IUWBB: Hoosiers pull out win over Nebraska on Senior Day

Indiana won its seventh Big Ten game in a row with a 83-75 win over Nebraska at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Saturday.

Senior Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 37 points, one off her career high. Classmate Amanda Cahill added 16 points, 10 rebounds and a career-high seven blocks. Freshman Jaelynn Penn added 21 points. IU improved to 15-12, and 8-6 in the Big Ten, on the season.

Before the game, Buss and Cahill were handed framed jerseys at center court, with their families at their side. Buss, the program’s all-time leading scorer, was the first to receive roaring applause. Next came Cahill, one of three IU players in the 1,000-rebound club, and currently the No. 8 career scorer in program history.

It was an uneven start for the Hoosiers, though, as they committed three turnovers in the first couple of minutes. But the seniors helped give a lift, with Buss and Cahill each converting three-point plays.

Nebraska freshman Kate Cain proved to be an issue early. Junior Kym Royster picked up two fouls in less than two minutes and went to the bench.

Nebraska went on a 7-0 run to lead 14-8 with 4:07 left in the first quarter. But the Hoosiers had a response, starting with an aggressive drive and a three-point play from Jaelynn Penn. Buss finished the period with two baskets to tie it at 19-all heading into the second.

Buss had 11 points in the first quarter, and she had 20 in the first half. In the second quarter, Buss followed up a Penn 3 with a drive to push IU’s lead to 26-21. Another 3-point play from Buss pushed the lead to eight. That is as far as the advantage would grow, though, as Whitish hit a 3 with 56 seconds left to pull the Huskers to within 36-32 at half.

Nebraska had 14 offensive rebounds at half. Along with Buss’ point total, the Hoosiers got eight points, five rebounds and five blocks from Cahill in the first half.

Things got a little scary in the third quarter, when Nebraska’s Jasmine Cincore jumped over Buss, who was blocking out for a rebound. Buss appeared to overextend her right arm, and she was on the floor, grimacing in pain. IU coach Teri Moren walked out to help take her off the floor.

Buss was gone a whole 1 minutes and 3 seconds. She returned with 4:31 left in the quarter, right before Cahill hit a 3-pointer to give IU a 52-49 lead. Buss followed that up with two 3-pointers of her own to pull ahead 58-51. Nebraska cut its deficit to three, but Buss hit yet another 3 to make it 61-55 heading into the fourth quarter.

Buss had 31 points at that point, and she only continued to roll. A drive through the lane made it 67-60 with just over 6 minutes remaining. Nebraska wasn’t done fighting, and it was 69-66 after Nicea Eliely and Cahill exchanged buckets. But Cahill came up with her third 3-pointer of the game to make it 72-66 heading into a timeout with 2:21 left.

Jasmine Cincore answered with a 3, but Penn hit one right after that to make it 75-69. At that point, Nebraska had to foul, and the Hoosiers were able to pull away.


  1. Congratulations! to Amanda Cahill and Tyra Buss. What can I say but Great as to what they have brought to IU ladies basketball program. Most Improved team during a season under T.Moren. T.Moren and staff have brought the best out of this team as season progressed. T . Moren and her staff/s were great coach/s for the two seniors to excel in all phases of the game.

  2. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I thought even the WNIT would be a difficult get for IU a while back.
    From the WNIT website: “Any team considered for an at-large berth must have an overall record of .500 or better.”
    So with the fabulous win today, the women are (I would think) GUARANTEED at least a WNIT bid,
    Win nine regular season games BigTen games in a row and a decent tournament run, and an NCAA bid isn’t out of the question, is it?
    Absolutely proud of this team. What a great game for B and Tyra, and the freshmen are coming on very nicely. I felt like Marchese had a great game, playing more minutes than Royster.
    Winning can get to be a habit….

