1. Got back from the game about an 1 1/2 ago. It was sunny and hot but a big crowd. But the positives end right there. This offensive staff are derelict in their duties or plain stupid. Mike Hart couldn’t evaluate popcorn let alone the RB’s under his charge. Mike Majette has carried the ball 22 times this season(including today)for 22 yards but started the game today. In contrast Cole Gest has 25 carries for 153 yards. He never saw a snap today. I saw no report he was hurt. Hart should be fired immediately as he offers nothing to IUFB. Grant Heard did not have the WR’s prepared for a physical game against the Meatchicken D. All of them, except for times Timian, they were pushed all over the field. They played SOFT all day, all of them. Exactly as they were coached. Allen must address in the strongest even threatening terms these deficiencies privately and personally to GH tomorrow. I hold Sheridan in no better light. Now I come to DeBord. Results are as I feared back in August. He does not have the experience or where with all to coach up talent rated below what he has always enjoyed. His performance is junior grade to Kevin Johns and miles below Wilson. He is lost and he don’t know it. He is to old for Allen to change. I see no way out of this spiral with the staff above. Setting in the stands this afternoon, being there in person, observing the management of the offense graded out as pathetic preparation and a pathetic game plan. What an eye opening experience it was. No breakthrough this year and none next year without major changes. The 3 wins now will very likely be the only 3 wins at the end of the season.

    1. HC I get that you are “ranting” not “analyzing”. But you are wrong: 1) Majette had 1 carry, Gest 0. Hardly game determining. Hart is a quality RB coach, in his first year at IU. Give him 2 full years, then call for his head! 2) Heard is a quality Receiver coach also in his first year. The pass interference, holding, etc. rules apply, even to MI. But the referees have to have the guts to make the calls. You cannot allow a team to get away with penalties just because the commit than on every pass play. Coaching “soft” did not happen! 3) Kevin Johns and Kevin Wilson were ok but NOT great! 4) I will bet you a nights drinking at Nick’s that IU gets to 4th W this season. Put up your money!

      1. BP I fail to see how you’ve proved I am wrong about a single thing I stated. I believe for you to get up to speed you should re-read my post, slowly so it is clear to you. If after that you are still perplexed come back and I will connect the dots for you.

    2. Hoosier Clarion, kudos to you! Your observation is spot on! Truth is hard to face for those who look at things with rose colored glasses. Gest has statistically come out ahead for the little time he has been given. He is explosive and powerful no doubt he was the one to make the 2 yard TD. He is not injured MHart is blinded by something

      1. Gest not touching the ball at all had nothing to do with impacting the final result. How silly. He averages 6 YPC. MM Averages 1. Playmakers make plays. Ellison and Gest are playmakers. MM just wears a uniform on the field. It is certain MM impacted the final result negatively. Poor coaching set the stage.

  2. Wow…That’s probably the most pessimistic post I’ve ever read from Clarion. I would imagine being in attendance could definitely give a much broader view of things.

    I’ve read how some people here give props to Leach for turning around WSU….I did some research on Leach and the last fairly successful coach before him at WSU, Mike Price(now interim head coach at UTEP)_….When you thoroughly dive into some of these coach’s history, it makes the ESPN feature piece on Wilson look like an intentional “targeting” play.
    Wilson’s accusations look very minor in comparison.
    Also off-topic…but after witnessing the NCAA completely letting UNC off the hook for fake classes attended by athletes(as if the classes weren’t designed for such primary intent), I’ve sort lost whatever small respect I had for all of college sports. What a cesspool it’s all become.
    Rick Pitino doesn’t look nearly as sleazy as the NCAA. …and certainly not as sleazy as many head college football coaches(once you begin to research all the scum that never got the full trial by media).
    I can’t understand why IU fans can’t have perspective. I can understand wanting the utmost of character in a coach…But I can’t understand our lack of finding some balance. I hear so much praising of other programs and coaches with far more tainted histories than anything Bobby Knight or Kevin Wilson…or Kelvin Sampson could have done on their worst days.
    The lack of perspective makes me wonder if a lot of people commenting here truly have their hearts elsewhere.

  3. Hey Mike and Mini-Mike, why is Devonte Williams the starter for kick returns when IU has arguably the most explosive return guy in the B1G , J-Shun Harris? What does Williams give them other than backed up deep after every kickoff return?

  4. HC, I hear your frustration but remember this team scored twenty points against the top team defense in the country. They scored 10 points in the 4th quarter when no one has scored on UM in the 4th this year. By the way, this offense scored 20 points while last year’s offense under Johns/ Wilson scored 10 points.
    Yes I am fustrated about the team too but I don’t see the offense doing any worse than last year’s offense while missing Feeney and Camiel off this team. No staff is going to coach a game the way fans in the stands want but some teams win those games. Just look at the heat Harbaugh has been getting lately.

