1. The questionable overturn of the fumble aside, it’s been classic IU this season, at least of late. Get out to a good start and slowly allow the opponent to build momentum and get back in. If we can’t flip that script, we’ll hang with them through the 3rd only to have them open up the lead in the fourth.

  2. Who’s this idiot announcer named McElroy?. First he said IU’s stadium is in need of repair. Then with the fumble review he initially said ME was down, then he says that’s clearly going to be overturned, then he says no it’s 50/50, then he says no I think they’ll overturn it. He indeed all about accurate and decisive.

  3. D-Bone, I do not know how long you have watched IU football, but your reference is true to IU football history except for those very few rare seasons.

  4. But the difference for me is that I think – or perhaps better said I thought – this team actually had a good chance to get a win over a traditional, high level B1G team. Not to mention win when they should (i.e. Maryland). So, despite our history, I think this team is underachieving just a bit.

  5. We would have had a good chance to win this game if all our players were healthy. But we’ve lost too many important players to injury, and we don’t have the depth of talent to compete with Wisconsin. It’s so obvious. And boy, do we need game-breaking talent at wide receiver and running back. J Shun’s loss is really painful, not just for him, but for the entire team.

  6. We’ve got game-breaking talent at wide receiver but Dink-and-Dunk DeBord won’t throw the ball down the field.

  7. D and Po I understand what you are saying or trying to say. However, your comments are copy of what is said by many fans, fb annoncers, sports writers, coaches, and whoever every season (again except for the very rare season). Examples; if it wasn’t for qb talent or injuries, IU is deep with receivers not just this year but other years as well and a couple games into season if it wasn’t for injuries, just to many team injuries, often close but no cigar which means other teams have another gear of talent when IU has already used it’s talent just to hang in the game, lack of depth, a team of 3 stars trying their best, coaching decisions sometimes and lack of execution because of not having talent that some teams have that help coaches look good, and of course just a few recruits away. These are just a few examples of what IU fb tradition is about. This does not include the money, fan support, perception, university support etc etc etc.

  8. Another “breakthrough” opportunity breakdown. New, boisterous coach, but same old same old. Not enough big plays, not enough talent.

  9. Feeling more and more worried that Wilson’s departure might have taken any reasonable hope for semi-consistent bowl eligibility level with him.

  10. At the end of the season Allen’s going to have to make some serious staff changes. Mike Hart is still in the dark and Mike Debord is mediocre at best. He has to have better athletes to even be considered average.

  11. Tired of hearing about the talent gap at IU…….injuries happen to all teams….Wisconsin does not get the 4 and 5 stars athletics…they simply have found a formula that works for them (ie: get the best offensive lineman in Wisconsin and the best available running back on the east (NJ,MD) coast….Wisconsin has been doing it for years and kicking IU butts. Now in typical IU fan fashion we compliant about the lack of talent and not getting the best football talent and poor officiating. So in 75 years plus of football tradition…IU has only had the talent once to make it to a Rose Bowl..tradition said IU has a bad football program and unless IU can find a Board of Directors, AD and than a coaching staff that wants to change this tradition IU is stuck in the bottom half of the BIG Ten in football. Lets put it this way IU is 0-6 in the Big 10, 3-6 overall….with three (3) games left against Rutgers, Illinois and Purdue, does anyone believe they will win all three games and go to a bowl game. Some of the IU players on the field looked mighty dejected, is Tom Allen and Mike Debord losing this team….a lot of sad and dejected faces. An beside the score of this games reminded me of years gone bye….Top 25 defense, lets hope they are able to show up in the next three games. Give me Kevin Jones as an offensive cord any day of the year over Mike Debord and this dink and donk offense. What ever happen to trying to run the football!!! Mike Debord gives up on the run to quickly.

  12. Are players looking dejected in good part due to hearing Allen preaching something unrealistic since the preseason? Should that have even been the narrative? Was he setting them up for a hard-fall failure? I think you could argue beating MSU last year was a signature win. Just on a different HC’s watch.

  13. This not a top 25 defense. They have digressed since last year.

    Also, Allen’s got to stop riding the emotional roller coaster on the sidelines. I love that he fights for his team and his players, but the refs are now quick to give him a warning and then penalize him for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    This Big Ten schedule has been brutal.

  14. Wisconsin does have several 4 stars.
    IU Rose Bowl team did not have elite talent. Good but not overly powerful.
    IU is not bottom half of big ten, rather at very bottom at big ten (except thanks to Rutgers).

  15. From Adewale Ogunlaye:

    How are we taking steps backwards? THIS IS DEPRESSING. I didnt expect to see this in 2017. I’d rather change diapers than watch. #iufb

  16. Wisconsin gets 1,2, or 3, one year 4 4 stars each year. In a 4 year period at different positions Wisky can put 7 or 8 4 stars on the field supported by competition among team and depth. (Big boy depth). Yes, Alvarez and those since implemented a winning formula for Wisky.

  17. These sideline sportsmanship warnings and penalties are absolute BS. If these refs for the money they are demanding can’t stand to have their ears irritated a little bit then they need to become preachers where they only hear organ music. Allen shouldn’t back off one inch.

  18. Wisconsin doesn’t get many 4 star recruits but their best recruits are offensive lineman. They have a plan and they stick with it. IU’s plan is to stretch out games running a pass first spread offense until they wear out in the 4th and lose. IU lacks offensive linemen but only 2 recruits for next year. IU lacks a big ten quarterback and no recruits for next year. I don’t get the plan. After 6 years of IU stretching out games with a hurry up spread only to experience the inevitable depth and injury problems and losing in the 3rd or 4th quarter, maybe it’s time for a change?

  19. Wisconsin may surely get a few 4 star recruits, but they sure in hell know how to develop talent or find talent in 2* and 3* and not to mention “WALK-ONS” (JJ Watts, Jim Leonhard,etc). Somehow I remember an ex IU coach developing a good walk-on program (Mitchell Paige, Collin Rahrig). all I am saying here is that the coaching staff have to be able to identify talent, find play-maker and develop talent. At the present time that seems to be missing in the coaching staff. If IU football wins these last three games of the season is this consider a “BREAKTHROUGH” season???

  20. Not a breakthrough even if we run the table. All that is is sustaining the performance level of last two years under Wilson. For me a breakthrough would have been a win over an upper echelon B1G team and a low bowl appearance, based on what Allen was selling.

    I’m not saying there’s an ongoing, unstated goal of breaking through every year. But, thinking about it now, I think Allen should have seen that this team would be taking steps backward most likely. O-line and RB clearly weaker than during the latter part of Wilson’s tenure. QB was dicey at best. I’m all for positive thinking and positive motivation, but in retrospect, Allen’s goal was unrealistic to begin with.

  21. And I would be shocked if we won three straight to close, even with the apparent weak schedule. Purdue to close there will be tough. The pressure of trying to run the table from bowl standpoint. Overcoming the humiliation of the last three weeks. Seems like a tall mountain to climb.

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