  3. First of all I would like to address the crowd, they were fabulous today!! 5,258 which is the largest crowd of the season. They supplied a fitting sendoff to Tyra & Amanda. We shot 46% from the floor while holding Nebraska to 38%. We only had 10 turnovers to their 14. The only really negative stat was their outrebounding us 46-30. We also hit 22 out of 25 free throws which was huge.
    I would just like to say that Tyra had a huge game with 37 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and only 1 turnover. Amanda’s game was tremendous, 16 points, 10 rebounds, 7 big blocked shots which is her career high. She also had 3 assists, 2 steals and only 1 turnover. Talk about filling up the stat sheet!
    I would like to add what a tremendous honor it has been to watch these two girls play for the last 4 years! We will never in our lifetime see 2 players at IU in the same time period this good. How great it was to see these two girls have this kind of performance on their senior day!
    Other great performance’s were Jaelynn Penn had 21 points and 5 rebounds. And NatHill, I also thought Linsey Marchese played a terrific game, she had 2 points, 4 rebounds and a steal in 21 minutes of play. Her defense was really good as usual, her physical play was needed in the worst way against 6′ 5″ Kate Cain who only scored 10 points. It is a real shame that we can’t continue to get these type of crowds game after game?

  4. MikeC,
    We got some large crowds last year as the women played well in the NIT here at Assembly Hall. Held three games here, and it seemed to me the crowd grew larger larger each game.
    One thing I noticed was the incredible number of lucky offensive rebounds Nebraska got today off of shots that were missed so badly they bounced out about a mile away from the rim.
    Agree on 100% B and Tyra, what a blessing they have been. Unlike some of their former teammates, they decided to stay and make IU women’s basketball a force in the Big10.

  5. Man if they only had another big girl and played better in the middle of the season this would be a ncaa tournament team

  6. NatHillV, Tyra stated in the postgame press conference that this was the largest crowd that they have played in front of in the 4 years they have been here. I am still as I have stated in the past so disappointed in the lack of student support when you consider they only have to show their student ID to get in. Go Hoosiers!!!!

  7. It seemed like there was more people there than the 5200 or so but yes Im sure it was the largest crowd we have had. We should have this many for every game, dont know what it is that they dont show up. A lot of people who call themselves IU fans are missing some really good bBall. These women are fun to watch even more fun than the men in my book, but it is what it is.

  8. I still believe IU could boost attendance by scheduling a double-header. Women’s game followed by the Men’s. The exposure to 17,000 fans could/would create an interest in the Women’s program. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been to one game and I live 20 miles away. But, I’ve only attended 5 Men’s games in 8 yrs.

  9. Brown, on the way to the car after the game I said exactly that to my wife and kids…it is a shame that Coach TM couldn’t find a big somewhere on this planet to help take pressure off of Tyra so she could play more inside out. You must question recruiting tactics by the staff. I’ve had season tickets since my daughter was born and I have yet to see a truly complete team that could compete at a high level. I will miss Amanda and Tyra!

  10. Just an awesome team win last night. Keep saying this team has incredible grit.

    I believe 6’5 is over rated , we have played our fair share of big – big’s this year even a 6’7 and we shut them down mainly
    playing man to man and , all it really takes is bringing your( 4 ) over to double and take away the post shot after the feed.
    ( B , does this with precision )

    I believe its a athletic nasty tough physical ( 5 ) that loves to get her hands dirty and takes it persoanl that no one will score on her,
    with great feet work to either bucket or get on the line. I believe once you get into the 6’5 and above you usually get into the

    B1G , wins by shooting guards.

    Roll hard IU ….