  5. v, I’m absolutely ecstatic your focus of blame is on Wilson’s offense last year(at the Big House)to contrast how good DeBord is this year(at home for Homecoming). Ostrich syndrome in a frame! Ellison positively executes cutting up their DL entering as the 2nd man on the depth chart. But MM still sees more and more and more playing time for failing. Gest gets 0 touches. Overall in APY MM is 11th for IU’s offense. He caught 5 passes yesterday when clearly our best receiver out of the backfield is Williams who was thrown to 0 times. Our 2 biggest and best receivers for gaining yds. after a catch(Cobbs/Thomas)combined for 5 catches total but the DeBord offense for some reason sees to it MM gets more touches. What the hell happened to your vaunted claim TE would be a major offensive contributor. All these disconnects = stupid. Advantage opponents! In his past MD has had the luxury of talented players to out athlete, overpower, out speed and out skill the man across from them. Debord has no clue how to develop mismatches or scheme for an advantage or like Hart recognize the very obvious Game Day playmakers available on the roster. Resulting in his play calling to barely be marginal at the very best.
    I am still all in with HC Tom Allen. I like his resolute toughness towards his D. He holds them accountable good and bad. They are now ranked 38th in the country and I still hold hopes they get into the *25*. But in his HCing philosophy DeBord owns the offense. But Allen is still responsible for the terrible results of DeBord and staff judgements, planning and decisions. Just atrocious! It is getting past time Allen pulls the pin on the grenade and rolls it into a DeBord staff meeting.

    The Meatchicken fans who sat behind us were for the most part decent sports to me and most importantly my family. But to generalize what they thought and said was complimentary of the IU D and of QB Ramsey and disdain and disbelief as to how far the IU offense has fallen after Wilson.
    As I stated above major changes have to occur, not next week, but now; throw the damned grenade.

    1. Fans are usually more “stupid” than coaches. Yes,as I said after the OH St game, our RB is Ellison, our QB is Ramsey! Play them! Now I would add J-Shun. Get him more touches (with Cobbs, Thomas and the other receivers)!

  6. Why has Tyler Natee, 260 # RB not getting the ball near the goal line??? Is he hurt or just not playing? Does anyone know the answer to this? I thought maybe he had transferred somewhere else but I looked this morning in Program I bought yesterday and he is listed in it. #31 RB 6-0 260 So/So.

  7. If IU can get two W’s against MSU and MD on the road, this will be the greatest IU football season in decades! Loses to #2, #2 and # 17 (in OT) with 5 wins, and 3 winnable games left to play!

  8. HC, some of your frustrations mirror mine especially at RB as I don’t see the rhyme or reason on playing time. MM and DW have earned no playing time based on game performance that I see. I am not a practices so I can’t really say why they don’t go with their two best performing running backs and watch them get better. They made the tough call at QB sitting a returning starter and senior so I would hope DeBord will tell Hart to forget about last year’s group and play the two best this year. As far as people saying the offense has fallen I would point out there is a different approach now. Wilson was a bomb thrower in many ways not caring how it impacted the game. Against these same teams he had the same record last year as the team does this year. As far as the touches go for receivers the more accurate stat is the targets and Cobbs was targeted eleven times so they were trying to get the ball to him. I don’t know why but Ramsey doesn’t seem to look to Thomas as much as Lagow did. I hope this changes as Ramsey gets more comfortable as the starter.

    The offense is a different style than Wislon had. This staff is working on moving the chains which is traditional football that some of the top teams use. I think they need to open the offense up more but two factors limit that. Ramsey doesn’t have a strong enough arm to make the deep throws when coverage is tight. Second, the OL is improving but still a work in progress after losing three starters from last year. Teams are a reflection of the past season and it is why I am concerned about next years defense as we will lose both LBs and two off the DL. How well the D does will be based how effective recruiting has been with those two groups.

    Finally I am not blaming Wilson just pointing out how his results were not much different than this year as far as how our offfense scores pr won games. I comment based upn my years of coaching and I dealt with losing players to graduation and having to make changes due to upcoming players not having the same skill. I don’t keep my head in the sand but instead try to understand what is going on with the talent IU has. I am willing to see how this staff recruits players and if the change in offense produces more wins IE v UVA [5-1] which was a game IU usually lost in the past.

  9. Yes the Cavalier W is this years high water mark but nothing like the ranked Mizzou away game win just a couple of seasons ago. From my observations yesterday this offensive bunch can’t possibly understand how they negatively impact game performance when they can’t identify who the playmakers are yet midseason. So elementary but the shame is so many other poor judgements made. The other mistake near rivaling that is Heard’s not having his group prepared for the physical pass defense. I doubt you would make these poor decisions.

  10. 0-3 against the big three….No signature conference win again. Panacea Bowl still an outside possibility.
    Time to shelve the football “breakthrough” gibberish.

