Fant writes thank-you letter to IU community, fan base

After five years and four seasons on the field, Rashard Fant’s time as an Indiana football player is through.

To say farewell, the All-Big Ten cornerback wrote a thank-you letter to the Indiana University community. You can read the full note by clicking this link.

Here’s an excerpt.

“I came to IU thinking that I might be able to continue what I had started in high school, which was to help build up and contribute to a football program. I wanted to help bring more of a winning mindset to this football team. However, what I was actually given was the opportunity to accomplish more than I could have imagined both on the field and within the community. Although we did not win a B1G or a national championship, we got to the first bowl game in eight years, then made it back-to-back bowl games the next year, all while beating Purdue four times in a row, and being able to improve the defense to one of the best IU has seen in years. I think that could definitely be considered helping to turn a program around and working toward holding each other and the program to a higher standard.”

Fant departs as IU’s all-time leader with 58 passes defended and 53 pass break-ups in 49 career games.


  1. He has always presented himself as a quality young man that we could be proud to call a Hoosier. I hope he accomplishes a lot more in his life as I thing he will make a difference in his community where ever he goes.

  2. What a great letter from an outstanding Hoosier! I will always be pulling and rooting for Mr Rashard Fant! He is one to be very proud of!

  3. Although we did not win a B1G or a national championship

    Now that was quite the Fant-asy…..but he sounds like a great young man.

  4. I could not have said it better than BeatPurdue in his post above. Fant is a bright young man who gave it his all and took full advantage of the opportunities provided by his athletic ability. And given his size, he was a courageous defender for IU. I’m relieved that he finished the year healthy, and I hope he continues to serve as a great example to young men who he comes into contact with.

  5. I read his letter. Sounds as if he’s angling for a job w/IU or in Bloomington. Nothin’ wrong with that!

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