1. Boring? The game or the 3-hour movie of reverse spiraling tweets from the Herald Times twins? One would think they could use different twitter account portrait shots depicting a full library of facial/emotional expressions next to their tweets to make this even more interesting…

    Remember when Scoop used to allow commenters to participate on Live Chats? Oh, if I could buy ‘LandonTurnerOverdrive’ a beer today….

  2. Fire, the whole offensive staff……..I hate to say this but the offense Illinois is running is better than IU.

  3. Illinois weak position is run stop, an yet we continue to run on first play and pass the second and third down….you know if you mix up the play calling it might help. throw the short pass or deep pass on first down sometimes!!!

  4. you cannot send two running back out in pass patterns without keeping someone in to help jprotect the quarterbacks blind side…what a stupid offensive play call.

  5. Offensively, usually IU fb offense was somewhat of an illusion even when stats looked good with a couple good backs and qb’s. Stats were accumulated against low level competition or when games were already lost. Plus IU very seldom completed a win against a good team. Most success in recent years was against Missouri one time and Purdue. (Purdue success is about to come to an end). Another reason IU offense looked better than what it really was is because the defense was so bad. Now, offense is worse than before K.W. years….as bad as it ever was.

  6. do not hand or advise anymore about Indiana needs to be in the West division, because IU cannot beat the last place team in the West.

  7. Fire DeBord immediately. At best he is a position coach. Hell a GA could call a much better game. His reputation as an OC is a myth. We’re better off without him.

  8. Debord is a great example Of a coach where I don’t know how good he ever was…but the offensive game has passed him by or it seems as though he is content to get paid and participate for IU fb. If not retire, please leave IU fb alone, fire Debord and hire competent innovative OC and offensive staff. If not that then be reassigned to a counseling or tutorial type position (unless he needs assistance himself). Just not in coaching capacity like he is now.

  9. I don’t know how effective Coach DeBord will be but to keep things in perspective I went through stats from Wilson’s 2016 offense and DeBord’s offense. Remember we lost 3 starters from the 2016 OL one of which is now in the NFL. We lost an experienced 1,000 yd rusher from the 2016 team. Here is what I found:

    points per game 2016 full season 25.77
    2017 10 games 25.70

    rushing yards 2016 152.2 ave 3.7 yds/rush 534attempts 41 per game
    2017 117.0 ave 3.2 yds/rush 396attempts 39 per game

    passing yards 2016 273.77 ave 7.8 ave/att 13.53 yds/catch 456-253-18 35 att/per game
    2017 257.90 ave 6.23 ave/att 10.04 yds/catch 414-257-11 41 att/per game

    completion % 2016 59.0% TDs 21 1.6/per game
    2017 62.1% TDs 20 2.0/per game

    total yards 2016 990 plays 76 plays/game 5.6 yds/play 426.0 yds ave/game
    2017 783 plays 78 plays/game 4.8 yds/play 374.9 yds ave/game
    Make of these what you will but to me 2016 and 2017 offenses are very similar. I see it as the problem with not recruiting OL in 2013 and missing on a couple that left the team under Wilson. Can DeBord do better with more talent and an experienced OL next year?

    1. With the focus supposedly being on perspective let’s remember one of those OL that graduated was the center and he wasn’t that good. The other two during the 2016 season both missed multiple games so Wilson didn’t have them always available either and here’s the other thing about perspective for the last 4 years the emphasis has been put on recruiting defensive players and the o-line was the one that gave up the most. Which I believe was a beneficial tradeoff. Wilson and Frey knew they were better able to deal with that development versus the rest of the staff. That’s exactly MD’s weakness, ‘lower level talent’ and dealing with how to coach them to success. Hell he hasn’t yet identified who all the playmakers are and who can be dynamic with some decent sequences of play calling. Specifically speaking about Gest but there are others. Sad state of affairs.