    Jordan Howard had 167 yds in today’s Bears win @ Baltimore….plus a huge run to help set up the Bears for the winning field goal in OT. At least a former Hoosier helped defeat one Harbaugh this weekend.

    1. Sure, but it was the lowly, last place Bears. No one gives them their best effort. He probably wouldn’t even play in a contender. His stats for the Bears are meaningless since the team isn’t any good.

      Yada, yada, yada….

      Or, does that only apply to VO and basketball?

      1. Unlike Howard, even bad teams want to get rid of VO….and he’s certainly on a very bad team right now.
        Organizations often get sold on raw talent. I would compare VO to someone more like a Jay Cutler…Thinks he’s the big man in town. The high level of raw talent never matches up with the consistency in performance. Their prima donna on-the-field/on-the-court body language is absent the unique ability of a true “star” to perform under pressure.
        That sort of narcissistic bug bites a lot guys making the millions built upon mountains of speculation; presumed to be a “star,” in a system that really doesn’t measure clutch/consistent performance with pay.

        Time will tell if Howard is a true star….but he certainly portrays an athlete far more humble than the aforementioned celebrities.

        The Bears may be last, but like the Indiana Hoosiers new face on their basketball program, they are primed for better days ahead. They have rid themselves of some dysfunctional parts and some lofty heads.
        They have an exciting young QB who thrives under pressure rather than shrinks or sulks in the big moment.

        Stay around, Chet. You’re too much fun to sit behind the screen sulking and not posting. Weren’t you getting sick of the Harbaugh gang being dragged to Hoosier basketball games? I wonder how much Jimbo would have showed up at Assembly to prop up his brother-in-law if the Hoosier football team could have put a nice fat loss on his over-hyped name?
        Of course, Jimbo was another from the huge sample set of uninspiring Bears QBs….Never had the guts and glory of McMahon. Trubisky? Now we finally got somethin’.

      2. And unlike the manner you put Dipo’s name in sentences next to MJ, I won’t be so silly to place Howard’s early success next to the names of Bears Hall of Fame running backs(some of the best to ever play in the NFL).
        Howard is a fine power running back…… I love his heart and his workhorse attitude. Protects the ball well too.

  11. totally on board about Heard…cannot understand this hire as wide receiver coach…during the off seasons he constantly preached about having tall wide receivers (loves the chance at 50-50 ball), missing the fact that two of his best play-makers J-Shun Harris and Whop Philyor produces (nothing against Luke Timian – having a great year). It is very easy to see that Patrick Ramsey loves throwing to the slot receivers. No doubt in my mind that J-shun or Whop would be able to take one or more of these short passes to the end zone by the end of the seasons. Mike Hart was a last minute hire and maybe he is lost in the Mike Debord systems—-I know a lot of fans are lost in the Mike Debord systems and play calling. Yes the offense scored on the Michigan defense in the fourth quarter, but it was setup by a great punt return and some penalties. Until then the IU offense had 5 to 6, three and outs!!!!! This was not a great or good offensive performance. IU is in a four game stretch which will advise a lot about this whole coaching staff. Presently they are 0-1 to start this stretch of games. Next up is Michigan State, Maryland and Wisconsin…..will IU go 0-4, 1-3 or 2-2???

  12. In contrast, I find the collective response to HC demanding that an IU Coordinator (and position coaches) be fired, half way through their first season with IU, very interesting and highly ironic. A few years back, I made a similar suggestion about IU’s defensive Coordinator half way through his second season at IU and was viciously attacked with ridicule, childish name calling and insults. DeBord is a lot better at his job today than that former Defensive Coordinator was at his job back then. And at least I gave that Defensive Coordinator a year and a half before concluding that he needed to be fired. I’m guessing the difference in the responses is because DeBord is not the son of a popular former head coach at IU.

    HC, I feel your pain and agree with some of your points, but it’s way too early for anyone to conclude that any of these coaches need to be fired. It was not likely that IU was going to win any of the games against OSU, PSU or Michigan, regardless of how well IU’s offense played. As for IU’s receivers playing soft, just look at the ref’s PI penalty called on Fant, which eliminated a key INT, in contrast to the muggings that IU’s recievers endured throughout the entire game. The refs’ clearly gave deference to Michigan’s defensive backs while penalizing Fant on a tricky-tacky play. College football refs have a built-in (perhaps subconscious) bias that favors the higher ranked team with the better reputation. Also, that’s what happens when IU’s players are playing teams like against Charleston Southern and Georgia Southern in preparation for Big Ten competition. You can’t duplicate the physicality, speed and aggressive (i.e., illegal) tactics used by Michigan’s defenders in practice or when playing against weak teams like Georgia Southern and Charleston Southern. As a result, no matter how their position coach tries to prepare them, until the receivers experience it in a game, they’re not going to learn how to compete at that level. Learning is doing, and now that they’ve experienced it first hand, their performance should be much improved.

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