1. IU men’s basketbal looks pretty good for a good high school team. I was totally wrong because I thought they would be better than what they realistically are. It is a bigger drop off than what I originally thought. Not even a little bit to look forward to this year. Boy, we are talking about a few years as in 3 or 4. Abandon ship, abandon ship was A.M.’s welcome from those who went to the NBA.

    1. Everyone is giddy because it’s beginning to look like basketball again….Our teams under Crean couldn’t get anymore at the bottom when it came to collective basketball IQ. Archie is already establishing a baseline…You can see a strange phenomenon called chemistry starting to build. Whacky rotations are not disrupting minutes and relationships in live game situations….Guys are actually beginning to anticipate on defense rather than simply react to the ball. There is more movement and help. There is better positioning and individual fundamentals in the one-on-one assignments.

      For nine years I knew it wasn’t basketball. In nine weeks of Archie, it’s like watching the basketball seeds popping through the ground of a spring garden. It will take a bit of time, but there is evidence of a bounty of buds and a harvesting of hopes again.

      1. Translation: The lights are going on. Hoosiers are looking engaged. They are building in confidence as a team rather than only on the roller coaster of individual performances. They look to a leader on the sideline with reassurance rather than doubt and confusion. It’s strange how quickly it can happen ……There really is nothing more beautiful than the teaching profession when it’s done right.

        The basketball classroom has returned to McCracken. What a long and terribly exhausting wait we were forced to endure for so many reasons having nothing to do with basketball.

  2. On the other hand I’m getting more excited as the guys start to ‘get it together’. They will take some major beatings this season but think they may be competitive come Feb/March. Morgan & Johnson both looked focused & smooth tonight. Couple of plays had some beautiful passing resulting in easy baskets. Loved the towel throw.

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