    2. I hate stats…I’m looking at the large difference in the number of plays(990 in ’16 compared to 783 in ’17) …Seems like that many more plays in ’16 should produce more points than in ’17. Stats rarely tell the whole story. Didn’t Griffin Oats(Oakes) have one of his worst kicking seasons in 2016? Probably an average of at least six points per game left off the board in 2016 simply because of the many missed field goals within very reasonable distances. Has to be very discouraging to a team when they drive 60 to 70 yards and then have a big goose egg left on the board when a drive stalls and even the three points are left off the board. Didn’t he even miss a big one in the bowl game?
      Leap to 2017….He’s been nearly perfect.
      Translation: Minus six per game we should have had in 2016 compared to plus six per game we’re getting in 2017. That’s a 12 points per game swing simply because of a kicker going from a miserable season to exceptional. Stats are a pain in the ass.

  10. V. Well, you are 100% correct on this one. K.W. always emphasized offensive line the best he could at IU. 2016 offensive line was not to good and 2017 offensive line is worse. OL is a problem. Will same guys returning mean IU has to live with a bad OL line in future seasons. Are there any good OL recruits on the way and how much will current OL guys improve?
    A Diamont had a big hand in recent Purdue success. He was just ornery enough and played with chip on his shoulder to relish the spotlight for the old Oaken bucket. He stepped up and played to his strength/potential.
    V. Nice explanation of keeping things in perspective. Debord is limited on play calling due to OL and QB limitations. Sometimes a couple to a very few things that change can be the answer to 8 plus win season. Northwestern is quietly on its way to a 10 win season.

  11. HC, I am well aware of the problems with the OL in 2016 but it also showed that Wilson and Frey couldn’t get the younger OL players developeed enough to step in for the injuries. The senior Center wasn’t good but they didn’t have anyone behind him so IU is now left with Littlejohn who is a Guard and a true Freshman at Center – the one we flipped from UVA. Just as yesterday’s announcers brought up, line play is about strength and that requires time to develop for most HS players into college linemen.

    t, I hope this staff develops the roster to be like NW, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Just to show how crazy college football is IU score 17 points against Wisconsin while Iowa’s offense scored zero -they scored on defense with two pick sixes. Last week Iowa put 55 points on OSU. There is no rhyme or reason for the way things go.

    1. Those younger players on the OL you say are MD’s Waterloo were even younger last year but Wilson and Frey got them to over achieve to play in a Bowl and with much less at WR. The results of the 2 staffs are night and day unless the facts are massaged.

  12. it really is a shame that the people on this blog want to blame the OL and QB for poor play calling….This offensive line is not that bad, the whole blocking scheme has changed and Wilson had the ability to know to keep the TE in to block on some passing plays instead of sending everybody out in pass patterns. On more than several occasion yesterday Mike Debord offense sent everybody out in pass pattern, well that is great when you have a qb that is capable of making the proper reads and finding the secondary receivers. As point out on this blog numerous times, numbers from one season to another are not compatible — the team, opponent teams and level of competition change. After watching the offense this year, I truly understand why Mike DeBord is a journeyman offensive cord. An I currently understand the love fest for Tom Allen at the moment. Tom Allen is from the state of Indiana, has a great relationships with high school coaches (will this results in more and better recruiting), players seem to love him as a coach (no negative comments) and the media (tries to answer all their question without being arrogant and obnoxious) adores him. The question becomes is Mike Debord the person to lead this offense the next couple of years and will IU football “BREAKTHROUGH” with Mike Debord (without recruiting a decent quarterback) leading this offense?? Whenever I think of the hire of Tom Allen, I think of the Nebraska situation…Nebraska had a winning coach Bo Pelini (truly a a******, arrogant and obnoxious) but they where winning, they went out and hire Mike Riley (truly a nice guy, fan and media friendly) but clearly not getting the job done in Nebraska (will he be fired). Kevin Wilson changed the culture of Indiana football, now we must wait and see what Tom Allen does with that culture change???

  13. Players may love Allen as a coach, but do they fear him as a coach? He certainly doesn’t have the gravitas that the job of head coach requires. I went to a high school less than a mile from Notre Dame when Parseghian was the HC, so people associated with the program (asst. coaches, etc.) were part of the neighborhood, and the sentiment was that players DIDN’T want Coach to notice them- if he mentioned your name, it meant you had messed up big-time. Miss a block as Gooch did in on that punt in the Maryland game and that’s the last block you would ever miss ’cause you’d never see another minute of playing time. Ever remember seeing Parseghian high-five anyone? Jump on their backs after a three-and-out?

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