Indiana University coaching salaries for 2019 fiscal year

Over at, we’ve updated our Indiana University salary database to reflect figures for fiscal year 2019.

Here’s a look at the base salaries for IU coaches during the fiscal year that started July 1 and ends June 30, 2019. For more on IU’s top earners, read Michael Reschke’s story here.

Access the full salary database here.


Jeff Mercer, head coach: $225,000
(Note: assistant salaries not immediately available)

Archie Miller, head coach: $550,000
Associate head coach Tom Ostrom: $316,575
Assistant coach Bruiser Flint: $301,500
Assistant coach: Ed Schilling: $301,500

Cross Country/Track and Field
Ron Helmer, head coach: $182,000
Ed Beathea, associate head coach: $113,828
Cory Martin, assistant coach: $75,750
Mike Erb, assistant coach: $61,630
Jake Wiseman, assistant coach: $58,950
Andrew Poore, assistant coach: $48,232

Tom Allen, head coach: $500,000
Mike DeBord, offensive coordinator: $502,500
Mark Hagen, defensive line coach: $400,000
Mike Hart, running backs coach: $301,500
Grant Heard, receivers coach: $326,625
Darren Hiller, offensive line coach: $402,000
William Inge, special teams coach: $326,353
Brandon Shelby, cornerbacks coach: $250,000
Nick Sheridan, quarterbacks coach: $185,925
Kasey Teegardin, safeties coach: $185,000
Kane Wommack, linebackers coach: $225,000
David Ballou, director of athletic performance: $216,000
Dr. Matt Rhea, athletic performance coach: $150,000

Mike Mayer, head coach: $115,365
Corey, Ziedonis, assistant coach: $39,029

Todd Yeagley, head coach: $250,000
Kevin Robson, assistant coach: $55,960
Danny O’Rourke, assistant coach: $60,000

Ray Looze, head swimming coach: $200,000
Drew Johansen, head diving coach: $109,324
Mike Westphal, associate head coach: $87,568
Coley Stickels, associate head coach: $80,800
Caitlin Hamilton, assistant coach: $50,500

Jeremy Wurtzman, head coach: $93,785
Mike Murray, assistant coach: $49,303

Angel Escobedo, head coach: $105,000
Mike Dixon, associate head coach: $70,000
Isaac Jordan, assistant coach: $65,000


Teri Moren, head coach: $300,000
Rhet Wierzba, assistant coach: $128,775
Janese Constantine, assistant coach: $87,466
Glenn Box, assistant coach: $118,473

Cross Country/Track and Field
Ron Helmer, head coach: $182,000
Ed Beathea, associate head coach: $113,828
Cory Martin, assistant coach: $75,750
Mike Erb, assistant coach: $61,630
Jake Wiseman, assistant coach: $58,950
Andrew Poore, assistant coach: $48,232

Field hockey
Amanda Janney Misselhorn, head coach: $88,961
Nicole Volgraf, assistant coach: $41,830
Pim van Paassen, assistant coach: $41,410

Clint Wallman, head coach: $93,545
Lauren Harling, associate head coach: $43,432

Steve Peterson, head coach: $100,000
Kristen Brownlee, assistant coach: $41,208

Amy Berbary, head coach: $142,123
Sandy Davison, assistant coach: $58,000
Daniel Brizard, assistant coach: $62,000

Shonda Stanton, head coach: $131,300
Kendall Fearn, associate coach: $55,550
Chanda Bell, associate coach: $55,550

Ray Looze, head swimming coach: $200,000
Drew Johansen, head diving coach: $109,324
Mike Westphal, associate head coach: $87,568
Coley Stickels, associate head coach: $80,800
Caitlin Hamilton, assistant coach: $50,500

Ramiro Azcui, head coach: $93,785
Ryan Miller, assistant coach: $49,303

Steve Aird, head coach: $231,000
Daniel Gwitt, assistant coach: $110,000
Krista Vansant, assistant coach: $70,000

Water Polo
Ryan Castle, head coach: $84,476
Emily Carr, assistant coach: $46,359
Taylor Dodson, assistant coach: $45,450


  1. Kind of funny to see that Mike DeBord’s salary listed as higher than Tom Allen’s salary. I know this does not present total compensation and that T.A.’s total package is much higher that DeBord’s, but it is strange to see that.