  11. Well, I think it is not that T.Moren and staff don’t try to recruit big league (4 star or 5 star) bigs 6’4″or so. However, based on past tradition before T.Moren I compare it to fb recruiting. (example: if T.Moren is trying to recruit a player going against UCONN or another program that has a lot of success over the last 20 years where do you think that girl is going to go)? The question is to what extent can T.Moren and staff change it in IU ladies basketball favor. T.Moren and staff have made favorable strides in that area and a huge complement for T.Moren and staff to teach, develop players and team for those who stay with the program. A new culture for IU ladies basketball has been developed and continues to evolve. Fred Glass needs to take care of T.Moren and staff because it is on the way to new heights. T. Buss is great and I will say this. T.Moren was that dream fit for T. Buss. I compare it to when Larry Bird went to Indiana State. That was a dream fit for Larry Bird. Those kinds of dream fits are not an everyday occurrence and the coaches, players, and team chemistry has to self actualize into what it has the potential to achieve. For example 4 years ago Buss, Amanda Cahill, and T . Moren had 0 assists, 0 rebounds, 0 steals, 0 points, and 0 wins and look at what they have become plus achieved on and off the court. What great stewards of IU ladies basketball that is in position to leap to the next higher level. Maybe, at some point in the not to distant future T.Moren can land an couple highly rated big girls out of high school and they will stay 4 years. T.Moren does like to go inside so they would have plenty of opportunities to have good offensive output and they would be taught to play defense.

  12. Agree what you said T , but cannot teach nasty toughness and a ( 5 ) needs that. I’ll take a nasty ( 5 ) over a 6’5 any day.

  13. I do agree that a 6’5″ soft clumsy usually doesn’t do a team much good. However, the good athletic 6’5″ is out there though rare. Plus you have to have a lot more than just that. That’s why I am interested in 6’4″or 6’3.” @ 4 star+ ability with toughness. I think T.Moren and staff does an excellent job of teaching and facilitating toughness in her team. Plus I think A.C. and T.B. leadership really assisted in that area as well.

    1. I really like how IU 12 , plays and truly believe her offense game will come alive next year. Read she was over 15000 Pts scorer in HS.

  14. That was as much fun as I’ve enjoyed at the Hall since I arrived in Bloomington 11 years ago. What a way to celebrate senior day! I know Nebraska was 9-0 in true road games when this game started but I’m quite certain they had never experienced power like that of the Hoosier Nation fans anywhere else. Great job by every fan that was there yesterday.
    The latest RPI ratings have us at 58 with a SOS of 12. We are now WNIT eligible and with another win should be a lock. With a win at Minnesota we could start being in the conversation for the NCAA dance. I personally believe it will take 18 wins to get an at large bid so we’re getting way ahead of ourselves at this point.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  15. We have a 6’5″ girl coming in the 2019 class from Colorado. Her name is Arielle Wisne. Haven’t learned what type player she is but hopefully she will be a good fit. Looking forward to seeing Jorie Allen from Bedford also.

  16. I like what you guys are saying, but a skilled big changes this year. We had Buss and AC and we won’t make the big dance unless a miracle happens. I’ve been a Coach TM fan, but this roster was barely 6 deep with transfers off last years team. When she recruits a complete team, maybe that’s next year and the transfers stop, the sky is the limit. She can really coach.

  17. Jpat, I disagree that a skilled big would of changed anything. We have had Royster come up big with points in the paint not consistent but , she has had numerous big games in the paint. ( scoring )
    The losses at the beginning were due to team chemistry.

    We have that Freshmen kid ( Marchese) playing aggressive tough defense with minimal mistakes and comes up with big rebounds. She will be a scoring threat in the coming years.

    We have a 6’5 kid coming in don’t know much about her.

    Most teams play between 6-8 players but , do agree Coach Moren is a really good coach and motivator.

  18. Fan, we can agree to disagree. An above avg big and we have 4 or 5 more wins this year. Yes, 8 deep would have been a luxury

  19. Also, Marchese labors to get up and down the court. She was not impressive. I’m extremely excited for next season and again…hoping our bigs are better!

  20. From Mike C and he knows hoop like the back of his hand.. I’ll leave Mike with my last word.

    Linsey Marchese played a terrific game, she had 2 points, 4 rebounds and a steal in 21 minutes of play. Her defense was really good as usual, her physical play was needed in the worst way against 6′ 5″ Kate Cain who only scored 10 points.

