IUWBB: Bre Wickware to transfer from IU

Rising junior forward Bre Wickware will transfer from Indiana, the women’s basketball program announced Monday.

Wickware, a 6-foot-1 forward from Denton, Texas, played in 32 games off the bench in each of her two seasons at IU, averaging 5 and then 7.2 minutes per contest in her freshman and sophomore campaigns, respectively. She produced 1.2 points and 1.7 rebounds per outing in 2017-18.

“After speaking with her, Bre has decided a change would be best for her future,” IU coach Teri Moren said in a statement. “Bre is a wonderful person who has contributed to a positive team culture during her two years at Indiana. I want to thank her for all of her contributions and wish her the best moving forward.”

A long, athletic player on the defensive end, Wickware’s offensive game needed some development. Her shooting improved from 31.8 percent as a freshman to 39.4 percent in her final season as a Hoosier. But those gains didn’t translate to consistent playing time.

After receiving 10-plus minutes in three of IU’s first five Big Ten games, Wickware did not log double-digit minutes again during conference play. She averaged 4.3 minutes per contest the rest of the way, including a 12-minute run against Milwaukee in the WNIT. Wickware did not play in the Hoosiers’ win over Virginia Tech in the WNIT final.

With the transfer of Wickware, Moren’s entire 2016 recruiting class has left the program. Junior college signee Bailey Broadnax never arrived on campus and currently plays for Texas Wesleyan. Guard Ria Gulley, also from Texas, transferred to Liberty after last season. Heritage Christian alum Darby Foresman, a 6-3 post, quit the team following her freshman year.

Wickware, a tweener wing/forward, would have continued to face competition for minutes next season. Junior Brenna Wise, a 6-foot transfer from Pittsburgh, should slide into Amanda Cahill’s slot at the four spot. Incoming freshman Aleksa Gulbe, a 6-3 forward from Latvia, averaged 15 points, 7.6 rebounds and 1.1 blocks per game during last week’s FIBA Under-20 European Championship.

On the wing, Moren has rising sophomores Jaelynn Penn, Bendu Yeaney, and Keyanna Warthen, all standing 5-10. Incoming freshman guard Grace Berger is listed at 6-foot.

IU is now slated to have 12 returning players for 2018-19, including 11 on scholarship. No other players have left the Hoosiers this offseason, aside from graduating seniors Tyra Buss and Cahill.

“I have enjoyed my time in Bloomington, but in thinking about my future, I have decided pursuing other opportunities would be best for me,” Wickware said in a statement. “I want to express my gratitude to Hoosier Nation, Indiana University, my coaches, teammates and everyone I have met in my two seasons. I wish everyone the best in the future.”


  1. “After speaking with her…….”, in other words her game time minutes were not going to increase. So much for the 2016 class.

    Re; Ms.Guibe of Latvia, I’m guessing these foreign kids are on a ‘education-type visa? IMO not a big deal but with the immigration issue, how are the NBA foreign guys processed? Obviously not on a need base. In my prior life, I was required to import PTs and OTs due to a national shortage. As the shortage improved many of these kids had their work visa pulled and returned home. NBA standard must be different. Be interesting when some 7’ + kid from one of the banned countries is discovered, ?

  2. Then, depending on eliteness of program and player… non elite…(who cares) they can settle it in court and form a loop hole.
    Regarding transfer of Bre I always lean towards staying and beat other players out for more playing time and getting an IU education in this case. However, I understand and has IU ladies basketball program improved that much?

  3. Losing an entire recruiting class within three years is not good. But is this an indication that the quality of the athletes in Moran’s last two recruiting classes are that much better than the 2016 class, or is it an indication that the 2016 class was just a total bust?

          1. I would classify that as doubtful considering the general lack of positive posts towards anything related to this program.
            When things go well for the team, you are pretty hard to find, yet you always seem to be found when any sort of bad news comes up.

            Hardly sounds like a fan….

    1. I’m not the most passionate follower of IU women’s hoops, but I do know the correct spelling of the coach’s name. Just remember the ‘e’ at the end of Purdue…..

  4. Po & t are asking the question I really would like to know as well. Are the last 2 recruiting classes that good? If so, then this bodes well for the program future.

  5. I think it is a case of going through growing pains regarding IU ladies program. As high schools and their players and coaches, those that transfer, fans and parents have developed trust and faith in T.Moren and staff. Play and recruiting continues to steadily improve. The quality of coaching shows.

