1. I’ve never been to Rutgers but, barring the New Jersey school, Purdue is easily the ugliest campus in the Big Ten.

  2. What a stupid, stupid pass. There were 4 defenders on that one receiver.

    Of course it was intercepted.

    1. If Lagow does something that boneheaded again his college career needs to come to a close on the bench.

  3. The play call seems to indicate that they have very little confidence in his decision making. As a result, it’s taking the pressure off the Boil’s defense.

    If RL is gonna play out the game (it sounds like PR is PUP) they are gonna have to roll the dice. We won’t win a smash mouth game and the dink passes aren’t gonna cut it.

    It doesn’t look good.

  4. did not like a couple of play calls when IU was in the red zone the second time around…but at the present time IU is getting outplayed by Purdue!!!

  5. At the present time it looks like Purdue is having that “BREAKTHROUGH” season and IU is reverting back to old habits… Indecision about what plays to call in the red zone….I am so tired of that short pass on 3rd…..would somebody please tell Debord it is okay to have the TE help with blocking on pass plays sometimes…..Mike Debord does not know how to adapt to his players or change his play calling.

  6. Indiana certainly screwed the pooch today but Purdue hasn’t done anything all season before today. They got their butts kicked by Illinois and lost to Rutgers. Switch schedules and Purdue wouldn’t be bowl eligible either unless you think they’d have beaten OSU, Penn State, or Michigan State.

  7. Purdue did not lose to Illinois…….Purdue beat Illinois 29-10…..Stop making excuses for IU….Put IU in the BIG 10 West and they still would be battling Illinois for last place….Just like they will finish in the BIG 10 East….I am ready for all the IU excuses (injuries, ref (poor officiating), scheduling, wrong conference division)…If I remember correctly Purdue has had the last place or next to last place recruiting class for the last 4-5 years!!!!! Just think also we had all year to put Whop Philyor back to return kickoff, but we put Devonte Williams…..let me guest we could not see the playmaking difference!! Just like Isaac James on defense

    1. Tell me how I made an excuse for IU. Do you not know what “screwed the pooch” means?

      Read more slowly.

  8. Indiana screwed the pooch alright!!! first and goal at the 7 yard line and no touchdown!! Merkell Jones is eating this defense alive….GIVE THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET TO PURDUE…..an no bowl game for IUJ

  9. Which team would Purdue have beaten for you to be correct? Ohio State, Penn State, or Michigan State?

  10. Purdue would have beaten Maryland and their 4th string quarterback!!!!! Lets face it Fred Glass screwed up the pooch…..everybody on this blog was hoping for 8-4, 7-5 or 6-6 season …..but instead IU gets a 5-7 season, no bowl.

    1. Yep. They screwed the pooch that day, too.

      Here is an undeniable fact. The 5 best teams in the Big Ten are OSU, Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Michigan State. Indiana went 0-5 against them. Purdue went 0-2. They played Michigan and Wisconsin. Instead of playing OSU, Penn State, and Michigan State they played Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa.

      Claiming that doesn’t make a difference is absurd.

      It was a disappointing season for the Hoosiers. Lagow never developed into a threat against good teams. The offense was horribly predictable.

      The defense was a bright spot.

      Time to kick some grass on that stuff and move on.

  11. IU out coached by PU coaches on fake punt knowing Purdue coaches like to run trick plays and where they were at on field that led to TD and helped turn the tide for game. It didn’t matter anyway. Purdue is the better team.

  12. Why was PURDUE the better team??? Their recruiting class where last in the BIG Ten most of the time!! Whereby this was suppose to be IU breakthrough year (meaning they had better players), but instead we finished last in the Division. Actually only better than Rutgers and Illinois. Could Purdue being better be related to the fact they have a better coaching staff!

  13. All season I’ve felt PUke was becoming the better team and they were doing it with the least talent. They are enjoying IU’s breakthrough season and IU is a program in regression. How the hell could you field a team for their most important game of the season so flat, so uninspired, so lacking in passion. Putrid and sickening. Changes on the staff must be made. Brohm will suffer being in W. Laffy maybe 1 more season and then the big bucks.

  14. Lol Indiana football.

    This team went 5-7. No reason. They’re better, but they went Full Indiana Football and embraced the close but no cigar losers. Very disappointing season.

    Not impressed with Tom Allen era so far. We’ll see if he really wants to win or be a nice guy. DeBord has to go.

  15. Purdue hired an experienced head coach who had proven he could create a winner. Purdue increased home-game attendance this year by over 12,000 per game. IU went the low cost route and promoted another coordinator. I doubt IU’s home-game attendance increased at all. The difference between the two football programs was obvious to anyone watching this game. IU got out coached. IU got outplayed. Instead of a “break through,” IU had a break down. The season is over. And now the question becomes, can this coaching staff improve recruiting after producing a losing season? I mean, IU will lose a lot of talent and experience on both sides of the ball. Can that talent be replaced? I hope I’m wrong, but I am not optimistic about next season. We’ve seen this movie before, and it always turns out the same way. If IU fails to break through next year, Glass should be held responsible and he should be fired.