  21. One day maybe I will have time on my hands to break down every game on a blog, but my kids are young and I’m too busy. 2 pts 4 rebounds…role player and she played well. We need a double double from a big for those extra wins.

  22. Guess I’ll give Nathill my last word..lol.. and Jpat. these dudes know hoop they look deep into play not just what meets the eye…
    I felt like Marchese had a great game, playing more minutes than Royster.

    T is crazy on top of her hoop and all sports as well…
    All the regular posters truly know what to look for and watch in a hoop player…

  23. Man, you are missing the whole thing.. Marchese is a shut down defensive post player with nasty to her.
    She is a Freshman and will continue as she has throughout the year getting better and better.

    The kid will be a big time scorer . ( over 1500 pts in high school ) Watch her feet for a big she moves with ease and this will transition into B10 moves in the post.

    Jpat, instead of just watching the game watch the player you are criticizing. The true knowledgeable hoop fan knows how to train there eye.

  24. Oh and coach Moren will not tell me she is missing a down low player because she is all about defense and Jpat , defense wins games. You have to know that .

  25. Man, now I don’t know basketball lol. One thing hasn’t changed in what…10 years on this blog….Go against the majority and you just don’t know the sport. I’m past giving my coaching resume. I always offer to meet at Nicks if you want to discuss over a beer 🙂

  26. I have been saying IU will be lucky to win 3 of their last 4 games and after watching Minn. beat Mary. by nearly 20 I still believe that but it will be doubly tough to win at Minn tues night. They have 4 starters who avg double figures so cheat up on one player and you will get drilled by the one left open. The one announcer shelly till kept saying Pitts is the freshman of the year and she may be but Im sure Penn will have something to say about that on tues as she most likely will be on her, I believe Pitts had 6 3pts against Mary.

  27. I meant total wins, not impressive. Look, it’s been years since I’ve gone back and forth on this particular blog so I will ask you this and bow out. If you answer…no, I’m at a loss.
    So, if Royster or Marchese or any big avg 12/15 points a game with 10 or so rebounds and played D at a high level…would we have been better, won more games? That’s all I’m really trying to say. No harm no foul.

    1. JPat I haven’t seen you here before. Welcome to the post rookie.
      Royster and Marchese have averaged 12.8 points per game combined along with 7 rebounds so far this season. Your argument that a different big that averaged 12/15 points per game would have resulted in more wins doesn’t seem to hold water. Less turnovers, better D, making the bunnies and hitting more free throws would have won more games but our 8 player rotation contained 4 freshmen. Our frehsmen are no longer playing like freshmen = seven B10 wins in a row.
      Linsey Marchese will become one of the best post players in the B10 by the end of her career.
      Enjoy you children while they’re young. They will be grown and gone in the blink of an eye.
      Keep on keepin’ on!

  28. Listen, Winning 7 games in a row at the B10 level is crazy impressive and by you saying it isn’t shows me you know zero about how competitive the B10 is.

    Getting a kid right out of High School doubling in the B10 every game is not going to happen don’t care what planet you live on. Especially if you have that Marchese kid picking up early and driving her away from the paint with a nasty forearm laying in the lower back. Come on you had to watch her play and how she plays.

    Here is the deal we are IU and we are trying to build the program to the highest level . The coaches work crazy hard to develop and they do a great job. Go back and read T’s post on getting a 6’5 player lays it out where the program is.

  29. I read what he wrote. You dodged me. Tired of mediocrity, take care. Oh, I don’t know how competitive our conf is and I’m working on 15 years season tickets. Come on. This blog has not changed a bit. Always has been a pissing match if you go against the grain. Now answer my question!

