1. Very interesting game last night. You can see these players test the limits of their abilities, but how working within this new system produces opportunities that don’t require over-dribbling and jacking up contested jump shots.

    Also, nice to see them start off pretty rough on D and clamp down. What a nice realization that Morgan and Davis can hold their ground against guys that are much bigger than them.

    I know some folks don’t like the comparisons, but I think it is appropriate. The results this year aren’t going to be good for the most part. However, this is nothing like those Crean teams. None of those teams “improved” throughout the year. They were entirely a function of the talent they had. This team isn’t talented at all, but they are getting better. They’re playing better than the sum of their parts and feel they can continue to do it.

    Win or lose, Archie is holding them to a much higher standard and keeps demanding that they get better. Sometimes through encouragement, sometimes with a swift kick in the butt. He always demands more. Combine that with his system and you can see someone who can build championships. I actually enjoy listening to his postgame comments. Here’s a gem from last night, “I was really pleased, except for the lack of responsibility coming out of halftime.” He doesn’t throw anyone under the bus, but he also calls out their BS. And if someone isn’t playing with their head in the game, there’s a spot on the bench for them.

  2. Today’s Edition of “Dinner with Uncle Al”….

    Uncle Al: Yup…I was selected 15th overall in the first round of the 1974 NBA draft. Would you call me a dominant force in the NBA? I don’t know…It was a good living. I was averaging 8 pts. per game while pulling in $50,000 per year.

    Al’s Nephew: What a coincidence, Uncle Al! I went a little higher in the first round, but I’m also averaging 8 pts. per game! I’m pulling in 15 million per year coming off the bench. They’ve promised me 56 million over the next five years. It’s fun.

    Uncle Al: Would you please pass the potatoes, Cody?

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