    Now DeBord needs to prove he’s worth over a half million per year by producing an offense that produces a lot of points and very few turnovers.

  2. Anybody have any recent data that would provide insight as to how competitive Jeff Mercer’s salary is relative to other D-1 baseball coaches? I read an article from 2013 that stated that “at least nine SEC Baseball coaches make $400,000 or more in guaranteed annual pay.” Looks like those SEC Football programs fund some high compensation packages for the coaches of other sports.

  3. No complaining of low IU football or baseball salaries is justified without full recognition and context of the 30 million flushed down the crapper on the former genius at McCracken.

    Interesting that Tom Crean’s base salary was higher in 2008 than Archie’s in 2018(600,000 compared to 550,000). ….and that’s before the future needless extensions. Lord, the dollars and, more tragically, the time wasted….

  4. I’m actually embarrassed for IU at how little they pay Archie. Seriously. $550K base salary… I really like Archie and want him to stick around, but that money ain’t stayin type of money.

    Chris Mack, who’s resume is similar, albeit slightly more accomplished than Archie’s, is getting $4M per year in base salary from Louisville… Almost 8 times more than what IU is paying Miller. He has another $250K per year he can earn in incentives…

    Honestly… I’m trying to let this sink in… it’s embarrassing.

    1. I’d be willing to bet Archie makes more for his radio show than Chris Mack gets in total compensation. A lot of those numbers are smoke and mirrors.

  5. Lots of ways to lay out a contract in arriving at an agreed upon bottom line. AD Glass prefers the modest base salary approach(as do I)with lots of carve outs rounding out to a $ amount the coach is looking for.

  6. Tried to go to the links and realized this was just another teaser piece….Hit the subscription wall.
    How hard would it be for a Scoop journalist to give us the ‘real’ numbers….or as Clarion says, “the carve outs” added into the compensation package. IU is a public university and total compensation details/perks/bonuses/shoe company contracts/bottled water deals/cuts from IU television contracts/media appearance payments/tuition paid for children of coaches/free autos….etc., etc. should all be available to give us some sort of realistic number instead of the joke of a number reported as earnings. At one time, Crean was reported as the highest paid public employee in the state of Indiana.
    You really can’t offer readers of Scoop some sort of realistic number instead of the reported ‘base’ salary?

  7. Hoosier Clarion is correct. When comparing coaching incomes, one has to evaluate the total compensation package, not just the salary. And Archie’s total package is, for the time being, very competitive. And although I have often been a critic of AD Glass, I can appreciate him keeping his coaches’ “salaries” low relative to other forms of compensation. That works out well for IU and minimizes the financial exposure/risk if and when he has to pay a coach those severance packages.

    According to the Indy Star and the IDS, as both publications reported back in 2017, Archie’s compensation package averages $3.35 million per year through March of 2024. That makes him one of the top-ten highest compensated coaches in college basketball. But his package also provides incentives that could increase Archie’s average comp to over $4 million per year, depending on academic and athletic achievement. I’m reasonably confident that if Archie leads IU to Big Ten Championships and the final four, IU will offer him a new contract with even higher compensation. Unlike the way Glass compensates IU’s Football coaches, I have no complaint about the deal that Glass gave to Archie. It pays him well, incentivizes him to do what IU desires and minimizes the risk of Archie getting poached by other schools, at least for the next two years. Given what Archie must know from his brother’s compensation package with Arizona, I’m sure Archie will know how to secure a more lucrative contract from IU if and when the time is right.

  8. Chris Holtmann (Ohio State) @ $7.15 million/yr….is paid as much as Sean and Archie combined. Ouch.

  9. And for what it’s worth, it’s sort of deceptive to say that Archie is the 10th highest paid coach in the land when there is little drop off between the 10th highest paid and 25th highest paid. Most are hovering around the 3 million mark meaning there is plenty of room for poaching depending on “incentives.”
    The coach of Arkansas(#25) still makes 2.6 million…Couple hundred grand is chump change for these multi millionaires. ….so let’s not pretend Glass has secured anything(other than securing us one of the most inept X’s and O’s coach with a very low NCAA ceiling in all of college hoops in his previous hire).

