IU releases full schedule for 2018-19 season

With the release of Indiana’s 2018-19 men’s basketball schedule on Tuesday, this much is clear.

The Hoosiers are on deck for a fascinating run to March.

IU will play two more league games as part of the Big Ten’s move to a 20-game schedule. It will twice face two of the conference’s top projected teams, Michigan and Michigan State. And it will tip off against five high-major conference opponents during the non-conference slate, including home games with Louisville and Marquette and a road trip to Duke.

“Our challenge is to integrate eight guys who have never put on the Indiana uniform with a group who have had a year under their belt and should have a full understanding of what we expect from them as a staff,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “We have to establish ourselves as a tough-minded, together group. We feel as though we have put together a schedule that presents us with great opportunities, but also provides us with tremendous competition.”

Similar to last season, IU’s start to Big Ten basketball comes early.

The Hoosiers will open league play by hosting Northwestern at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Saturday, Dec. 1. That game is followed by a trip to Penn State on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Conference play won’t pick back up until IU hosts Illinois on Thursday, Jan. 3 — Indiana’s only home league contest without students in town.

Otherwise, IU’s second leg of Big Ten action features a tough, road-heavy slate, with trips to Michigan (Jan. 6) Maryland (Jan. 6), Purdue (Jan. 19) and Northwestern (Jan. 22) sandwiched around a home game with Nebraska (Jan. 14).

Altogether, five of IU’s eight games in January will be away from home.

The trade-off is a run of home games to close the season. Six of IU’s final 10 games will be played in Bloomington, including a stretch of four of six home contests to close the schedule.

That begins when Indiana hosts the rematch with Purdue on Feb. 19.

A trip to Iowa on Feb. 22 leads into back-to-back home games with Wisconsin (Feb. 26) and Michigan State (March 2). After a road game at Illinois on March 7, the Hoosiers will hold Senior Day on March 10 against Rutgers.

By that point, Indiana will be battle tested entering the Big Ten Tournament, which returns to Chicago March 13 to 17.

The middle portion of IU’s schedule features a home game with Michigan (Jan. 25), back-to-back road games at Rutgers (Jan. 30) and Michigan State (Feb. 2), consecutive home games with Iowa (Feb. 7) and Ohio State (Feb. 10) and a trip to Minnesota (Feb. 16).

The Hoosiers will open the season with Chicago State on Tuesday, Nov. 6, followed by a game with Montana State on Friday, Nov. 9.

For a young Indiana team, those two matchups will serve as test runs for a game against Marquette (Nov. 14) and a trip to Arkansas (Nov. 18).

The tip-off with the Razorbacks is part of a four-game exempt event called the Hardwood Showcase, which also includes the matchup with Montana State and games against UT-Arlington (Nov. 20) and UC Davis (Nov. 23).

The game against UC Davis, which is the defending Big West champion, begins a challenging run for IU, which will play Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Nov. 27. After the first leg of Big Ten play ends, IU returns home for a showdown with Louisville on Dec. 8. A week later, the Hoosiers will meet Butler in the Crossroads Classic on Dec. 15.

Following its final non-conference games against Central Arkansas (Dec. 19) and Jacksonville (Dec. 22), IU will enjoy 11 days before Big Ten action returns.

All told, this shapes up as a pretty balanced slate of games. The non-conference portion is top-heavy with Duke, Louisville, Marquette and Butler on the docket, while UC Davis should also provide a nice first-month test. But the rest of IU’s non-conference opponents aren’t well-regarded entering the season.

According to the preseason projections at barttorvik.com — which ranks Indiana at No. 23 — the group of Chicago State, Montana State, UT-Arlington, Central Arkansas and Jacksonville are lumped in a morass of teams ranked between No. 247 and No. 347 nationally. That won’t do much to pad IU’s resume for the postseason. Though, for a team without a defined point guard and several new faces, Indiana will need those games to mesh.

The unofficial start to the season is merely five weeks away, with Hoosier Hysteria scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29. IU will host Southern Indiana on Thursday, Nov. 1 in its lone exhibition of the preseason.