  30. IU ladies posts from Saturday win including this one = 61
    IU men’s posts from Saturday win = 28

  31. The 6’5″ frosh from Nebraska. I forget her name. She had to be right at 10 and 10. She’s gonna be a beast!

  32. The one comment that comes from Ron that really needs a very serious look refers to attendance. It is a great idea to have a double-header…..and more than one …maybe two or three per year. It should be meaningful games for both ladies and gentlemen teams not just second rate opponents. One drawback might be it would be a four hour session. However, give it a name and start doing it with some promotion strategies etc. Of course we all know IU men’s basketball attendance takes care of itself especially if they are winning

  33. Thats exactly what Ive been telling my brother all season that we need to schedule a couple double headers. That would get more people in the stands to see what the womens program has to offer and those that dont normally come to game might start to come.

  34. I have been watching the byplay between Fan and Jpat with interest today. Here’s what I think of Marchese, I have zoned in on her every game from the first this seaon. She is a very, very physical defensive player down low in the post area which is very rare for a freshman. Most freshman really struggle their first year in division 1 basketball with the physicality ! She has not. What really bothers me is when she is in the game the team does not attempt to get her the ball when she posts up inside. I assume they don’t have the confidence in her that they do with Royster? It is a real shame they don’t go to her? When she signed her letter of intent, I looked for videos of her in high school and AAU ball. I was amazed at her footwork under the basket , it was excellent! She was excellent with either hand and very crafty around the basket. I thought to myself that she would be a very good player with us which I believe she has become. The only reason she has not scored a bunch of points is because of the team not getting her the ball. When she is in the game, Moren has the team running offenses that have her setting screens around the elbow? When Royster is in the game we run offenses that have her continually posting up. I really believe Marchese would be a scorer inside as Royster is if we would go to her. She is skilled enough to do it! Perhaps next year we will see this when I would assume the offense may change a little do to losing Tyra and her dribble-drive style? I really believe Marchese is a diamond in the rough?

  35. MikeC , that’s exactly what I see and also watched her from the first game.

    She’s going to score , I promise you that .

  36. Royster is good right at the rim , but I would like to see her develop her 6-8′ jumper . She attempted it early on but never seemed to hit it so lost confidence and just quit taking the jumper. She took that shot because teams were leaving her open at that spot.

  37. T.B. was really pulling up hitting a 10 jumper or so last Saturday with really good form. I agree about Marchase. T.B. hit her with a pass in which she handled and confidently scored. Yes, Marchase will be a solid player including scorer. She will be able to hold her own.

  38. I would love double header women’s/men/s games.
    But big problems with parking will prevent them, I would think.
    Big bucks men’s ticket holders would be ticked to find some cheapskate like me in their parking space.
    Never gonna’ happen, I’m afraid.

  39. Not just at IU but nationally…it would involve much strategic planning and problem solving. However, there are several issues and problems. Besides parking; dressing rooms, those who don’t want to attend both games, 4 or 5 hours of time (have to be half day or all evening festival), why make a problem when there isn’t one especially from the men’s side, ladies game would have to piggyback off men’s game for free, (maybe Don Fisher could do both games)….looks like ladies will be on their own.

  40. The football stadium can hold up to 50,000. Assembly Hall close to 18,000. Parking should not be a major concern. Florida/Florida State splits it with BB on Saturday and football on Sunday. Or maybe it’s Fri and Sat., don’t remember. Turns out to be a big party weekend. Probably won’t happen but may be worth the effort to increase exposure to the women’ game and get lazy people like me to the game.

  41. Just depends on what a group of leaders at the University would decide or not to decide to do. Yes it can be done.

  42. If the double header came to reality, I would have one concern. Since most men’s games have at least 16 or 17,000 or more, and most are season ticket holders, where would the women’s fans sit, up in the balcony, I don’t think so. I’m sorry, I am spoiled, I always get there about an hour and a half before the game and grab the same seat every game. I sit in the second row above the bleachers, for over 25 years. As much as I love the women, I am not setting in the balcony for anyone! Since the men usually draw over 17,000, I can see no way this would work. I am not a men’s season ticket holder, so I would not have a seat reserved. Many people who attend women’s games don’t attend men’s games therefore would not have a reserved seat and would wind up in the balcony, not me. I haven’t missed a women’s game in over 15 years and I have been a season ticket holder for almost 25 years. I just don’t think the double header is feasible.