  6. Could it be the stale scent of Moren’s old heavy layers of Purdue perfume causing a peeling off of the candy striped wallpaper….? Maybe some of these girls are experiencing an olfactory identity crises? PU generally doesn’t scrub off…

  7. Success breeds success even though there are some growing pains along the way. Bre has ability and can play provided she gets a square deal, Im sure Bre will do well wherever she lands, I wish her well.

  8. Teri is Tom cream 2.0 with a lucky recruiting class here and there…randomly grabbing a 4 or 5 star here or there and simultaneously signing 5 busts (wisne, Johnson, Williams, wickware, wilson, ect) with random up and down seasons and zero chemistry. Last season’s “success” reminds me of the awful mbb season that ended with a sweet 16. Is it going to take us 10 years to realize moren is a mediocre coach with great resources??? Hope not she doesn’t relate to the athletes at all. Why didn’t she redshirt Johnson? Just wasted her eligibility..these are things I would notice as a recruit

  9. Dang .. 041931 ( not calling you a fan at all ) chill out dude.. take a step back and relax.
    All you do is attack people.. you’re an a$$ho..

  10. Wow random quotes of nutty up and down this section of the comments now Teri Moren cant coach boy you need to fire and replace her with who?she is doin a great job they just won the WNIT Wickware knows better players are coming in she isnt going to play cuz she isnt better than the incoming players just go to a mid major get as much PT as you want

  11. 041931 you dont have to like the coach but you should appreciate what she has accomplished while here. Never before last season had a 5 star player even thought about coming to IUWBB. Now this coming season 3 five star players will be available plus they won their first ever WNIT. The bar has been set by Buss and Cahill, next will be time to raise the bar even higher.

    1. Steve…i don’t even know where to start. Let’s pretend we never had any talented players before moren and pretend the program wasn’t trending up. I know we had a coach recently that had kia nurse put IU in her top 5 schools. Same coach recruited tyra buss and Amanda Cahill..same coach brought in impact transfers that were all conference at their previous schools. Proven in state recruiter. we have yet to see what Teri does without the excellent play of buss and Cahill. And we should all admit that the NIT is a money making tourney that is heavily slanted towards programs like IU that throw insane amounts of money into athletics. If we were talking about mbb you would have no problem admitting this. They saw all the money we brought in last year and gave us an easy route to the finals. There’s something unimpressive to me about winning a tournament you hosted for every game. Sorry I’m not impressed. She’s lost an entire recruiting class and all you people have are excuses. “They all weren’t good enough” well if thats the case she recruited 90% of the transfers and it’s a recruiting issue. I think the problem lies in her unwillingness or inability to develop anyone..you either come in at your peak and be ready to play 40 minutes or sit on the bench over there. Best recruiter we had was CCM.. it’s gonna suck when he takes some big college job in a few years and we have to watch his team dominating ncaa

      1. hf,
        I am not going to pretend I know enough about the IUWBB program to understand the dynamics of what is going on internally. However, I would like to challenge a statement you made: “programs like IU that throw insane amounts of money into athletics.” One of the biggest problems facing IU athletics is the simple fact they do NOT throw insane amounts of money into athletics. Quite frankly it is the exact opposite. IU historically has tried to get by on the athletic department at near miserly levels, especially when compared to various sporting blue bloods.

        Men’s basketball may be the somewhat exception, but overall IU seriously under funds programs such as IUWBB, IUFB, and baseball to be realistically competitive on a national level. I would even say considering the amount of money the program is supposed to be worth, that the basketball program certainly doesn’t show it with the relic known as SSAH. There is a certain baseball program which IU just lost a coach to which is putting more money into renovating the baseball field than IU did on renovating AH! So I take issue when anyone says IU is funding any of the athletic programs to a nationally competitive level.

