Report: Hoosiers set for home-and-home series with Arkansas

The Hoosiers will be heading south this fall.

Indiana added a road game at Arkansas to its 2018 non-conference schedule, according to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman. The Razorbacks will host IU on Nov. 18 before visiting Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall during the 2019-20 season.

Arkansas is the latest addition to the Hoosiers’ upcoming non-conference slate, which also features a home game vs. Marquette on Nov. 14 as part of the Gavitt Tipoff Games, a trip to Duke on Nov. 27 as part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, a home game against Louisville on Dec. 8 and a matchup with Butler on Dec. 15 as part of the Crossroads Classic.

The Razorbacks made last season’s NCAA Tournament as a No. 8 seed, dropping their first-round matchup to Butler.

Arkansas is projected as the No. 117 team in the nation to open next season, per IU is projected as the No. 21 team to open the season.

This year’s game at Bud Walton Arena is part of an exempt event called the Hardwood Showcase that will also include UT-Arlington, UC Davis and Montana State. IU will host those teams in Bloomington, per Inside The Hall.


  1. What does this game do for IU basketball? Maybe I’m missing something. Am I being pessimistic?

    1. JPat I get your drift. But it is launching in a short timeframe. If it were 4 and 5 years from now I’d be more upset/disappointed/perplexed. Although Mike Anderson is a strong leader and making Arkansas a more interesting program. I’ll give Miller the rope to show better is coming.

  2. I was pumped until I saw what they were ranked coming into this year. It’s a program with a decent history and D1 which is nice. I do want UK back on the schedule though. Happy 4th!

  3. Well, at least most basketball fans recognize that Arkansas has a basketball team. It’s certainly a step up in non-conference scheduling compared to what we’ve seen over the last five/six years, so I have no concerns about this two-year contract. After this one is completed, I predict that IU will play Arizona in an extended home and home series. Once Archie has a chance to build his program and recruit, that would be really cool.

  4. I think I’d stay away from Arizona until the FBI case has fully concluded….

  5. I’d play Arizona. No implication being an opponent. Nor being a brother mean it rubs off.

    1. Nor does coaching excellence necessarily “rub off” in either direction…But people tend to make such associations. Pat Knight = Bob Knight? Bob was going to try to sell that to IU nation.
      Proximity doesn’t guarantee proficiency. But, somehow, we reward proximity by name or by fame. We even reward it across professions barely brushing against another via association. Ex-NFL and ex-NBA stars now make the best ESPN analysts. Singers make great actors…Actors make great singers. Entertainers make politicians….Politicians rule via their ability to entertain. Everything is association. If you can write a mean tweet, you’re in style and neat.
      People discern very little on true merit or expertise. A bandwagon begins to form in the street and they follow whatever or whomever is gathering the most press or steam.
      Did Archie do that much at Dayton…..? His value is increased via association. Crean’s value was increased via his association to Harbaughs and Izzo. We saw how that worked out. Archie is off to a good start and he seems to value the idea that stopping an opponent can be as equally important as scoring on one.

  6. If the FBI had found any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Sean Miller, The University of Arizona would have already fired him.

    1. If the FBI had found any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Sean Miller, The University of Arizona would have already fired him.

      Sort of like how IU fired Bob Knight even after a video tape of choking a player hit SI…? Most universities are very weak to do what’s right when it comes to giving up a winning coach and the dollars that coach means to a program.
      I’ve never heard more garbage thrown at a supposed “cheat” than what’s thrown at Calipari. So a particular blogger on this site who refers to him as ‘Criminalpari’ is not expressing such irony of how money and winning trumps all in college sports? How about UNC? Should any coach still be working that knew of the ghost classes taken by athletes. Let’s quit being naive….

      The question isn’t whether or not coaches will deny or play dumb to money for shoe deals, fake classes, doctored SAT scores….The only question is what is the history of the NCAA in truly taking down the so-called “elite” programs and “elite” coaches.

      But the current investigation which remains unclosed on college basketball likely involves tax evasion and other federal crimes. The NCAA has always demonstrated a propensity to go after small fish to make their examples(e.g. 3-way calling scandals). But this is not an NCAA investigation. The consensus is the investigation is still looming over many programs. These things don’t wrap up in a few months.

  7. Aside from the FBI investigation, what’s the big deal in playing Arizona? I would much rather see UK back on our yearly table of hated foes…If we’re going west, let’s do a game against Alford at UCLA.

    Firing Sean Miller? Rather costly right now seeing how he’s under contract until 2022. But if he gets blown out in the first round by another 13 seed or lower, he’s likely not going to be around for anything past 2020. I don’t get all of the hullabaloo…He’s never taken a Wildcat team past the Elite 8. Two of the last three seasons have been first round exits. It’s really not a standard that will be accepted or expected with Archie. Archie best not be two first round exits in the next three seasons…and best not get blown out by 20 points at the hands of a 13 seed.

  8. One thing I can guarantee is that Calipari doesn’t want to play IU in the dance lol lol!!!

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