A look at IU’s preseason two-deep #iufb

If you love official college football depth charts — and I’m concerned if you truly do! — there’s good news.

Indiana’s preseason depth chart is posted.

Printed on page three of IU’s 2018 media guide are a bunch of names and positions, which may or may not mean something. I lean toward the latter.

Either way, it’s late July and it’s something to talk about. With fall camp only days away, here’s an early look at the Indiana two-deep heading into the preseason:

Coy Cronk (JR, 6-5, 307), Caleb Jones (R-FR, 6-8, 360)
LG: Wes Martin (R-SR, 6-3, 316), Harry Crider (SO, 6-4, 307)
C: Hunter Littlejohn (R-JR, 6-3, 304), Nick Linder (GR, 6-3, 307)
RG: Simon Stepaniak (R-JR, 6-4, 308), Mackenzie Nworah (R-SO, 6-4, 297)
RT: Brandon Knight (SR, 6-5, 303), Delroy Baker (R-SR, 6-6, 317)
WR: Luke Timian (R-SR, 6-0, 194), Whop Philyor (SO, 5-11, 180)
WR: Nick Westbrook (R-JR, 6-3, 215), Jacolby Hewitt (FR, 6-1, 201)
WR: Chris Gajcak (R-JR, 6-2, 197), Ty Fryfogle (SO, 6-2, 213)
QB: Peyton Ramsey (R-SO, 6-2, 212) or Michael Penix (FR, 6-3, 208) or Brandon Dawkins (GR, 6-3, 218)
RB: Morgan Ellison (SO, 6-1, 228) or Cole Gest (R-SO, 5-8, 195), Mike Majette (SR, 5-11, 215)
TE: Ryan Watercutter (R-SR, 6-2, 230) or Shaun Bonner (R-SO, 6-3, 250), Austin Dorris (R-JR, 6-5, 256)

Gavin Everett (R-JR, 6-3, 260), Alfred Bryant (R-FR, 6-2, 256)
DT: Jacob Robinson (SR, 6-4, 291), Jerome Johnson (R-SO, 6-3, 293)
DT: Mike Barwick (R-SR, 6-0, 305) or Ja’merez Bowen (R-SR, 6-4, 313), Joshua Brown (R-JR, 6-0, 263)
DE: Nile Sykes (R-SR, 6-2, 252), Allen Stallings (JR, 6-2, 242)
LB: Michael McGinnis (R-SR, 6-2, 236) or Dameon Willis (R-SR, 6-1, 224), Thomas Allen (R-FR, 6-3, 236)
LB: Reakwon Jones (R-JR, 6-2, 236), Mo Burnam (R-FR, 6-2, 231)
CB: A’Shon Riggins (JR, 6-0, 187), Raheem Layne (SO, 6-1, 195)
HUSKY: Marcelino Ball (R-SO, 6-0, 217), Cam Jones (FR, 6-3, 220)
S: Jonathan Crawford (SR, 6-2, 195), Juwan Burgess (R-FR, 6-1, 193)
S: Khalil Bryant (JR, 5-10, 203), Bryant Fitzgerald (R-FR, 6-0, 215)
CB: Andre Brown (R-JR, 6-0, 200), Isaac James (R-JR, 5-11, 195)

Logan Justus (R-SO, 5-11, 179), Jared Smolar (R-SO, 5-11, 208), Charles Campbell (FR, 5-9, 172)
KO: Jared Smolar (R-SO, 5-11, 208), Logan Justus (R-SO, 5-11, 179)
P: Haydon Whitehead (R-JR, 6-2, 207), Drew Conrad (R-SO, 6-2, 187)
LS: Dan Godsil (SR, 6-4, 233), Shaun Bonner (R-SO, 6-3, 250)
H: Drew Conrad (R-SO, 6-2, 187), Haydon Whitehead (R-JR, 6-2, 207)
KR: Mike Majette (SR, 5-11, 215), Cole Gest (R-SO, 5-8, 195)
PR: Luke Timian (R-SR, 6-0, 194), Whop Philyor (SO, 5-11, 180)


  1. Get concerned because I love the preseason depth chart. It can highlight areas of strength and weakness while also showing who the coaches are trying to motivate. Right now they have a number of former walk ons in starting positions and several guys that were expected to contribute not on the list. I will bet the 8 walk-ons or former walk-ons currently listed as starters will not all start the first game. Also, when has IU had players as good as Juwan Burgess and Bryant Fitzgerald as backups? The 2 deep offensive line, except for Big Caleb Jones, are all guys that have played before, 3 capable quarterbacks plus a 4 star running back that can’t crack the 3 deep- best depth I can remember for IU football. It may not matter because the B10 East is stacked as usual but the depth is what jumps out. Tight ends and linebackers the thinnest groups…thought Peyton Hendershot would be a potential starter but not in 3 deep- maybe time to move to defensive end?

