1. No changes to starting line-up despite Friday’s let down. It’s early. Too soon for drastic changes.

  2. This team will get better but I would start going younger. The Seniors just have too much baggage. I would rather see different faces at this point. They will get better.

  3. Jeff H I couldn’t agree more. I’m frustrated ( almost disappointed) by the experienced guard play and especially THE SHOOTING….Newkirk and Johnson couldn’t hit water if they fell out of the boat.

  4. Crean has been gone since April….That’s over six months ago.
    Personally, I expected a lot more in these early games. Atrocious free throw shooting is unacceptable at this level of basketball. Never thought I would see Indiana U. basketball drop this far(in terms of talent, execution, confidence, shooters, passion from the crowd).
    The previous hire may have put us in a place almost too difficult to ever recover. ND, Purdue, and Butler will again steal the stages of March(not to mention a vastly improved Northwestern, a dynamite MSU team …..and the usual showstopping freshman at UK).
    Very scary times for Indiana U….Archie Miller seems like a really good guy but the state of affairs are simply a mess. I almost wish he could have just emptied the cupboards…..and started with a bunch of last minute recruits, walk-ons, and guys he could bring from Dayton. It might have been better for all. Other than Davis, most the returning players just look disengaged. If they thought Tom Crean was wrongly treated, those emotions may stick with them for a very long time.

  5. And stop with the Garland and Langford hype….Both of these guys would be nuts to commit to IU right now. Even one-and-done’s want the lights of big stages and deep tournament runs.
    Howard looked like a team that would be challenged to defeat some of our better Indiana h.s. teams(Pike, North Central, etc). Howard…? Wasn’t he the timid dork with the stache on the Andy Griffith Show? My goodness. In our darkest hours when Howard keeps it challenging ….In our darkest hours.

  6. Did anyone see enough of the game to catch the point when Howard was substituting in a guy who wasn’t listed on their pregame roster? I was wondering if they nabbed him from an afternoon pick-up game at the HPER? Bizarre stuff……Suspicions were immediately raised when he checked into the game as Otis Campbell.

  7. It is somewhat understandable as the experienced guards are the most affected by the coaching change along with the overhaul of O&D Miller and staff coach. I am sure Crean’s coaching would deaden cells in anybodies head. I’ve never been a fan of Newkirk. Johnson needs to show positive results of the transition by B1G time or he can sit on the end of the bench next to Newkirk. Sure have to like the look of the gameness of McSwain, Smith and Durham.

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