Notebook: IU releases depth chart for FIU game

Here’s a look at IU’s depth chart for Saturday’s season opener at Florida International:

LT: Coy Cronk, Jr., 6-5, 309 | Caleb Jones, R-Fr., 6-8, 360
LG: Wes Martin, R-Sr., 6-3, 316 | Harry Crider, So., 6-4, 306
C: Hunter Littlejohn, R-Jr., 6-3, 304 | Nick Linder, Gr., 6-3, 306
RG: Simon Stepaniak, R-Jr., 6-4, 311 | Delroy baker, R-Sr., 6-6, 316
RT: Brandon Knight, Sr., 6-5, 307 | DaVondre Love, R-Jr., 6-7, 300
WR: Luke Timian, R-Sr., 6-0, 195 | Whop Philyor, So., 5-11, 180
WR: Nick Westbrook, R-Jr., 6-3, 215 | Donavan Hale, R-Jr., 6-4, 229
WR: Ty Fryfogle, So., 6-2, 212 | Chris Gajcak, R-Jr., 6-2, 201
QB: Peyton Ramsey, R-So., 6-2, 210 | Michael Penix, Fr., 6-3, 206
RB: Cole Gest, R-So., 5-8, 194 | Mike Majette, Sr., 5-11, 215 | Ricky Brookins, R-Sr., 5-8, 188
TE: Peyton Hendershot, R-Fr., 6-4, 245 | Austin Dorris, R-Jr., 6-5, 252 | Matt Bjorson, Fr., 6-3, 237

DE: Gavin Everett, R-Jr., 6-3, 262 | Alfred Bryant, R-Fr., 6-2, 254
DT: Jacob Robinson, Sr., 6-4, 295 | Jerome Johnson, R-So., 6-3, 295
DT: Ja’merez Bowen, R-Sr., 6-4, 311 | Mike Barwick, R-Sr., 6-0, 307 | Kayton Samuels, Gr., 6-0, 325
DE: Nile Sykes, R-Sr., 6-2, 252 | Allen Stallings, Jr., 6-2, 247
MIKE: Dameon Willis, R-Sr., 6-1, 225 | Thomas Allen, R-Fr., 6-3, 236 | Micah McFadden, Fr., 6-2, 227
STINGER: Reakwon Jones, R-Jr., 6-2, 235 | T.D. Roof, So., 5-11, 224
CB: A’Shon Riggins, Jr., 6-0, 188 or Raheem Layne, So., 6-1, 195
HUSKY: Marcelino Ball, R-So., 6-2, 222 | Cam Jones, Fr., 6-3, 219
S: Jonathan Crawford, Sr., 6-2, 196 | Juwan Burgess, R-Fr., 6-1, 191
S: Khalil Bryant, Jr., 5-10, 202 | Bryant Fitzgerald, R-Fr., 6-0, 214 or Devon Matthews, Fr., 6-2, 206
CB: Andre Brown, R-Jr., 6-0, 200 | Jaylin Williams, Fr., 6-0, 179

PK: Logan Justus, R-Jr., 5-11, 180 | Charles Campbell, Fr., 5-9, 172
KO: Jared Smolar, R-So., 5-11, 209 | Logan Justus, R-Jr., 5-11, 180
P: Haydon Whitehead, R-Jr., 6-2, 205 | Drew Conrad, R-So., 6-2, 190
LS: Dan Godsil, Sr., 6-4, 233 | Shaun Bonner, R-So., 6-3, 253
H: Drew Conrad, R-So., 6-2, 190 | Haydon Whitehead, R-Jr., 6-2, 205
KR: Mike Majette, Sr., 5-11, 215 | Cole Gest, R-So., 5-8, 194
PR: J-Shun Harris, R-Sr., 5-8, 172 | Luke Timian, R-Sr., 6-0, 195 | Whop Philyor, So., 5-11, 180

Justus named placekicker
After a month-long battle, IU has named a starting placekicker.

Redshirt junior walk-on Logan Justus will handle field goals when Indiana faces FIU on Saturday night. Justus, who has been with the team since 2015, has not kicked in any games for the Hoosiers. He beat out scholarship freshman Charles Campbell for the job.

“That was a tight one, too,” Allen said. “Went down with the older, mature guy. Just the way we charted everything, I feel like he’s earned the right to be the starting field goal kicker going into Week 1. Charles Campbell is right there on his heels. We’ll get a chance to see what he can do, too.”

Although Justus is listed atop the two-deep, situations could dictate which kicker enters the game.

Allen said it was possible that he could choose either Justus, a lefty, or Campbell, a righty, to kick a field goal depending on which side of the hashes the ball sits.

Redshirt sophomore Jared Smolar, who previously kicked at Rutgers, will handle kickoffs.

No update on Ellison
Tom Allen declined to provide details on the indefinite suspension of sophomore running back Morgan Ellison on Monday, saying the matter was outside of his purview.

“That’s totally out of my hands,” Allen said. “I have no comment.”

Asked if it’s likely Ellison is reinstated to the active roster at some point, Allen said he wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know,” Allen said. “Just not in my hands.”


  1. Reading TA’s response about Ellison’s decision being out of his hands I wonder if there might still remain a pathway for a return to the team? Not knowing the severity of what caused the suspension my natural inclination is to approach this situation like a parent. Can a person be better served in a teachable moment or a positive life changing response by retaining him and giving him structure through college football versus cutting a young man loose altogether. Again, I don’t know the severity offense But young people have to know there are choices to be made in life and some choices come with severe consequences.

  2. wolfem, I agree with your sentiments but I don’t know if he will be allowed to rejoin the team and it isn’t Coach’s choice, for now anyway. I have heard the young woman has refused to press charges and who knows where this will go. It still could be handled by the code for students and the school decides to not allow him back. I am like you that I don’t automatically think removing him is the best choice for him as it could be a wake up call about his behavior. I will leave it up to the coach staff and the univeristy to make the decision.

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