    1. Where’s Donovan Hale? Did I miss something? A starter last year, and a big body wide receiver, not on the two deep?

        1. Tom Allen said this morning at B1G Media Day that Hale is coming along well and looks as good with his knee as he has since Allen got there. So I would take it that Hale just has to show he’s fully healthy and ready to roll in fall camp to crack the depth chart.

  2. This list doesn’t matter much other than as 123 points out it can be motivation for players. Hale hasn’t been released to play yet just like Harris hasn’t been cleared so they can’t be listed on two deep. Both players are reported to be on track in their rehabilitation and I expect them to start once they are cleared. Fall camp should see this list change at several positions.

  3. Well, the list can matter especially if you have to use this to motivate players. I understand the premise, however it could indicate again playing catch up to higher quality teams with players who have solid claims to their respective positions.

  4. Depth charts? IU Football has already proven that any bottom is a depth they’re always comfortable. Let me know when they develop a surfacing chart and decide to stop hiding at the bottom of the BigTen waters.

  5. This depth chart is not worth talking about. It is meaningless. Let’s revisit this a month from now.

    As for IU’s ability to win six or more games this season, it all depends on the production of the quarterback(s). The defense will be O.K., special teams should be improved, but the offense will depend on whether IU has an efficient and productive quarterback. If Dawkins is good and stays healthy, IU will win six or more. If not, IU will struggle to win five.

    1. Po, we’ve been conditioned by depth charts. Should be renamed ‘mind games’.

  6. I’m suffering from expectations fatigue after the last 3 years of Wilson, when IU was on everyone’s sleeper team list, and last year’s ultra hyped “Breakthrough” talk. Somewhere, sometime, somehow IU has to reward it’s fans with a winning season. I hope for it this year. But expect it? Nah.

  7. Po, remember the somewhat high expectations for R.L. Current Arizona qb by some think he could be or is on Heisman watch list. This is qb who beat out Dawkins. However, current Arizona qb K.T. is the same qb and Wildcats that Purdue dominated pretty solidly in bowl game comparable if not more than how they played IU. Question I have is how Dawkins 1. can play within himself and system 2 How mistake prone (Lagow killers) is he.

  8. Thankfully we are getting near the start of the season and won’t have to predict how the team will look. We don’t have enough info about the team to really know what it will be like this year. So much of a team is about belief and determination along with how well they pull together. Until they start playing games they won’t answer the questions about those three areas.

    Our OL must be much better this year as it will improve the running game and open up the passing game. The OL is looking like it is much better but if it isn’t then IU will struggle to win five games. We have RBs to have a great running game and IU has the size on the OL to match up with defenses they face. This year the chances of having a winning season rest upon the offense.

    It is interesting to listen to the players at the B1G media event in Chicago as they talk about the S&C program. They talk about being pushed to the point of tapping out but learning to go past that in this new program. It is hard to know how much of a difference it will make but clearly the players are aware of the difference they are feeling and seeing in this program.

  9. t, Arizona had just fired RichRod before AZ played Purdue. The team was rudderless and distracted, and morale was very low for a bowl game that was meaningless to Arizona’s players. It was a big deal to Purdue’s players after having so many consecutive losing seasons. Dawkins is the best athlete IU has had play quarterback since Randle El. And more importantly, he has a lot of experience playing against Power-5 defenses. If IU has another quarterback on the roster who is better than Dawkins, then IU is going to have a real good offense. And if DeBord can design an offense that takes advantage of Dawkins’ skills and turns him loose, I believe IU will score a lot of points in 2018.

  10. As long as mistake prone doesn’t neutralize his effectiveness and plays within himself that is a possibility.
    Would you say the same thing if IU had solidly beat Arizona?

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