3-star WR Jordan Jakes commits to IU

After losing one receiver earlier in the recruiting cycle, Indiana has picked up another.

Jordan Jakes, a three-star prospect from the East Coast, announced his verbal commitment to IU on Thursday night. Jakes chose the Hoosiers after entertaining recent interest from both Virginia and Michigan.

The 6-foot-4, 195-pound Jakes is considered the No. 22 overall prospect in the state of Maryland after announcing his transfer from Georgia to Baltimore powerhouse St. Frances earlier this summer.

Jakes held offers from Virginia, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, North Carolina and Rutgers, among others. According to 247 Sports, he took an unofficial visit to Bloomington on June 5, received a scholarship offer from Virginia a week later and took an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor, Mich. in late June.

In the Hoosiers’ 2019 recruiting class, Jakes replaces receiver Emery Simmons, who flipped his commitment to North Carolina in June. Simmons has since flipped to Penn State.

IU’s 13-man recruiting class is currently ranked No. 48 nationally and No. 11 in the Big Ten by 247 Sports.


    1. HC,
      I believe you may be right and the early signing date in December may be a godsend for programs like IU to hang on to the commitments.

  1. Higher 3 star per espn. Good for IU to see IU commit listed along with players that teams like Mich State are recruiting.
    A large part of IU success will be dependent on the character and principles of T.A. and how he relates to players, parents, along with staff. This is an excellent commit.

  2. There is no ‘may be’ in the SEC. In the SEC, it’s this.

    #11 recruiting class in the BigTen? It seems quite the insult to be ranked eleventh in something identified as ‘Ten.’ Would you stay in a hotel that ranked 11th out of 10 reviewed for exceptional service?

    This just in…Indiana would need to go 7-5 for the next 100 years to get to a historical overall .500 record. Going 8-4 every season gets us to overall .500 in 50 years. Let’s do this!

    Lastly, it’s sort of comical that someone who brags about ‘Southern’ football picks an Indiana football site to iron out the details of our historical ineptitude in the sport. Reminds me of the childhood slogan that used to be reserved for bullies….”Think it’s time you might pick on someone close to your own size?”

    Some of us our old enough to remember when we lost a non-conference opener to a team starting 22 Mr. Whipples for Charmin University…..(part of the TTC/Toilet Tissue Conference).
    You sort of insult the SEC when using Indiana as the soft tissue you destroy with every large flush you make at big bowls…..Just sayin.

  3. Ok I thought the last lineman recruit was a bit of a reach. And now they sign a kid that’s not even rated by 247. Another project recruit? No- this kid can play! He moves like a 6′ guy but he’s a long 6’4″. Runs good routes, high points passes, has speed and athletic ability. He looked a little slow until you watch the 7 on 7 tape at the end. Then you see he has some speed to go with the size and length. This one looks like a potential big time receiver in a couple of years- ready to start after Westbrook and Hale graduate. Great get.

  4. Regarding Urban Meyer and OSU situation; including abuse plus reporting or not reporting I think the greater crime or sin is paying him and those in similar status situations in sports, entertainment, politics, and everything else that could be included is paying (including perks) him and or others about 10 to 15 times more than what should be paid for such services or those kinds of high level jobs.

  5. Free market economy. Unless you advocate socialism, which has failed miserably everywhere it has been attempted, a person is entitled to make as much money as they can convince someone to pay them in a legal occupation. Who is to say what the value of another person’s labor should be or how much he/she should be paid? That complaint represents a very slippery slope and one to be avoided.

    1. Most Americans don’t have a clue as to what Democratic socialism even is. If you didn’t build that road in front of your house, erect your own schools, have your own fire and police departments, have your own military, etc., you are engaging in socialism.

  6. You do not live in a free market economy. Those in power and society represent the distribution of wealth. However, it is better than most systems for most of us. Exorbitant amounts of money being paid to many in many situations represents a slippery slope that is fixed in favor for those who benefit and has forever and a year that you mention. This is at the cost of other members of society (thus the shrinking middle class). Now days, it is just more prevalent and accelerated. If you think we live in a free market economy you are living in dreamland.

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