Report: Garland commits to Vanderbilt

Indiana’s recruitment of Darius Garland has ended.

The five-star point guard has committed to Vanderbilt, according to a report from ESPN. Indiana was one of four finalists for Garland, who also considered Kentucky and UCLA.

Garland, a native of Gary, plays for Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tenn.

“This was the best fit for me and my family,” Garland told ESPN. “I can have the best of both worlds in academics and basketball at Vanderbilt. Someday the ball will stop bouncing and I want to prepare myself for that situation. My family put me in position to be successful so I want them to see me play as much as possible.”

With one open scholarship for next season, IU will now zero in on five-star New Albany shooting guard Romeo Langford, who is also considering IU, Kansas and Vanderbilt.


  1. With one open scholarship for next season, IU will now zero in on five-star New Albany shooting guard Romeo Langford, who is also considering IU, Kansas and Vanderbilt.

    Only “one open scholarship”….? Do you think we would have found another scholarship if both Garland and Langford would have wanted to wear cream and crimson? Gee….I wonder?

    I wonder if the last two horrible games on our home court played into his final decision process(the annihilation at the hands of ISU and then the inexplicable “How?” in being challenged by Howard)?

    1. Absolutely would of had scholarships for both Langford and Garland. I doubt the recent games had any impact on Garland’s decision.

      1. The two recent games had nothing to do with it… his presser for his Monday was announced last week before they lost to ISU… He had already made his decision.

        This is a bummer, but I have an innate trust in Archie.

        1. I’m not so sure that an announced presser necessarily means he had completely closed the door on all possible decisions.
          I’m elated to have the baton twirler finally gone, but let’s not pretend those last two games helped recruiting.
          The annihilation on our home court at the hands of the Sycamores was plastered all over the ESPN networks…. Mike Brey even mentioned it in his pregame interviews before his contest in the Maui Classic. It’s still being kicked around. We were heavy favorites and we were slapped around.
          We can’t crawl into an 17-year-old kid’s head….We are a longshot for these top-10 recruits even if we’re pushing around the cupcakes and softer teams on our preconference schedule.
          A waxing from ISU and struggling against Howard was probably nothing we’d ever see from a Dayton Flyers team.
          Archie owned it and apologized to the fans after ISU …That’s already a huge improvement from the last nine years.

          1. The quote from his father late last week was that he (Garland) had made up his mind… Are you calling them liars Harvard? SHAME!!!!

            Just kiddin wich cha… I mean he did say that, but whatev…

            Anyway, hoping to see a competitive game tonight. Would be nice if IU was reasonably healthy, but lots of key guys either out or compromised… The older guys played so tight at home, and thinking that this game will, especially considering they’ll be underdogs, allow them to play freely.

            Hoosiers should also watch Washington State tonight, after IU plays, to see their native son Carter Skaggs drop a few 3’s on Seattle. They’re on the PAC12 network at 9ish.

        2. We have a really good recruit in Phinisee who’s going to run the point. He’s a pure PG, team first guy, vocal court leader and Archie plucked him right out of Purdue’s backyard. Archie is making in-roads in state early. He might be more important and better in the long-run for the program.

          I’m not worried about Garland. I wish the kid my best. He’s going to have a great career. But, Langford is the guy that they are courting hard. AH knew it during Hoosier Hysteria and the Hoosier faithful did their best to make him feel at home. I think he’s the best fit for the Hoosiers.

  2. Man, I leave the grid for 10 days and all hell breaks loose….

    Indiana gets smoked by ISU, barely beats Howard and now is losing recruiting battles with Vanderbilt?

    Wow. Wake me up from this nightmare.

  3. Welcome back, Double Down…..

    Things will get better. Many of these guys still aren’t buying in. Davis is certainly a bright spot.

  4. Nothing wrong with IU’s academics….and I’m not buying the wanting to be close to home business so the parents can see him play. Bloomington is only four hours from Nashville(hardly much different than Chicago to Bloomington).

    Too much drama at IU right now……The recent poor performances didn’t help. And Fred waited one year too long to oust Crean. Vandy has more stability with Drew in his second season.

  5. The problem IS “problematic guard play” and its NOT the freshmen. Johnson will never be the on floor leader that is needed AND expected from a senior. For my money, Johnson is the most OVERHYPED, underwhelming performer. Newkirk STILL displays bad judgement; that BALL FLIP when he travelled could have very easily been collected and started a Howard fast break. Newkirk last year demonstrated he didn’t have a clue and this year he demonstrates that even more. He isn’t a shooting guard and lacks decision-making skills to be a point guard.

    1. Thought Al Durham and Justin Smith played really well. Davis is really improved. Moore looks like he isn’t even close to physically developed yet, but has potential. Still think we are going to get something out of McSwain. Hopefully he can just focus on rebounds and easy put back. Johnson played like a senior as a freshman and now he plays like a freshman as a senior. I don’t get it. I don’t know what Newkirk has been doing for 5 years, but it probably hasn’t had much to do with developing a consistent jump shot. I’d be surprised to see Green stay in Bloomington two more years. I do not see Green’s playground style of basketball fitting in anywhere in Archie Millers plans. Curtis Jones needs to get something figured out. In some way shape or form he has to carve out some sort of role for himself. Morgan and Hartman…injured as usual.

