1. 3rd and 5 with 3 minutes to go in first half at midfield is lost opportunity and dumbest call of game along with personal foul. However, T.A. and company are in process of holding serve compared to last couple seasons.

  2. Some of the best tackling I’ve seen for a 1/2 in all of college football this year. Not to be outdone the best execution by the IU offense this year for a half which renders criticism of play calling moot. I know Rutgers is not a Powerhouse but you got to achieve and perform against somebody. I hope it means things are gelling with RL under C.

  3. I must give compliments to the coaching staff today, as the IU football team is playing a much better game and the play calling has been a lot better, still needs some improvements, but overall a much better game. Some of the time I am on this blog criticizing, but at the present moment I will give my compliments to the offensive coaching staff for having a good/decent properly executed game plan so far today.

  4. It looks like last week’s win is carrying over to today as all three parts of the team are clicking. I hope they can build off this game to improve against PU for the bucket win. 34 points with 4:39 left in the 3rd is an impressive offensive performance against a B1G team.

  5. Rutgers is not a good team, but they have had excellent pass protection all year. However, today, through almost three quarters, IU has sacked Rutger’s QB four times, with one sack causing a turnover. That’s impressive, and a real compliment to IU’s defense.

    Lagow looks outstanding. He’s thrown one bad INT, but IU’s defense bailed him out. Then he came back and made a couple excellent passes. Other than that one terrible throw, he’s looked very good. If Lagow and the offense can maintain this rhythm and execution, IU should make it five bucket games in a row and go to another bowl game.

  6. Wow, a shut out against a Big Ten opponent! It’s been over two decades wince we experienced that. Offense looked good, defense was excellent (aside from the fact that they dropped at least four INTs), and I don’t think we lost any players to injury today. So the table is set for an important game next week. And it’s great that the Bucket game means a lot, beyond just the rivalry.

    The “Break Through” is still within reach!

  7. The shutout was a big deal especially since it was against a B1G opponent. Podunker, Rutgers was good enough to beat 3 B1G teams including Maryland and Purdue. The defense did a very good job against the 6th best rushing team in the B1G. Offensively the OL did a very good job against a defensive front that was good against the run.

    PU just beat Iowa 24-15 so the bucket game could be a wild one.

  8. Just think,PO. If Glass were paying Allen another $750k, the score would have been 75-0! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m just bitter ’cause I had to work and missed IUFB’s biggest conf. win in ages.

  9. davis, if Allen produces a winning season this year, and does it again next year, it’s going to cost IU a lot more the an additional $750,000 a year to keep Allen at IU. I hope that’s a problem Glass has to face in the near future.

  10. It may take a $1m but $750k more would probably get the job done with Allen. He is 100% Hoosier and because of his devout faith $ for personal gain are not the only interest or possibly even the highest priority for him. Now talking out the other side of my mouth there very well could be benefits, set asides and other provisions not considered spendable income that are important to him. He would also make absolutely sure there will be plenty of dough for highly competent assistants.

  11. HC, I agree and hope our assistants get paid so IU competes with most schools in assistant pay; It is not just the HC that is paid less. Coach Allen is where he dreamed of coaching, so I can’t see him leaving on his own. As long as the program improves he will probably be here until he retires.

  12. Gosh I hope that’s true, but it has been my experience that highly competitive people expect their success to be acknowledged and to be rewarded in an appropriate manner. I don’t care how loyal Allen is to IU, the State, or etc., I have to believe he is more loyal to his family and his family’s financial future, and that if his agent became aware that other Power Five Conference schools were willing to double his income, which numerous schools could easily do, he’d have a hard time refusing such opportunities. Every person has their price. And besides, it’s not just about the money! It’s also about the opportunity to win at the highest level. It’s about the school’s commitment to help a coaching staff win and sustain a winning program. Once he starts producing winning seasons, Allen’s going to expect that IU support him and his staff and that IU will invest accordingly. I don’t believe Allen is a mercenary, or that he would leave IU for just any higher offer, but it’s common sense that should he produce a couple of winning seasons in a row, he’s not going to be happy to remain the lowest paid head football coach in the Big Ten. At some point, that simply becomes insulting and conflicts with his professional pride. Allen’s compensation is so far below the average of Big Ten head coaches, if he does what we all want him to do, IU will become vulnerable to Allen getting poached by a wee;their school. And once again, IU would be guilty of being “penny wise and pound foolish.”

  13. Aside from the fact that some of us are getting way ahead of ourselves, or at least ahead of IUFB, about Allen’s imagined success making him a hot prospect (pretty skeptical opinion of him as a head coach in these posts for the last several weeks), PO’s above post makes a lot of sense. Salary is of course is a big deal, but there are other important things that are also a function of money- paying staff, the recruiting that comes with success that money enables, etc. My difference with PO (if I may be so bold as to put words in his mouth) is that PO is that he thinks that IU has the money to pay a lot more than she does, and I don’t. Had Glass the $$$ pouring into his office that do OSU, PSU, and the like, I doubt he’d be so “penny wise.”

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