Longtime radio voice Joe Smith back on the airwaves this season

I wanted to pass along a great story from our own Jon Blau, who profiled Joe Smith’s recovery from a nearly-fatal fall in May 2017.

Smith, a long-time radio voice in Bloomington, handles pregame, halftime and postgame duties on the IU Radio Network for Indiana football and men’s basketball games, in addition to local high school sports coverage. Except last year, he didn’t.

After tumbling backwards down 12 steps at his apartment complex on May 3, 2017, fracturing his C6 and C7 vertebrae, Smith spent 23 days in the hospital, undergoing two major spinal cord surgeries.

From Blau’s story:

“Joe, I’m Dr. Zach Dodd, I’m a neurosurgeon here at Bloomington Hospital, and I’m here to cut your throat open,” Smith recalled.

Smith told Dodd who he was. “I’m Joe Smith.” He heard a nurse repeat, “Yes, you are Joe Smith.” The radio man found the presence of mind to ask for a favor: Could the surgery spare his vocal cords?

Dodd assured Smith he would try his best.

Smith is back on the microphone this month, and ready to return to regular IU radio coverage this season. Click here to read about Smith’s recovery. It’s behind the paywall at HeraldTimesOnline.com, but it’s well worth your time.

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  1. It will be good for fans to hear his voice back on the radio. Spinal surgeries, as I can attest from first hand knowledge, aren’t easy to come back from. Just getting back to the microphone is a testament to Joe’s determination and his surgeon’s skill.

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