  43. Nobody is going to sit through five hours of men’s and women’s back-to-back basketball in Assembly.
    Too many old foggy season ticket holders already have rheumatoid this, hemorrhoid that, etc., etc…Maybe if beer was served and recliners were installed…and Bob Knight in tights agreed to be lowered via a bungee cord drop from a dangerous catwalk high above the banners… at the conclusion of the second game nap horn. You guys are drinking way too much Kool-Aid.

  44. Another feasibility issue or problem to solve. Musical chairs after ladies game. What a mess that would be.

  45. So, the men go on the road and we have 2 or 3 articles about their defeat at Nebraska. The Women go on the road to Minnesota and win again extending their win streak to 8 games and we get nothing on this website, really? Women’s basketball, second class citizens.

    1. MikeC,
      Sorry. As I’ve explained before, the problem is when the women are on the road, we aren’t there. And when our staff is busy doing other things, it sometimes gets left off this blog. Feel free to subscribe online for all of our women’s coverage, which is far above and beyond this blog.

  46. Another impressive performance by our Lady Hoosiers at Minnesota last night with their eighth consecutive B10 victory. That win puts our RPI at 52 and SOS at 13. The WNIT is in the bag and a win at Iowa to close out the regular season puts us in the conversation for a NCAA bid. By comparison the men’s team with their 103 RPI and 73 SOS have a very slim chance for post season play beyond the B10 tourney.

  47. Congats to Tyra for back to back 30 + games. Nebraska and Minnesota literally were run over by a Buss.

  48. Buss has another great night and Cahill is 3 rebounds shy of another double-double. Yea you has a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds.Keyanna Warthen finally has a good game off the bench with 7 crucial points when foul trouble was killing us. To be honest with you I didn’t think we had any chance up there in the barn but, the girls played with great determination and grit and got the job done. Anybody who has had any doubt in this team and wants to continue to criticize it is simply a hater! This team has really bought in to the coaches and gotten the job done. This is without a doubt the best coaching job of Moe
    Ren’s career! Go Hoosiers, on to Iowa!

    1. Agree with you 100% MikeC. Keyanna stepped up big time and made some timely shots when we needed them. It is amazing to me how much the freshmen have improved and developed into basketball players since the beginning of this season. Tyra Buss has just elevated her game to another level at both ends of the court .Wow!

  49. Yeah women continue to get second fiddle in the IU network and IU nation. Congrats on 8 in a row, Buss second 30+ game in a row. You have to love the step up of Warthen , a nice 14 minutes of play, 7 pts including a 3pt make, maybe because partly with Yeaney in foul trouble, but good to see. Definitely in wnit but with a win at Iowa RPI 21 could put us under 50 rpi. A team on a win streak such as this in the B1G should open some eyes on the committee for the big dance.

  50. Steve W. I agree that a win at Iowa get us in the conversation for a NCAA berth. I believe with our strength of schedule and an RPI under 50 that the magic number is 18 wins.

  51. Appears that since the IU men moved their tourney back a week to conflict with women that the men tourney will take over BTN and all the womens games will be on btn2go, nice!

  52. I have watched men’s IU basketball since the mid 1950’s. Since T.Moren, T.B., A.C., and those who have been in ladies program during this era I have enjoyed the ladies more than the men’s program.
    I listened to the ladies vs Minnesota 105.1 streaming rather than watching IU men’s (weren’t in the mood to play bb) basketball against Nebraska (they were in the mood to play bb) (I watched about 5 minutes of second half on mute so I could hear ladies game).

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