        1. You would have to compare our wbb budget to other wbb programs and esp other programs that participated in the NIT. I would bet most of those schools that we played have a smaller athletic budget and their athletes don’t receive the gear and stipends that iuwbb players get. Most of the good mid majors are lucky if they can afford 3 assistant coaches.. iuwbb has a healthy staff that’s been larger than the amount if players we have at times. MM schools have to offer success on the court while schools like Iuwbb show you a huge gear/benefit package (new pair for every game, several alternate uniforms, charter flights, stipend, free medical care, top of the line equipment such as weight room and cook hall, extensive travel to places they have never been ect) I’m sure they could spend more…but they really aren’t hurting for anything

      2. 041931 CCM was a nice little mid major coach. In fact I enjoyed watching him coach during his short lived career at IU. However with a career Big Ten Conference record of 7 – 27 (.259) I really don’t anticipate many big college job offers to come rolling in for him. The proof is in the pudding.

        1. Oops …… I made a mistake on the conference winning percentage for CCM. 7 – 27 is actually only .206 and I apologize for my mistake. I’m sure he won’t be replacing Geno in the near future.

          1. I will be back to troll you more when CCM gets back from being 2017 wnba coach of the year and gets a major wbb job. Let me know when Teri gets a player anywhere near kia nurse’s level to come on a visit to iu

          2. Hoosierfan I welcome your posts and enjoy a spirited discussion. In fact you help generate a lot of responses and help to keep IUWBB in the forefront during these dog days of summer. Just for the record I have never referred to you as a troll.
            My opinion is that CCM is better suited for the pro game and he has done a nice job there.
            Like her or not Coach Moren has done a good job at IU.
            We will see what the future holds.
            Keep on keepin on!

  12. …a simple changing of the guard is under way for a WBB program moving up…any other interpretations are biased slant…

  13. When T.Moren took IU job she played the cards she was dealt quickly implementing her style and steadily improving program. Buss was Buss and T Moren was significantly responsible for the development of T. Buss and how she played a player. A lot of places Buss ‘ s stellar career may have not happened. Credit goes to Buss along with T.Moren, staff, Cahill and rest of tea players. T.Moren is an excellent developer of players and teams. Now, she is out of her transition period and IU ladies basketball is fully in T.Moren coaching era.

  14. It’s nice to notice that I am not the only one who thinks Hoosierfan is simply so bias against our coach that he can’t congratulate our team’s success over the year’s while Moren has been on the scene! Podunker’s 12:25 post and bvance’s 7:29 post hit the nail on the head! He must be pissed at Moren because she hasn’t recruited a relative or something along those lines? It is obvious that his venom towards Moren is because of something personal……….And to agree with what a previous poster has intimated, the talent at IU is getting much better! The quality of the current roster has shown Wickware that her playing time will have to appear at another university. As much as I hate to see her go, it must be noted that as I have pointed out several times before, there are annually over 1,100 transfers in college basketball every year. Lets don’t get our panties in a wad because of a transfer. Go Hoosiers!!

    1. My favorite line “let’s not get our panties in a wad over a transfer” mike….teri has had more transfer than stay. You choose to ignore the obvious signs of a dysfunctional mess. The way the girls that left talk to them like they just left an abusive relationship on social media when they announce they’re leaving with the same generic statement. “Proud of you” “so happy for you”

      Left with eligibility
      Larryn brooks
      Liz Stratman
      Taylor agler
      Claire j.
      Liz pedigo
      Lyndsey leikem
      Maura munsterman
      Jess walter
      Ria gulley
      Tia Elbert
      Darby foresman
      Danielle williams
      Laken wairau
      Victoria kemokai
      Bre wickware

      Did I miss any?

      1. Kaila hulls..okay I THINK that’s all if you don’t count the ones that never made it to campus like broadnax (pregnant? Can’t blame that one on moren but she most certainly would have transferred by now)

        1. Are you really including someone who left for medical reasons with Kaila Hulls?
          And you are including a walk-on who left because she really wasn’t needed anymore with Laken Wairau?
          And Danielle Williams who also left due to medical concerns with her knees?
          And Viktoria Kemokai who left for personal reasons and never even attempted to play ball anywhere else?

          1. And rather than just look at your unending bias, lets look at some statistics here:
            Since 2011, the number of students transferring has been on the rise, and the most recent data from the NCAA had the percentage of players transferring at around 10% in 2015. If we look at the trend continuing, that would take us to around 11-12% for 2018.

