No updates to this week’s IU depth chart

There are no updates to this week’s depth chart, which is listed below:

LT: Coy Cronk, 6-5, 305, So.
, Caleb Jones, 6-8, 370, Fr.
LG: Wes Martin, 6-3, 310, R-Jr., Grayson Stover, 6-6, 305, R-Fr.
C: Hunter Littlejohn, 6-3, 305, R-So., Harry Crider, 6-4, 290, Fr.
RG: Simon Stepaniak, 6-4, 305, R-So., Mackenzie Nworah, 6-4, 305, R-Fr.
RT: Brandon Knight, 6-5, 305, Jr., Delroy Baker, 6-6, 305, R-Jr.
WR: Simmie Cobbs, 6-4, 220, R-Jr., Taysir Mack, 6-2, 200, R-Fr.
WR: Luke Timian, 6-0, 195, R-Jr., J-Shun Harris, 5-8, 170, R-Jr.
WR: Donavan Hale, 6-4, 225, Jr., Whop Philyor, 5-11, 180, Fr. or Ty Fryfogle, 6-2, 205, Fr.
QB: Peyton Ramsey, 6-2, 210, R-Fr., Richard Lagow, 6-6, 240, R-Sr.
RB: Mike Majette, 5-11, 210, Jr., Morgan Ellison, 6-1, 225, Fr., Devonte Williams, 5-10, 190, R-So., Cole Gest, 5-8, 195, R-Fr.
TE: Ian Thomas, 6-5, 248, Sr., Ryan Watercutter, 6-2, 228, R-Jr.

DE: Greg Gooch, 6-2, 250, Sr.
, Allen Stallings, 6-2, 240, So.
DT: Jacob Robinson, 6-4, 285, Jr., Jerome Johnson, 6-3, 295, R-Fr. or LeShaun Minor, 6-3, 300, Fr.
DT: Nate Hoff, 6-2, 310, R-Sr., Mike Barwick, 6-0, 295, R-Jr.
DE: Robert McCray, 6-2, 270, Sr., Brandon Wilson, 6-3, 255, R-So.
LB: Chris Covington, 6-2, 230, Sr., Dameon Willis, 6-1, 230, R-Jr. or Mike McGinnis, 6-2, 230, R-Jr.
LB: Tegray Scales, 6-0, 230, Sr., Reakwon Jones, 6-2, 230, R-So.
CB: Rashard Fant, 5-10, 180, R-Sr., Raheem Layne, 6-1, 190, Fr.
Husky: Tony Fields, 5-11, 205, Sr., Ben Bach, 6-1, 195, R-Sr., or Jayme Thompson, 6-2, 195, R-Sr.
S: Jonathan Crawford, 6-2, 203, Jr., Khalil Bryant, 5-10, 200, So.
S: Chase Dutra, 6-1, 212, R-Sr., , Zeke Walker, 6-2, 215, R-Jr.
CB: Andre Brown, 6-0, 195, R-So., , Tyler Green, 6-3, 190, Jr.

K: Griffin Oakes, 5-10, 198, R-Sr.
, Logan Justus, 5-11, 180, R-So., or Jared Smolar, 5-11, 225, So.
P: Haydon Whitehead, 6-2, 205, R-So., Drew Conrad, 6-2, 195, R-Fr. or Joseph Gedeon, 6-3, 200, R-Jr.
LS: Dan Godsil, 6-4, 230, Jr., Shaun Bonner, 6-3, 250, R-Fr.
H: Drew Conrad, 6-2, 195, R-Fr., Peyton Ramsey, 6-2, 210, R-Fr.
KR: Devonte Williams, 5-10, 190, R-So., Cole Gest, 5-8, 195, R-Fr.
PR: J-Shun Harris, 5-8, 170, R-Jr., Luke Timian, 6-0, 195, R-Jr.


  1. What is wrong with Ball? And how does IU beat PU this year?
    Score more points or PU score less points.

    1. Bigger question I have is how does a coach come in at a program mired in the depths PU has been in and turn around so quickly? Have they been underachieving so badly for so long or is it easier to recruit to PU than IU? Seen this happen several times at institutions around the country but never at IU. Tom Allen seems to be a good hire as coach, in the south it was well known that certain SEC teams were salivating over the possible opportunity to hire him as DC.

      Doesn’t make any sense unless the known problem of Hoosier Nation itself is factored in. Then it makes all the sense in the world. The attendance at Saturday’s game, cream-puff or not, bad weather or not, is embarrassing. With support like that I wonder is Saban could turn the program around.

  2. thinkaboutit, the answer to your question is that Purdue hired an experienced head coach that had proven he could build a winning program. As far a recruiting and hiring assistant coaches goes, he hit the ground running at Purdue . He had the relationships in this part of the country that allows him to recruit effectively, and he probably brought most of his former assistant coaches with him. Jerry Kill did the same thing at Minnesota, and his team out-performed Wilson’s IU teams immediately and over the previous six seasons, even though they were the hired on the same day. That’s why Minnesota went out and hired another head coach with proven experience as a winner. As you know, coaches make a huge difference in college football. That’s why the best ones get paid the big money. The same holds true for businesses. Talented business leaders can have an immediate and enormous impact on a company’s performance in a relatively short amount of time. It’s all about leadership.

  3. Having said that, I think Allen has the same upside as any football coach IU has ever hired. But the difference between Allen and a guy with previous head-coaching experience is that it might take Allen more time to get his program over the hump, or to “break through” as he likes to say. As far as recruiting is concerned, many of Allen’s assistant coaches are unknown in their new recruiting geography. Allen has a history in the state, but that goes back many years, so he has to rebuild those relationships. That’s why Allen and his assistants have recruited the southeast so hard in the past two seasons. Having worked that geography so hard for years with programs like TN, MS, USF, etc., they have the relationships down there. Only time will tell if Glass made the right decision hiring another former Coordinator without any head coaching experience at the college level. But I think Allen is off to a great start and I like his odds.

  4. Why must you cover all the angles so much?….”Upside…downside…having said that”…criticize…compliment…undermine …. qualify…. blah…blah…blah…and more wishy-washy blah. Do you honestly have so much fear about being wrong on any topic?

    Bad hire…good hire..Take a damn position. Must every opinion have some exit or escape plan? If your comment box was a house it would have a backdoor in every room.

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