  10. Personally, I think Archie and Sean are both grossly overpaid.
    Archie doesn’t have big program experience. A run at Dayton is no different than the occasional run any smaller school makes(Davidson, Valpo, Eastern
    Tennessee State, South Carolina, etc).
    He has secured one heralded in-state talent….We’ll see if he can make it work. The dollars in earnings should be far more performance weighted. They live in a very fortunate time for their profession(as do many pro athletes) to earn so much with proving so little…

    1. “Occasional run any smaller school makes”? Do you even realize what you post?

      East Tennessee State? They have won one NCAA tournament game since 1968 and that was 26 years ago.

      South Carolina is in a P5 conference

      Valpo has won 2 NCAA tourney games EVER and none in the last 20 years.

      Dayton has won more NCAA tournament games in the past 9 years than ALL the non P5 schools you named have won in the history of their programs.

  11. Archie is a fine coach….Then again, over 300 D-1 coaches would/could have been an upgrade compared to the cue card coach.

    Outside of Dayton’s 2014 run to an Elite 8, their last run of any significance was 1984.

    Meant to say Middle Tennessee State(the team that defeated MSU a couple years ago) rather than Eastern Tennessee State….

    22 years of “combined” head coaching between Sean and Archie. Highest round to win in tournament is a Sweet 16.

        1. Easy for you to remember…It was Ruthie’s stomping grounds. But in all of your anal retentiveness(as in berating a recruit because he said “University of Indiana”), you failed to address the main point. Archie is unproven at a program with the expectations/history of a place like Indiana. Dayton is a blip on the radar as it pertains to memorable impact in the NCAA tournament. Loyola of Chicago just made more memorable impact in terms of a deep tournament run than Sean and Archie’s combined 22 years of coaching. Why should we immediately act like Archie is going to poached or should be paid more? What was achieved by throwing more dollars and contract extensions at the last IU basketball coach?
          Can we take a breath….and make someone earn/prove/fight for their supposed pedigree/name/implied ‘rocket to the moon’ worth? Let him be poached! Are we that insecure about the lost lore and fading recognition of the candy stripes? I am not. I want a coach who believes in our state, our recruits, and our love for the game that goes beyond his own parachute package. ….Or have we merely resigned to the fact that IU hoops is now IU football and we have to get on our knees for any name desiring to sacrifice their careers on resurrecting poor old IU? Last time I checked, we have a few more banners than Arizona, Dayton, and every other member of the Big Ten.
          Why does it always feel as if a couple particular posters who continually brag on the South…or the Southwest make the coaches bigger than the honor to have a job at a place with such passion for basketball? Throw more money? Need money? Why not just put the candy stripes on an auction block and give away the tradition to the highest bidder?

          1. West Point still is….And let’s wait a few banners before we make Archie into the next Bob Knight.
            We likely had our shot at that dude. He was working at a ‘North Point’ of Bloomington only one hour up the road while Fred was rockin’ around the clock (and the decade) with Tommy Tune.

            But I like Archie…He is a considerable upgrade and he’s a teacher rather than a preacher.

        2. We’ve determined Tennessee has more university flavors than Baskin-Robbins….Yippee. As far as academics, aren’t they all chopped liver compared to Vanderbilt?

    1. Dayton was in the Elite Eight a mere 4 years ago. They were eliminated by the #1 seeded Florida Gators in a 10 point loss.

      You really don’t check anything before you post it, do you?

      1. Jeremy didn’t approve the post where I stated such a fact….I included Dayton in the ten Midwestern teams which have made an Elite 8 a collective 26 times since 2010.
        Sean & Archie have yet to win an Elite 8 game in a combined 22 years of coaching. I guess they are best coaches on the planet to never get to a Final Four. Some may say the same about Matt Painter…..

        You also may want to recheck this entry @ 4:56 a.m.(Archie Miller time):

        Harvard for Hillbillies says:
        July 25, 2018 at 4:56 am

        Archie is a fine coach….Then again, over 300 D-1 coaches would/could have been an upgrade compared to the cue card coach.

        Outside of Dayton’s 2014 run to an Elite 8, their last run of any significance was 1984. […….]
        22 years of “combined” head coaching between Sean and Archie. Highest round to win in tournament is a Sweet 16.