The Hoosiers will play eight games on Saturdays, seven on Tuesdays, five on Fridays, four on Sundays, three each on Wednesdays and Thursdays and one on a Monday.

2018-19 SCHEDULE

Nov. 1 vs. Southern Indiana (exhibition), 7 p.m. BTN Plus
Nov. 6 vs. Chicago State
Nov. 9 vs. Montana State (Hardwood Showcase)
Nov. 14 vs. Marquette (Gavitt Games)
Nov. 18 at Arkansas (Hardwood Showcase)
Nov. 20 vs. UT-Arlington (Hardwood Showcase)
Nov. 23 vs. UC Davis (Hardwood Showcase)
Nov. 27 at Duke (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)
Dec. 1 vs. Northwestern
Dec. 4 at Penn State
Dec. 8 vs. Louisville
Dec. 15 vs. Butler (Crossroads Classic) at Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Dec. 19 vs. Central Arkansas
Dec. 22 vs. Jacksonville
Jan. 3 vs. Illinois
Jan. 6 at Michigan
Jan. 11 at Maryland
Jan. 14 vs. Nebraska
Jan. 19 at Purdue
Jan. 22 at Northwestern
Jan. 25 vs. Michigan
Jan. 30 at Rutgers
Feb. 2 at Michigan State
Feb. 7 vs. Iowa
Feb. 10 vs. Ohio State
Feb. 16 at Minnesota
Feb. 19 vs. Purdue
Feb. 22 at Iowa
Feb. 26 vs. Wisconsin
March 2 vs. Michigan State
March 7 at Illinois
March 10 vs. Rutgers
March 13-17 Big Ten Tournament at United Center, Chicago


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          That seems a bit petty in itself…or, maybe, a bit obsessed. I do get my rare fan clubs. Laffy was a dandy.

          You brought up crean cuz you must be his cuzin. smh.

  2. Non-Conference not too impressive. Looking at George schedule yesterday. Some familiar names.

  3. I guess playing the Seven Dwarfs (Doc U, Grumpy State, Happy State, Sleepy UC, Bashful State , College of Sneezy, and Dopey Southern) gets us more prepared to play the ‘fairest of the land’ at Duke?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the weakest schedule of them all?

  4. Marquette, Louisville, Duke, Butler and Arkansas looks impressive enough to me. A 20-game Big Ten schedule reduces the need to have a non-conference schedule full of top-20 teams! This is a very young IU team. We don’t want them to get the hell beat out of them before we get into the meat of the Big Ten schedule.

    1. Butler? Not nearly the same since Stevens departure.
      Louisville? Now a dumpster fire.
      Marquette? Their only Final Four in the last 20 years was a fluke …and they were destroyed once they got to it. Their last true prestige was under the great Al McGuire.
      Duke is certainly a challenge…Would love to beat their asses but listening to Vitale (who will likely be part of the broadcast containing a constant spit stream of “The General!” this…and “The General!” that “Bring him back to Bloomington, Archie, for one last standing ovation, baby!”).
      Turn down the television volume and play Don Fischer on the radio…

      Where is the hot sauce portion of the schedule? Where is the spice? Where is UK? Where is UCLA(Knight turned UCLA into a cross-country rivalry)? Maybe a West Virginia…or Virginia? Hell, get a team from Texas. Texas Tech would be a stronger test than Butler, Louisville, or Marquette.

      1. A ‘cross country rivalry’?

        Outside of the tournament how many times did IU play UCLA in 29 years? Four times?

        France has gone to war with Great Britain more than that.

        1. Well, it sure felt like a war/rivalry after we were screwed in the only Wooden vs. Knight match-up of ‘legend’ vs ‘soon-to-be legend’ in the ’73 Final Four.
          And in ’75-’76 season, the opening game/marquee match-up was against #2 UCLA. We would meet them again in the Final Four. Again, in ’91-’92(Cheaney and Bailey), we opened the season with them again…and met again in the Elite Eight.

          Six meetings in our heyday felt like a rivalry (’73-’92)….though you are right, only 2 were scheduled. But playing UCLA in an season opening game on NBC sure felt different than opening against Chicago State…or Montana St.

