1. Way past bedtime. IU missed 6 FTs so far, can’t do that often and win. Otherwise, I’m impressed. Taking a grandkid to the IUWBB Louisville game Thursday,

  2. Quite simply the best brand of basketball I’ve seen IU play in years… Maybe since 2001? Anyway, that was fun despite the outcome because it’s clear they are picking up what Archie is putting down.

    1. Just saw that after tonight’s game, this is the first time Indiana has played 3 games in a row with less than ten turnovers since ’96.

      I feel good about the Big Ten season. Big Ten is really down. This team is just getting better every week.

      1. Michigan looked horrendous. Didn’t see many other games but I saw the final scores.

        The Big Ten is definitely down at this point.

  3. Loved the effort and style of play, but our guys need to improve their outside shooting. And some of them need to learn how to shoot free throws. Duke was the better team tonight, but it seemed like every time they were in the paint the refs called a foul on IU that turned it into a three point play. Great effort, and the outcome was better than many expected. But it’s easy to get up for Duke coming to your home court. Can IU reproduce that intensity and effort against lessor teams? We’ll find out soon enough.

    1. Don’t kid yourself, duKe players were feeding off the Assembly crowd just as much as Indiana.

      The endless shadow of Knight follows ‘K’ every time he returns to Indiana/McCracken. That’s a chip on the shoulder in itself when the Blue Skunks come to Bloomington. Did you see all the old-time photo shots ESPN was giving the viewers of K when he was a graduate assistant under Bobby? There is nothing that disturbs ‘brand beady eyes’ more than to lose to Indiana. duKe was very juiced.

  4. Lots of season, lots of optimism and lots of improvement to come. Archie Miller is the best thing to happen to Indiana since Branch McCracken. Credit to the players for being the proverbial sponges. I imagine the next 2 weeks practices will really help elevate consistent play.
    Hoosier BB on the move.

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