Thomas, Hoff expected to play Saturday; others questionable “at best”

Indiana had the luxury of resting several players last week against Football Championship Subdivision opponent Charleston Southern.

This Saturday, the Hoosiers hope to have more complete platoons.

Tight end Ian Thomas and defensive tackle Nate Hoff are likely to be available for Saturday’s game against No. 17 Michigan. Others, including hybrid safety Marcelino Ball, cornerback A’Shon Riggins, receiver Donavan Hale and right guard Simon Stepaniak are deemed questionable “at best,” according to IU coach Tom Allen.

Allen said he’ll have a better idea of which players will be able to dress by Thursday.

“There was a couple guys in there that could have gone, had we been in a situation where it was a must go,” Allen said. “But regardless, we’re always going to take the high road with them and I told one of them yesterday, hey, you’re not going to come back until you’re healthy. We’re not going to bring you back before then. And I want them to play at a high level and to play in the Big 10. To be an elite player, you got to be healthy.”


  1. I hope Simon Stepaniak is ready to go, I would hate to see freshman Mackenzie Nworah matched up against Rashan Gary. In either cases whoever is matched up with Rashan Gary will need some help. Michigan defense looks a lot better than Penn State and Ohio State defense.

  2. A combination of Nworah and Knight seem to make the OL work better. I agree the defense seems better than any we’ve seen so far. The issue is they have speed so trying to get away from the rush will bring in speed guys from the outside. They haven’t given up a lot of points and IU will have to work hard to get to the endzone. Our defense needs to come up with take aways this game and give the offense a short field to work with.

  3. I agree Meatchicken is a talented D and will be challenging. But I do not agree they look any tougher than either PSU or the Bucks. The best offense by the #’s they’ve played so far is Air Force. I believe because our OL, WR’s and Ramsey have already played against stout opponents the IU offense can and will perform better than MSU did against them last week if the offensive staff will game plan to consistently exploit match up advantages. In other words make the Meatchicken D so uncomfortable with varied attacks they have to adjust, adjust, adjust. Win ST’s, TO’s all while limiting penalties but still be the most aggressive. it is doable, the breakthrough game.

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