          Everything is perception I suppose….I always saw it as a cross country rivalry. It was fun watching a couple blue bloods meet on opening night. And avoiding them entirely for the last 26 years seems rather sad…and indicative of how both programs have lost a lot of luster.

          It’s healthy to give the fans some marquee opponents in opening week/weeks. Now we simply appear to look ‘blue blood’ via minimizing losses by scheduling weak in early weeks.

          The following is sort of a different vibe to starting a season…so maybe(emphasis on ‘maybe’) you’ll get the point.

          From the November 28, 1975 Bloomington Daily Herald – Telephone

          College basketball’s classic that was never played last year, Indiana vs. UCLA, turned out to be not a casualty of a wild winter’s vagaries but a dynamite attraction with a long, long fuse.

          So, the teams – equally stocked with veterans from the nation’s two top teams of a winter ago – at last get together in St. Louis Saturday night in the greatest opening a college basketball season has ever had.(courtesy: Bob Hammel)

          IU vs. Chicago State sure feels like a fall from grace….and it won’t be on NBC.

  5. Don’t believe anything you read in the courier journal sports pages….Bozich country. They are IU apologists and paint everything as sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows. They did all they could in their print and online forums to keep the last coach far too long….There strong favorable bias for the ‘cue card guru’ was rooted in something cult-like having little to do with basketball.

    Outside of the Crossroads Classic and the fact we drew Duke in the ACC Challenge, the non-conference is dull and will not test our team. More importantly, it’s very dismissive of a fan base that deserves a better level of entertainment.
    Thankfully, Archie already has UCLA on the non-conference in the near future. That will be fun. Hopefully, the Kentucky game will return as well. Neutral site or campuses….The border rivalry should have never been taken away from the fans. Knowing what the IU fan base has had to endure for decades with the football program, one would think the basketball product would not be watered down(especially to the extent of the last decade). It will get stronger under Archie Miller.

    1. HH Rick Bozich has not been with the Courier Journal for over 6 years.

      THIS JUST IN: McCracken is no longer IU’s basketball coach.

  6. But the connections remain…And his son over at Inside the Halitosis is the grandest apologist of all IU basketball forums. He had to soften his stances a bit or it would have been death to a site only covering hoops.

    Questions: Is this an Archie Miller schedule? When will we get a schedule based on Archie’s desires to balance cupcakes with valid opponents and exciting games? Does that begin next season?

  7. The connections remain? LOL. Gone over 6 years. The CJ(as a lot of newspapers)has constant turnover and staff reductions. We get an original CJ IU article maybe every two months. Mostly they just reprint Zach.

    As for the schedule, I’m a football guy. Pretty much lost interest in all college basketball when one and done appeared. One and done plus class HS b-ball have shot this born and bred Hoosier in the heart.

  8. I do agree with your one-and-done assessments and the destruction of Indiana’s high school single tournament. I also think ‘testing the NBA’ waters is an utter joke.
    Osterman is bag of wind…Most newspaper journalists(especially of local flavor) are always playing it safe. If you are critical of anything, you’re usually gone. A quest to be “objective” is a joke because many(including some on HT staff) are from other parts of the country and may even have slants which are harmful to Indiana’s future(due to their own geographic biases…much like we’ve heard all the bs about our “elite” days nearly impossible to recapture). Simply because a piece doesn’t have “editorial” or “commentary” next to it, doesn’t mean entrenched writers don’t possess agendas and strong sets of biases that influence how they report on a team. There is always a tone. I have found the tone on Crean very apologetic from anyone attached to the Bozich name. Just my opinion.
    And when you get older, six years in the rear view mirror doesn’t seem like a long time ago….

  9. But my questions still haven’t been answered. Odd how HT journalists don’t even know. Is this an Archie Miller schedule….? When will an Archie Miller non-conference schedule begin….?

  10. Isn’t Osterman from the Atlanta area? I seem to remember such a detail from my Basketblog days over at IDS. Crean in Georgia? I’m very sorry, Zach. May a decade of quality hoops bless your land of first baby steps. There’s always football….

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