            Now this past year, there were around 300 transfers.
            Lets see what some of the schools from major conferences have dealt with:
            Florida – 4 transfers
            Illinois – 4 transfers
            LSU – 3 transfers
            Louisville – 1 transfer
            Michigan – 1 transfer
            Ole Miss – 8 transfers
            Ohio State – 1 transfer
            Oregon – 3 transfers
            Penn State – 1 transfer
            Purdue – 2 transfers
            Rutgers – 2 transfers
            South Carolina – 2 transfers
            Texas – 2 transfers
            Texas Tech – 3 transfers
            Vanderbilt – 4 transfers
            Virginia Tech – 4 transfers
            Washington State – 5 transfers
            West Virginia – 2 transfers
            Wisconsin – 1 transfer

            Seems like transfers are pretty normal for schools, doesn’t it?

          2. I can understand why you feel that way ..as youre sitting in the audience and im standing behind the curtain. Kemokai was a complete psychopath, Williams really could have played, wairu is a nice kid whose time Teri completely wasted(if you need a walk on why not fund one locally rather than having someone come halfway across the world to sit the bench), ria gulley has no problem shouting from mountaintops how awful she thinks this program is..this is called BAD RECRUITING. I think moren has a book of prewritten “this is why I’m transferring and it’s not the coach” letters in her office. There might be a big exposé coming out from several former players about the truth behind this program. Treatment of SEVERAL players has been very very poor. Players being contacted by other schools BEFORE they decided to transfer because CTM told them she had a player they may be interested in. Purposely excluding players she didn’t want from team activities. Refusing red shirts, lying about PT..its gonna be funny when all this comes out and the IU athletic dept is complicit in covering these things up. It’s all love though.

  15. I wish nothing but the best for Bre Wickware and am confident that she will be very successful no matter where she goes or what she chooses to do.
    I got to watch Aleksa Gulbe in a few of the European U20 championship games and came away very impressed with her game. She looks very solid fundamentally and displayed a nice shooting touch. Listing her at 6’3 is quite generous but she showed that she can battle in the paint.
    She should be a very nice addition to a great group.

  16. Swartzie– I also watched a couple of those games and I too was thinking it a stretch [pardon the pun ]to list her at 6’3″ but she appears very comfortable with the ball in her hands anywhere on the court. Hopefully she will be a nice addition and give the team some needed depth.

  17. Concerning Shaila Beeler I noted that jon blau has said in his article that she may be Morens most prized recruit to date. Also that she is ranked by prospects nation as #19 overall for the 2019 class. But espn’s hoopgurls 2019 does not have her in the top 100 , but does list her on the top 100 watch list but not in it as yet. These two ranking programs are far apart as they often are on certain players, so how good is this girl, really.

  18. Caught couple of the Lat girls games as well. Produced on lesser teams but not so much against better teams.
    Has a overall good game but deep in the post. Looks like a 4 , can play the 3 as well.
    I dig her game…

  19. Moren has set it pretty nice for guard / wing group, but Im still waiting for the elite big to come into the program. Not seeing it on the horizon as yet. With what they have coming in that is the one key missing ingrediant to put this program over the top.

  20. Number of ladies basketball posts continues to rival that of men’s basketball and football. If T. Moren can get a couple of blue chip bigs or at least one…..IU, a ladies college destination for ladies basketball as it should be and past due.

  21. If you take Marchese’s and Roysters numbers combined down low we look good. Especially when both well be better this year . Looking for Marchese to play her tough nasty physical defense and put the ball in the rim this year……

  22. At least there wont be the “deer in the headlights” effect this year for the freshmen now sophs. Plus the fact with the two transfers with experience we should get out of the gate faster than last year. Wise was the captain and best player of her team at Pitt, great leadership ability.

  23. That’s what I am extremely interested in seeing the production of the two transfers.
    Especially at the point … We already know what we have with the Frosh turned Sophs… ( All will be much better this year )
    Pus we know what we have in Royster.

  24. Marchese is a warrior and is going to be a force in the paint. Her development is way ahead of where Jen Anderson was after her freshman season. I expect Royster to have a great season her senior year. Between Wise and Gulbe we won’t skip a beat with the departure of Cahill. The group of guards are the best in the history of the program. We will contend for the Big Ten title this season.

  25. Don’t forget the impact that Grace Berger will have on this team, she is a really, really good player with terrific skills! Just sayin……

  26. Mike C I agree That Berger will have an impact. This team has the potential to be really, really good.

  27. Yes Berger is quite the player , throw her in with all the guard/wing group, also dont discount Chanel Wilson another good guard. The problem may be Moren’s seeing that they all get good minutes.

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