        Mike Davis was fired a mere 4 years after he took the Hoosiers to a championship game. He went through a #1 (not just one of four #1 seeds) Duke at a regional semi. Were you pleading his case? To most on this site, that fabulous run was treated as a blip on the radar. He has been trivialized and marginalized as having a lucky year with a bunch of Knight recruits. Then, in the same breath, many of the same experts here trivialize Knight. Please don’t simply accuse me of having slanted and distorted perspectives.
        Fact remains: IU has been a blip on the radar(in terms of deep NCAA tournament wins) since Mike Davis and the 2001-02 team.

        1. MD was a joke. “I can’t get the boys to play hard in practice. The only clearly understood statement he ever made at IU. Never to happen again. What a weakling.

          1. Just add him to your list…..I also remember your crush on Christian Watford. How many times did Watford save Crean’s butt? ‘The shot’ against UK…..The block against Temple. Endless berating of Watford while the oblivious Crean just kept raking in the dollars courtesy of more weakling moments. Sure wish we could have a few more ‘weakling’ trips to Final Fours.
            No, you have no slanted opinions. You love all Hoosiers.

          2. Watford was a solid player when he put out the effort. When he didn’t he just got in the way. Talk about saving butt; Odle, Fife, Jeffries, Coverdale, Moye, Newton conquered. MD wasn’t smart enough to read a road map. Good thing they played for IU or he’d have missed every road game.

          3. Not sure which road map he was using as halftime adjustments to come back against Duke, but it was far from clueless. It was Coach K who looked clueless. Of course, Fife nearly caused it all to be flushed down the crapper. All in all, I’ve always believed it to be one of the most enjoyable, come-from-behind, wins in the history of the program. Then again, I’m biased …because I was there. Had a Duke fan behind me screaming “All day long” every bucket Boozer was scoring in the first half. Gave it right back to him as IU made their historical comeback…..What a game!

      2. Chet- What do you think Vanderbilt? What do you think of Bryce Drew? Just another member from a family tree of coaches where the name exceeds the real accomplishments? Are you familiar with Virgil Sweet….?
        I always felt Rick Majerus would have been a wonderful choice for IU. Strongly pushed for him on IDS’s Basketblog before the caddyshack committee dropped Crean in our lap(a.k.a. Joey Glass letter).
        Did you know the Loyola of Chicago coach learned under Majerus? Of course, Majerus is he dead now. When Rick walked into a room, he was a rather large blip on the radar….

  12. Conference Midwest Elite(2010-2018)

    Ten Teams(UK, Louisville, MSU, Michigan, OSU, ND, Butler, Wisconsin, Xavier, Dayton, Loyola of Chicago): 26 Combined Elite Eights
    Indiana: 0

    And I do know what I post…I knew 10 years ago when we hired a buffoon, this would be the tale of the tape. 26 Elite Eights and many Final Fours for 10 different Midwestern programs while Indiana rests at zilch. Loyola of Chicago makes bigger basketball headlines. Yet, Fred Glass is treated as some sort of hiring guru….Really? Cross the t’s and dot all your tiny i’s while most of you were defending an era of coaching ineptitude and immense lost ground for Indiana Basketball. How dare you….

  13. At least I use paragraphs, Grand Apologist….Have you ever heard of the group ‘Average White Band’…? You should try average white space to make your posts even more stimulating….

  14. The 2021 Final Four in Indy giving CAM a couple more yrs to put it all together. Than again in 2026.

  15. What am I saying that’s so controversial…?

    a. I believe the salaries are insane and should be far more weighted on proven exceptional ability/performance(e.g. in order to make 30 million over 9 seasons).
    b. Archie and Sean have 22 years combined coaching experience and have yet to win an Elite 8 game.
    c. The Midwest now has 10 teams which have gone to an Elite 8 and beyond a combined 26 times over the last 8 years. This is compared to our zero.
    d. The last 8 years cost us dearly as other Midwestern programs saw high levels of success in their respective basketball programs.
    e. I like Archie and think he’s a significant upgrade….though dozens of names would have been an upgrade.

    What’s the issue? Do all Hoosier fans enjoy the rest of the Midwest going to repeated Elite 8’s and Final Fours(even Loyola of Chicago) while we lost immense ground and start from zero once again? Are the other 10 programs paying their coaching staffs far more to get these results?

    Lastly, nothing wrong with feeling white space isn’t important….but you should place some importance on knowing the difference between ‘than’ and ‘then.’

  16. Your sense of humor is the only dead horse….I once met a horse who was not very stable.

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