Curtis Jones leaves Indiana program, to transfer #iubb

Sophomore guard Curtis Jones has left the Indiana University men’s basketball program and will transfer at the end of the fall semester.

The move was announced by first-year IU coach Archie Miller on Sunday, marking the first domino to fall in the transition process from previous coach Tom Crean.

Jones, a 6-foot-4 combo guard from Richmond, Va., by was of Huntington Prep, was averaging 3.0 points in 11.4 minutes per game this season, appearing in seven of Indiana’s eight contests.

“We appreciate Curtis’s contributions and wish him nothing but the best in the future,” Miller said in a news release.

As a freshman last season, Jones appeared in 33 games, starting one, and averaged 3.5 points in 11.2 minutes. His career high of 15 points came in his very first collegiate game against Kansas, but Jones struggled to live up to that standard for the remainder of his time in Bloomington.

Noted as a 3-point shooter when he arrived at Indiana, Jones shot 35 percent from 3 as a freshman and was hitting at just a 22 percent clip as a sophomore.

He had fallen behind seniors Josh Newkirk and Robert Johnson, fellow sophomore Devonte Green and freshman Al Durham in the guard rotation under Miller and will now look for a new school where he will be eligible by the middle of next season.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the IU basketball program and look forward to finding a new situation where I can achieve the goals I have as a basketball player and as a student,” Jones said in the release.


  1. First of all, I would like to thank Curtis for his contributions on and off the court, and I sincerely wish him him the best.

    Always found it odd his only real good performance was his first game against Kansas and then practically disappeared. Never showed a skill set to play the 1 or 2 guard at the Big Ten level. Certainly will be interesting to hear more about this departure as time goes on and to see where he ends up.

    This team needs some talent. We had 3 guys leave early on a team that made the NIT, and now we don’t have a single guy who can put the ball in the hoop consistently. It’s a bizarre roster and probably has turned out to be a bigger challenge than Archie expected to inherit. He wants to win. IU fans want to win and we need a semi roster reset. Archie needs the right type of kid to run his system and it’s apparent some of the current kids just don’t fit. A seven man class or more is exactly what we need. Langford is definitely a 1 or 2 and done so that would lessen the size of the class down the road if iu is able to get him. A grad transfer, JUCO, or another potential 1 or 2 and done is what this team needs to fill out the 7th spot. Wouldn’t surprise me to see 1 or 2 spots open up at the seasons end, and it would probably be a good thing.

    1. I find Ben M’s quotes, “a semi roster reset,” and “a seven man class or more is exactly what we need:” to be most interesting. At this point I can think of nothing to be more needed than a complete cultural change within the program. Nothing would speed the process any faster than a near complete roster turnover in the shortest amount of time. This would serve to avoid residual holdovers from the prior approach any longer than necessary. Would be interested to hear the thoughts of others in this matter.

      1. Unless you want a season like 2008 all over again you got to have some players that played college basketball last season.

      2. Somewhat agree…Archie is trying to turn Team Charmin Stank into Team Sherman Tank.

        But I don’t see Archie complaining or suggesting that the program was culturally decimated by Mr. Whippleclap while IU was sent down the toilet by turning traditions of toughness and excellence into a mini NBA camp for the raw and unnoticed of low b-ball IQs from the East.

        I don’t think we’ll see many more transfers. Would we have defeated Duke @ home and Michigan on the road had Crean stayed another season? Would those who jumped prematurely to the NBA have stayed if Crean was still here?

        The season is young. There are many bright spots. Thank any supreme being of your choice that the change from the sideline was made.
        Doesn’t really matter to me the future bumps in the road. Doesn’t matter if the roster remains intact or half transfer.
        Doesn’t matter to me if Archie is not the ultimate answer to get us back to deep appearances and national respect. I’ll gladly take our underdog status knowing the banners once again hang proudly without insult to the game.
        College ball is simply too special…..In two months I don’t believe I’ve heard Archie use any words that glorify anything of the “next level.” It’s so damn refreshing that’s it’s almost indescribable. The more removed from the glorification of individual “upsides,” lopsided attentions/development for wing spans more than teaching, and podium time for only those using the game as their own NBA audition/studio, the better.

      3. I disagree. Five seniors will leave at the end of this season. Curtis is gone now. Next year our only senior will be Juwan. Juwan is the quintessential Archie player, plays hard, tough on D, excellent rebounder, solid scorer, a total team player! So who are these “residual holdovers”? There will be none next year.

        On a different note let’s give Zack McRoberts Curtis’ scholarship for the 2nd semester. Make it clear that the scholarship will not continue into August 2018. Then let’s find a very good Big for August 2018, from HS, graduate transfer, JUCO, foreign, reclassification, etc. with DeRon, Juwan, Justin, Race, Clifton, and Forrester, if you add a 6’11 good Big, IU would have a deep, tall, long front court!

  2. Frees up a ride to fill a spot in the puzzle with a better fitting piece. Hate to see the class become even more weighted in #’s. Not an optimum dynamic in that respect.

  3. If you get Langford, its maybe for only two years at best , and a grad transfer would balance your roster. If too many spots open up, just do like the Purdue football coach and some grad transfers for fill the spots for a year.

  4. This is the right move for Curtis, and I wish him the best. As for IU signing Langford, I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it happening. Langford has said that a big part of his criteria is playing for a team that can win a Championship, which means within two years (after this season).

    1. We’ll that’s always a part of a high caliber players thought process, but unfortunately there are 347 division 1 NCAA men’s basketball teams and only 1 of them wins it every year. If Langford goes to Vandy he will join 2 other 5* players which will make a great recruiting class, but there is another team in the SEC that gets 5 5* kids every year and they haven’t won a national championship since 2012. Kansas gets their fair share of 5*’s year in and year out and they haven’t won a championship since 2008. So if winning a national championship is his only concern his best bet would of probably of been UNC. Kansas 2008, Indiana 1987, and Vanderbilt Never doesn’t exactly add up with the nation championship narrative.

