is a combination of MSU being a little better than what was thought and Mich not being quite as good than what was thought. Have said that both MSU and Mich are pretty good.

  6. If we were spotted all the points we put up against Charleston Southern (27 points), we would still need 32 more points to erase the combined loss margin to our first two Big Ten opponents. Both of our Big opponents(OSU and PSU) put up almost 3 more touchdowns each against us than we put up against Charleston Southern.

    Conclusion: Indiana is OSU’s and PSU’s Charleston Southern .

  7. Michigan State beating Michigan may be a considered a mild upset!! Michigan was a 10 point favorite. I think the Vegas overestimated Michigan offensive. John O’Korn is not having a very efficient at running the Michigan offense. I suggest that IU do not punt the ball to Donovan Peoples-Jones and try to keep him from getting on track in this game….nobody on IU team is fast enough to stay with him. I hope that the IU centers and guards are up for this game, if not Rashan Gary will have a field day in our backfield….Michigan defense looks more imposing and better than Ohio State defense. Ramsey is in for a long day.

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