Natee decides to transfer from IU

Big Bacon is moving on.

Running back Tyler Natee will transfer from Indiana, he announced Wednesday on Twitter.

The sophomore didn’t see any game action for the Hoosiers this season after rushing for 237 yards and two touchdowns as a freshman in 2016. During fall camp, Natee suffered an unspecified injury that set him back on his path to the playing field.

The 6-foot, 260-pound back primarily worked with IU’s scout team, earning back-to-back offensive scout team player of the week honors in mid-October. He traveled with the team for the first time all fall for IU’s Oct. 28 game at Maryland, but did not play.

“Thank you Hoosier Nation for the past two years,” Natee wrote. “Unfortunately, I have to make decisions to help my career and future, so I will be transferring. I never thought this day would come but sometimes good things come to an end. I am now open for recruiting again.”

Natee found traction in IU’s offense during his freshman year, sharing the backfield with former quarterback Zander Diamont in a unique option package. The Hoosiers debuted that package last October against Maryland in a game where Natee posted 111 yards and scored a touchdown. Forty-seven percent of Natee’s season production came in that game.

Indiana has four-star Virginia running back Ronnie Walker committed to next year’s signing class. Running backs coach Mike Hart and receivers coach Grant Heard completed an in-home visit with three-star Tennessee running back Jeremy Banks on Tuesday.


  1. Good luck to Natee… Very disappointed that he didn’t play a snap this year when we needed any kind of running game we could find. It is just physics, but you can’t tell me that 270 lbs doesn’t equal a few yards when it counts. At least he could have put the hurt on someone… Anyway the the kool aid is gone for this year, but next year is a new season… Good luck big bacon and kudos to whoever proposed the bacon whopper combo…. we will never know.

  2. Not the least bit surprised by this news, and honestly, I’m not disappointed either. At best Natee was going to be used as a short-yardage specialist or switch to another position, like nose tackle. He was never going to be one of IU’s primary running backs. I hope he finds a new home where he can get some playing time. He seems like a fine young man and I wish him the best.

  3. Not hard to figure when you consider who his position coach is. He wouldn’t know a running back from 3rd base.

    1. Unnecessarily rude. Do you have feelings that get hurt when complete strangers, who know nothing about you, go out of their way to publicly insult you? So do Coaches! When you are the AD someone might care what you say. Now you are just an anonymous &ss.

      1. BP, I never consult my feelings as they are irrelevant. Hart was a good collegiate running back. His inability to identify the playmakers at the IU RB position told me everything I needed to know about his coaching competence. He is a piss poor assistant coach. There is a glaring contrast between the coaching performances of Deland McCullough and a Mike Hart. I never post searching for your blessing. It also is irrelevant .

  4. Force equals mass times acceleration. Natee is a big guy but he was very slow off the ball…at least last season. Being big doesn’t mean much in the absence of acceleration.

    I hope he finds a good situation for his skill set.

  5. BP,

    This guy (HC) has been in the business world and has probably been involved in many decision dealings. Have you ever been frustrated with a co-worker and said negative things? You’re only as good as your last game this day in age. These boards are here for a reason to debate in a professional manner. If you desire complete control and no opinions, I suggest you shack up in North Korea. Might want to go easy on those “!!” or else you might be government labor.

  6. Talking to a couple of insiders with intimate knowldege of IU FB, there were other issues with Natee than weight. This coaching staff doesn’t throw players under the bus so it doesn’t get out in the public what the issues where . There is also a question if he will even play football at his new school wherever he chooses. I wish the best for Natee and hope he finds what he needs whether he plays any more football or not. It was fun to watch last year when he was a surprise to other teams.

  7. Gentleman, we the IU fan will see how good this coaching staff is, by how many job offers they receive from other universities or how many assistants coaches leave the IU staff (some of this staffs is from the SEC)…..You have six (Tenn, Ark, Texas A&M, Mississipp St, Florida and maybe Ole Miss) universities in the SEC needing assistants coaches, not to mention all the other universities that fired coaching staff….There are quite a few assistants coaching positions opening up this seasons and with IU coaching staff being the lowest paid, it is a great opportunity for the IU assistants to pursue a better paying job or positions. Isn’t that one of the reasons that Tom Allen was hire, because IU was afraid to lose him as a coach??

  8. I doubt we will see coaches leaving, you never know, as most have ties to coach Allen; just like the staff stayed with Wilson until he left.

  9. V. Your first comment was pretty much what I was thinking throughout season. I agree, T.A. seems to me that he would not throw players under the bus and would expect the same from his staff.

  10. v13, sorry to disagree, but Wilson lost more than his share of assistant coaches during his years at IU. IU football was a revolving door for assistant coaches while Wilson was coach. Three D-coordinators in six seasons!

  11. Indeed, but not only KW’s assistants. Some change jobs ’cause it seems like the right move, others change jobs ’cause someone else thinks its the right move, and sometimes it’s both- but it happens as a regular and frequent thing in college coaching. Just the way it is.

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