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as to being fired but you know just as well as everyone. 1 IU Basketball and then IU Football somewhere else. Better get your reading glasses though. IU Football has always been “low fat” as far as a staff is concerned and sometimes what you spend is what you get as far as quality and development.

  16. I U’s attendance most likely increased this year do to the home games with Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin.

    1. Today’s fiasco likely put a big dent into next year’s season ticket sales.

      Wish PR had been an option but we all know about wishes.

      What a grease fire.

  17. Also, I bought tickets in mid September to graduation just to see Richard Lagow walk. Never been more frustrated by a single Indiana football player in my life (play wise).

    1. Lagow’s tendency to immediately panic under a pass rush combined with play calling right out of 1952 made for quite the marriage. I have furniture with more mobility.

      At least Ramsey could get out of his own way. His panic threshold is much higher, as well.

      …if wishes were fishes…

  18. I don’t think we’ll be as good next year. Not hopeful. What else is new?

    Hats off to Purdue. They came in ready to play and they just punched the Hoosiers right in the mouth. Here’s to hoping Brohm goes to Tennessee or something.

    You know how bad the state of Indiana football is when you’re rooting for your rivals to get worse versus hoping we get better.

    I have no hope for this program anymore. Lucy has pulled the football away from me for the last time.

    1. We’ll be better at QB. Duh. We should have solid running backs. OL should be fine. All our receivers will be injured in the first quarter of the first game.

      Defensively…who knows?

      Our offense was such a disappointment. Take pretty much any IU offense from the last decade with this defense and…they’d have to find new ways to lose.

      I may beome a Cleveland Browns fan. They don’t have foolish things like hope.

  19. Ramsey is not the answer either….just not a complete big league qb that can throw down field effectively and mid season he will be limping around dinged up. Ramsey is not a bad backup qb though to be used some. Lagow has always had limited big league ability plus limited head ability.

    1. Well…who knows?

      He was a redshirt freshman this year so…no…he’s not a ‘complete’ quarterback. He was far more accurate than Lagow. That is for certain. He had a few nice long tosses. He wasn’t given many opportunities.

      He’s probably 19. No idea what he is capable of.

  20. Allen will turn out to be just another version of Bill Lynch. There was talent and experience on the team. The season-long offensive struggles are really inexplicable. Enough on this team to get 6 wins with better coaching.

  21. Most of the loss is on the qb. The first possession pick was simply inexcusable. I would have pulled him immediately. Play Covington on both sides if I had to.

  22. At the beginning of the seasons was this one of the games IU was suppose to win??? Was Mike Debord (more experience) an improvement over Kevin Johns??? How many times can you throw that short 3-5 yards pass (to Ricky Brookins) and hope/pray you pickup a first down?? It took this coaching staff most of the year to figure out that Cole Geist and Morgan Ellison where your best running back, It took the last game of the year to put Whop Philyor back to return kickoffs…..An heaven only knows what the hell was going on with the receiving corp. You put your top returning receivers on kickoff tackling squad, but don’t worry, we will have freshman Ty Fryfogle available at the end of the year to catch a pass. Oh dam, we where not able to red-shirt him. This team finished last in the BIG 10 East division this year..An this IU team loses eight starters on defense and two (maybe three) starters on offense. An none of the BIG Ten east teams are getting any weaker. This team today got beat physically (pushed around by lesser star recruits) and we wonder why Kevin Wilson was pushing for his teams to become more physical. I am trying to look for the bright side, but IU football future is looking very cloudy.

    1. I used to hang around live chats/stream the game but quit 2 years ago. As IU79 said tired of losing, tired of the letdown, and wasting my time when I could’ve been productive doing other things that needed to be done.

  23. The last thing I want to do is make excuses for IU Football, but outside of Alabama there isn’t a program playing in the championship playoff that would have survived our conference schedule.
    OSU, Penn State, Michigan, MSU, and Wisconsin….? Not what you’d call an easy wall to break through. Some of the best teams in the country may just go 1-4 against that ‘Murderer’s Row’ of opponents.

    Allen’s heart is 100% dedicated in bringing a winner to Indiana. I think he’s our best shot….You don’t turn a Rosie O’Donnell into a Faye Dunaway in one season.

  24. Where is vesuvius13? He’s either experiencing molten turkey lava or stuffing himself on Pompeiikin pie….

  25. I fear D-bone is right, and that Allen is just a newer version of Lynch. And I also fear t is correct in saying Ramsey is not the answer. Yes he’s somewhat mobile, but he’s not really a dual-threat quarterback. If he has to run a lot, he won’t survive a full Big Ten season. And Ramsey does not have a strong arm, thus eliminating the deep threat. You want to see a dual threat quarterback, look at K Tate at Arizona. He’s not a refined passer yet, but he’s got a strong arm and throws a great deep ball. IU needs to sign two quarterbacks in this class, or lure some transfer to IU. If they don’t improve at quarterback, I don’t care who the offensive coordinator is, IU won’t produce a winning season.

  26. To many times over 2 years average mac or mo Valley quality qb playing in big ten spotted teams one or two tds by lack of ability both, physical and head. Exceptions A. Diamont (undefeated) vs. Purdue and Ramsey against Virginia this year.

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