Allen surprises Gavin Everett with scholarship after Tuesday’s practice

Tom Allen is big on surprises.

The Indiana coach surprised tight end Ryan Watercutter with a scholarship during last year’s fall camp. This week, he struck again.

Allen ended Tuesday’s practice by calling for more toughness from his team, barking into his megaphone as players formed a circle around him on the field.

It all ended with walk-on defensive end Gavin Everett receiving a scholarship.

Watch the scene here:


  1. Damn, something got into my eyes while I was watching that.

    Awesome tribute to Gavin Everett. How proud his family must be. Congratulations young man!

  2. Strong results from Everett garner positive actions from Coach Allen and generate even more resolve within the walk-on group. Wilson had great success with this perk. Glad Coach Allen agrees with the positives of the benefit.

  3. This, and the selfless charity-humanitarian work of the players, is the very best of college football. A great contrast to the horror of MD’s heat stroke death and OSU’s known hiding of domestic violence. There are many things worse than a 5-7 record!

    1. The death of the Maryland football player is a real travesty….Sadly, it’s happened numerous times at the high school level and is barely a story.

      Florida, meanwhile, has seen more high school athletes die from exertional heat stroke since 2010 than any other state, according to the Korey Stringer Institute, named for the former NFL offensive lineman who died from heat stroke in 2001.
      Nationwide, exertional heatstroke killed an average of three football players a year at all age levels from 1995-2015, according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research.

      Of 61 deaths in those years, 46 were in high school, 11 in college, two in youth football and two in professional football. Ninety percent of the
      deaths occurred during practice.

      It’s far beyond a problem at Maryland…and protocols to easily reverse heatstroke(e. g. ice baths) have still not been implemented in hot climate areas where heat stroke is a greater risk.

  4. I loved the reaction from Everett’s teammates when the announcement was made, and afterward when T.A. told the team, “It’s about people; it always has been and it always will be.” All my memories of my four years of HS Football, going back over 40 years, involve those experiences, both good and bad, shared with my teammates.

    If T.A. can continue getting that message through to more talented athletes, IU will not only be an upstanding and honorable program, but also one the produces winning seasons.

  5. It was great to see Everett get his scholarship and to see his teammates celebrate the presentation. Everett became one of my favorite players at the end of the year. I have often wondered when IU would get their J J Watt [not saying he is as good] a walk-on that worked himself into a B1G player.

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