Lemonis pens thank you letter to IU fans

Former Indiana baseball coach Chris Lemonis wants to thank IU fans for their support during his four seasons as coach of the Hoosiers.

The letter from Lemonis, who left to take the Mississippi State job on June 24, appears in Thursday’s print edition of The Herald-Times.

You can also read Lemonis’ letter here:

To Hoosier Nation,

It is amazing how four years can fly by in your life. Our time in Bloomington has been one of the best experiences of my career. We will miss our friends and colleagues as we move to Mississippi.

I can’t thank our administration enough for the support they have given our program. Fred Glass was the first AD to give me a head coaching job and I will forever be indebted. The rest of the staff has gone out of their way to help us achieve our goals on and off the field. It is a good feeling knowing that your administration was doing everything possible to help your team succeed at the highest level.

Our fans have been awesome since they opened the gates of Bart Kaufman Field. It didn’t matter if it was cold, wet, windy or beautiful. I will miss looking up and seeing a packed house on a Sunday afternoon. We have so many special fans that I have gotten to know on a personal level. The IUBase group has done a great job of educating everyone on our program and keeping us in the news. But I will have the hardest time not seeing Coach Z as I lean over the rail for the first pitch. He was always there to give us advice. I am sure he will be a big asset to the new coaching staff.

Lastly, the hardest group to say goodbye to is the players. These guys bought into our program and did everything we have asked them to do. I will miss all of them and will be cheering from Mississippi for a Hoosier championship this spring. This group of guys have a chance to do some special things this upcoming season.

Go Hoosiers!

Chris, Jill, Marissa and Kenzie Lemonis


  1. Nothing wrong with a departing coach who can pen a letter as sincere as that. Sounds as though they really hate leaving Bloomington. Lots of class.

  2. Agreed. He did not have to do that, but he did. And I interpret his letter as being 100% sincere. If anyone has ever advanced their career by leaving a job, a group of people and a community that they loved, they know the mixed emotions that are involved. You’re excited to take on the next challenge, but you’re sad to leave the people that have come to be so important to you and your family.

  3. Po, in a nutshell his letter is as impressive as the results he worked so hard for with the progressing program. Miss ST. will be in good hands.

  4. He will have success at MSU. He was working for a job like that. I have no problem because he never said he would stay here and then bolt. Classy move. I wish him nothing but success.

  5. That was a really nicely written goodbye….It’s rare you sense someone is pitching from the heart.

  6. I know some were ill at ease with whether or not he was really contected to IU during his tenure here. Some individuals are not always express themselves very well or at least to everyone’s individual’s. I think Coach Lemonis has made an outstanding gesture of goodwill to reach out to Hoosier Nation in this letter. I believe he did a great job transitioning IU baseball to the next chapter in development and wish him well.

    Speaking of which his comment regarding wishing for a “Hoosier Championship this spring,” brought a wry smile. I am assuming he was wishing for a B1G Championship, not a CWS. I suspect he has designs on a CWS title for his new coaching home and he may well be the one who does it for them. Everything I have seen about the program indicates they are very close to doing so.

    That being said, I think IU baseball is moving in a very positive direction and have strong reason to believe the new staff will be able to continue the upward climb.

    1. Meant to say “everyone’s expectations.” Sorry about that, Friday “itis.”

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