1. Ramsey cannot dink, dank, and dunk without going down field more and win the game.
    One way to get Gest on the field though not preferred way. He is playing well in first quarter.

  2. Dink and Dunk is all this offense can do at the moment!! It would be nice to see a pass over 6-7 yards…This game has just change with that blocked punt!!

  3. Run the damn ball until they prove they can stop it. The less PR has to do the better. IU looks flat. Terps act like they’ve just been asked to the Prom. I think coaching acumen and decisions will be the difference in the 2nd half.

  4. If last week wasn’t a choke job, this week will be if we don’t get our heads out our arse.

  5. Ramsey limped off? Maybe we’ll get a new QB. Utter underachievement thus far on all fronts.

  6. Guess we’re going to find out just how great of a motivator and tactician Allen is in 2nd half.

  7. Passing game neutralized by completely forgetting about Lagow. Lagow should be practicing with specific set of players and sprinkled in during game. If Tronti is a legit qb then he should be able to play as true frosh given IU needs qb. It tells me he is not that good either . Peters at Mich played today because he is true frosh qb.

  8. How in the world does that guy not get kicked out of the game?
    He had a week to NOT run into Ramsey’s knee.

  9. Seems like several inconsistencies of K.W. playing injured players vs. injured players currently playing at IU and other teams.

  10. You could include IU ladies basketball team also given how Buss and Cahill get dinged up all the time. They just play that way. Especially Buss.

  11. Running game, mostly all talk. Special teams, too much all talk. Take aways, all talk mostly. Finishing game, all talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk becomes a fiction story after a while.

  12. Will the defense fall apart again in this game??? Is the defense to tired to stop the Maryland offense??

  13. 0-5 in the BIG ten East!!! Will IU win again?? we can say it again, at least the IU team was competitive with the official help. Play calling was still horrible. An Lagow looked lights out better than Ramsey. The offensive line looked fairly good. Cannot tell about the running backs they did not run the ball any!!!

  14. Special teams cost IU this game. Blocked punt returned for a TD. Blocked extra point, long kickoff return. Shanked punt out of bounds. Kickoff out of bounds. Good lord, IU always finds a way to lose.
    Lagow should be the starter for the remainder of the season. Ramsey played well, but he “rabbits” out of the pocket too soon and does not have the arm strength necessary to utilize his best receivers. He extends plays, but he’s not a great runner. And now, if his right knee is messed up, his mobility will be limited. Lagow looked great coming into the game late.

  15. Turn out the lights the “breakthrough” is over.
    Everyone knew this season would be difficult but it wouldn’t have been so difficult if would Lagow was playing more every game. When your playmakers are the wide receivers you got to have somebody that can get the ball to them anywhere on the field. A few good play calls made but not near enough to win this game. If I were Durkin and Kill I’d be laughing in my sleeve, unsportsmanlike. They got 1 handed to them wrapped in ribbons. Now we’ll really find out what TA is made of as this could buckle his knees.

  16. Lagow should have always played a meaningful role even if T.A. decided to start Ramsey. After a few games with Ramse only playing he just gets beat up. Maybe, the same goes for Lagow. However, both could have played a role in recent weeks and may have 1 or 2 more wins. It has cost them.

  17. LOL Indiana Football.

    Jeebus, even the Cubs found a way to win this century. What a joke of a program.

  18. Fred has been at this for how many years now?

    t- You made a very good point about playing an injured Ramsey ……It’s quite amazing what the pressures of “breakthrough” will do to commonsense. And you think Ramsey is getting thoroughly pummeled.? Wilson saved Diamonte from far worse while disgruntled fans believed he should be a regular and put at grave risk. Inconsistencies, indeed….(from coaches, fans, and the top brass).

    Seems like several inconsistencies of K.W. playing injured players vs. injured players currently playing at IU

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