      The thing I think about Langford and Indiana is that he would be the best player and the number one option. Like Garland, he could do it in his home state. Winning at IU would mean significantly more than at either Kansas or Vanderbilt. We have a tremendously good class coming in. A more developed Morgan, Davis, Durham, Smith, Thompson, and Moore after this year is a pretty solid core for a team. Now that Jones is gone and we have another scholarship. There is a possibility we could add another big time recruit if we can get Langford on. Always coaching changes or possibly more FBI matters that could end up freeing up some big time recruits.

      1. Vandy is extremely unlikely to win anything more than a holiday tournament or the NIT in the forseeable future. Best of luck with that.

        I’d do the same were I Curtis. He can likely be a star at a directional school. Good for him. I wish him the best of luck.

        If anyone didn’t expect transfers they were mistaken.

  5. Indiana is going to be much, much better next year. With Langford, they’ll be right in the race to run deep in the tournament.

    Anyone catch what Robert Phinisee is up to this year? He’s tearing it up. I think we might have got the better point guard…hard to compare these arbitrary rankings, but I’m very excited about him taking over the point next year.

    Anyway, good luck Curtis. Hope you find your groove elsewhere.

    1. Correct, Robert Phinisee is even more valuable than I thought. His confidence and success from an ever improving Senior season makes him even more viable as IU’s Frosh PG.

  6. I want a kid who wants to bring a championship to Indiana …..Last time I checked, that’s generally how it works. But if Romeo lacks the confidence or the wherewithal to be a legend, then he should play it safe and go where falling short can be a whole roster full of Romeos problem.

    Would love to see him propel Archie and Indiana back to national relevance …If the task is too tall for Romeo to be the center piece, it’s understandable. It’s a tall task to satisfy a fan base as hungry for getting back to big stages as Indiana. The attention would be great but so would the demands to deliver on the hype and on the billing. Are you up for it, Romeo? It’s not like we have Bob Knight and you’re Isiah Thomas…..We have a decent coach attempting to teach a game of basketball to a Crean B-team. That’s a big enough challenge for a young coach under the immediate gun than to worry about coddling an 18-year-old in his NBA training pants who merely wants to march onto campus expecting championships to fall into his lap. Indiana isn’t a place for great odds. It’s a place to humbly honor the game and the pursuit of something selfless to preserve it.
    But good luck at the guarantees in life.

  7. Nice to see EJ getting back on track…Not easy to remain relevant when surrounded by the star power on Houston. Nice to see a humble kid with a great work ethic find the ball splashing through the nets again. Not many Hoosiers play in NBA conference finals….Was Isiah Thomas the last Hoosier(as in Indiana Hoosier) to play in an NBA conference final or NBA championship series? Then again, Isiah was from Chicago….How many born and bred Hoosiers from the Hoosier state have played in NBA conference finals…?

  8. I aint mad him the fact is when its someone elses players you may not click he didnt he’s movin on nothin more nothin less

  9. Maybe the ISU Sycamores would be a good landing spot with recent transfer from Cloverdale eligible mid term next year.

  10. Oh, the good old days when kids wanted to help their state’s University win a championship and become state legends! Now, a super-talented kids wants the shortest and easiest path to a lucrative NBA contract. And who can blame them given the money these gifted teenagers get paid if they are an NBA lottery pick. Who can blame them for wanting to take care of their families and build a solid financial foundation for themselves? Compare the incentive to do those things against the incentive to bring the home state’s University a championship. I hope Romeo believes he can achieve that objective by playing for IU. That would be outstanding and very exciting.

    1. You have so many false stereotypes in your post about Romeo. The kid is a great player and a “no-comment” interviewee. No one knows what he wants except it will be found at IU, Vandy or KS.

      1. ^^^Agree. I just hope he doesn’t want to grow up too quickly. College is a place to learn far more than anything found in textbooks…or b-ball courts. You never get back those years…You long forever to have back a time of your life when your mind and your heart were open to all possibilities.
        I often wonder how things would have been different had I stuck it out in Bloomington. There are chances to find yourself…..and then they are gone faster than all the summers of all your setting suns.

  11. I think it was Double Down who just said a couple of last year’s Hoosiers got very bad advice in wanting to take the big NBA leap and take care of their families….What sort of money does the G-League offer? Probably still more than I can make in five years. OG will probably be fine, but did Bryant and Blackman make the right choice?

    Seems like most families can be pretty well taken care of for less than 20 million per year. Do I blame any top level kid for getting sucked into that sort of cash instead of doing everything possible in bringing a title to the school giving them a free NBA audition and education? Nope.
    Then again, maybe they should just give me the money back for the free education and help me pay off my kid’s student loans in doing so..? Maybe have a fan lottery night of sorts where the NBA kicks in the college cost of the phenom their taking away in a random drawing for a fan? 100 grand prize sounds good.
    Maybe we should just rethink the whole process…? Sure seems like it would be easy to write the real elite stars insurance contracts of sorts. The NBA has the cash to guarantee some sort of multimillion dollar policy in the rare odds of a career ending injury while working to be a “legend” at the free college of choice.

    If they all could only be like Brandon Roy….?

  12. The G-League salary opportunities get complicated…They have a new 50K rule but there’s a lot of muddy waters in making the guarantee.

    There were 323 players who appeared in a G League game last season and 37 of them earned call ups, so roughly 11.5 percent realized their dream of playing in the NBA.

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