Freshman corner Elijah Rodgers leaves team

A vocal, energetic member of Indiana’s 2018 signing class is no longer with the program.

IU coach Tom Allen announced after Monday’s practice that freshman corner Elijah Rodgers has left the team due to personal reasons. The former three-star recruit was the online hype man during the previous recruiting cycle, championing Indiana’s recruiting efforts on his social media platforms.

He was a likely redshirt candidate for the upcoming season.

“We appreciate him and the way he helped us in recruiting as he was coming here,” Allen said. “Just didn’t work out for him. Wish him nothing but the best.”


  1. Sorry to see him go but you never know what a teenager is thinking especial when moving away from home. I hope he hooks up with a school that works for him and has a good football career.

  2. I feel bad for the young man and wonder about the reasons for his sudden departure. I hope it’s just that he’s homesick and not a problem regarding the health or wellbeing of someone in his immediate family.

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