  6. Basketball is a marvelous sport…Just when you think a team is caving in on itself, something magical can happen. There is a lot of talent on this Hoosier team. Maybe they’re all just trying to impress their new coach a bit too much….(which explains the freshman almost being the ‘cooler customers’ with nothing to prove from last season). I just have a feeling that this team is going to come together and finish much higher in the conference than anticipated.

    In the meantime, all remain loyal to Hoosier Scoop. This place remains #1 for Hoosier blogging. Cozy with quality writers and content…. And not littered with pop-up ads and “premium” gimmicks to lure the shallow minds.

    Life goes on day after day
    Hearts torn in every way

    So ferry, cross the Mersey
    ‘Cause this land’s the place I love
    And here I’ll stay

    1. I 100% agree with this. I haven’t watched the Hoosiers yet, but I think this team will get much better than these scores indicate.

      Harv, posts like this are when you’re at your best. Not because I agree. I’ll stop here so I don’t sound too patronizing. Just wanted to mention it.

  7. I would love to see Langford come to IU, but if he does not, I will not be surprised. The top players go to Kentucky, Kansas, Duke , Arizona and North Carolina. Now IU loses out to even Vandy, Xavier and many others. IU did get Zeller and Yogi, who played to expectations and they got Bryant who did not. IU simply is not regarded as a premier destination at this time to consistently land the very best players (top 25). Archie can still field strong, winning teams and I believe he will. Perhaps then, the very top players will choose IU. Langford could be a key to speeding up the timeframe.

  8. Ben M I thought about your statement on Johnson “senior playing like a freshman”… does it appear ;at least this early; that Johnson plays like he’s TIRED; Tired of the practices, tired of road travel + the academics, and just TIRED of Basketball in General?

  9. Archie’s done an excellent job in recruiting in the short amount of time he’s been IU’s coach. But signing 5-star, ready-for-the NBA type talent may not be in the cards for some years to come. I doubt Langford will come to IU. And I’m absolutely certain that IU’s first two games will influence his decision. If he watched that mess against ISU, it does not take a genius to see the huge performance gap between IU and the other schools he’s considering. And as he has said, Langford wants to play for a school that has the chance to win a national championship. Well, based on what we witnessed against ISU the other night, IU does not have a realistic chance to win a national championship within the next three seasons, with or without Langford. As I wrote shortly after he was hired, it’s going to take a few years before Archie is going to get IU back to where we all want it to be. Does the Hoosier Nation have the patience for that, or do “we” expect him to return IU to the final four next season?

    My enthusiasm for Archie skewed my perspective about the number of wins IU will get this season. After watching these first two games, I believe IU will be fortunate to win 16 games this season.

    1. Does the Hoosier Nation have the patience for that, or do “we” expect him to return IU to the final four next season?

      Best not to expect anything….We lost a ton of ground over the last nine years(especially with the recruiting relationships within our borders). During the last nine seasons we witnessed nine other Midwestern programs get to a collective 24 Elite Eight appearances(and many went beyond the Elite 8). We already used up a lot of “patience” over the last decade as we fizzled at Sweet 16’s while watching our neighbors seize the greatest stages of college basketball.
      Archie deserves his shot, but I think he realizes this is now on the accelerated plan.

      But isn’t it simply marvelous to watch Archie on the sidelines compared to the baton twirler?

      1. It is awesome to watch Archie on the sidelines. Got a kick out of him pounding the scores table. He knows he’s got a lot more work than he thought to do, but he will get it done. Patience. Patients has become so hard to deal with as an IU fan. You are spot on. 2008-2009 was a nightmare. 2009-2010 wasn’t much better. It was tough to have something I care deeply about suffer for two years before they became competitive. Now it seems like we are going to go through it again. Patience….

    2. Absolutly. This will take time. It really shows how recruiting dropped off and I hold the previous staff accountable for the pickle we’re in. It didn’t and shouldn’t be this way. It is what it is though. Re-building/laying the foundation type of year.

    3. I’ll put my cash on Miller and this staff when it comes to highly talented HS ballers being recruited to Bloomington. As far as RL is concerned he will not be phased by the ISU and Howard games. His decision not being made till Spring means he’ll have the ’17’-’18’ body of work to that point to evaluate. The Garland decision means IU’s focus on his recruitment only magnifies. It’ll be hard for him to ignore all the home and away games he sees IU coaches attending. The real recruiting is just starting.

  10. If for banners you march on toward…..?
    If for olden days to polish this trusted rusty Indiana sword?
    To take our hearts on journeys forever longing be restored?
    Bring fire to the winds of all silenced dreams now aboard…?
    If, and only if…. Romeo, Romeo, oh, Romeo Langford.

    But if not for the candy stripes you’ve only ever adored….
    Then it’s a walk on the plank where sharks do they hoard….
    For thirty years is a heavy anchor and it’s time we can’t afford
    Hoosiers of destiny will make of legend this choice you’ve moored.
    Candy stripes await, our Romeo, Romeo, oh, Romeo Langford.

  11. Commenting on the Howard win…we wouldn’t be as disappointed in the outcome .IF PLAYERS could make their Free Throws. Remember it wasn’t too long ago that we watched a #1 team get beat by a zone because Tom Cream didn’t have a clue how to coach and devise an offense to attack Syacuse’s zone. We saw Archie miller can coach against a zone and a Man to man. Its player execution. Watching Newkirk shoot is like watching a frozen rope being strung across the court.

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