QB Brandon Dawkins leaves IU’s program

Brandon Dawkins came to Indiana to be its starting quarterback.

That didn’t happen. Now he’s gone.

Less than a week after Peyton Ramsey was named IU’s starting quarterback for Saturday’s game at Florida International, Dawkins has decided to leave the program.

The graduate transfer from Arizona had been in a three-way competition for the starting job, joining Ramsey and true freshman Michael Penix, but Dawkins struggled to assert himself as anything more than a backup option. His elusiveness on the ground, meanwhile, was mostly muted due to the fact that quarterbacks are not eligible for contact in practice.

“(He’s) just going a different direction with his life, so (he) kind of wanted to sort some things out, figure out what’s next for him,” Allen said.

After he informed his quarterbacks on Wednesday that Ramsey would be the starter, Allen said Dawkins took time to consider his options.

“A couple days after that, he and I met,” Allen said. “Then, (Sunday), he let us know where he’s at.”

Dawkins did not respond to a message from The Herald-Times seeking comment.

Dawkins announced his transfer to Indiana in April after playing parts of three seasons at Arizona, where he started 14 of the 23 games in which he appeared. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Dawkins threw for 2,414 career yards with 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions for the Wildcats, while running for 1,582 yards with 20 touchdowns and a 68.8 per-game rushing average.

Even without entering the season atop the depth chart, it was still possible that Dawkins would have been used situationally. Allen told reporters last week that he saw a scenario where Dawkins could have had his own package tailored to his strengths as a runner.

Instead, IU will open the season with Ramsey and Penix as its most game-ready options.

Asked whether he was surprised to see Dawkins leave, Ramsey hesitated.

“I don’t know,” Ramsey said. “I don’t really know how to answer that question. He was good to me the entire time that he was here and I wish him nothing but the best.”

To rebuild depth, Allen has moved freshman cornerback Reese Taylor to quarterback. Monday was his first day of practice at the position.

At the same time, Taylor, who won Indiana’s Mr. Football honor after quarterbacking Ben Davis to the Class 6A state title, is no stranger to offense. He received reps at the offensive skill positions during fall camp as a versatile, athletic weapon IU hoped to deploy in certain situations.

It’s unclear how much IU might use Taylor in that manner as he picks up third-string quarterback duties. But there’s no doubt that Indiana wants the talented newcomer on the field in some form or fashion.

And getting a player with Taylor’s high upside at the position may turn into a nice trade off for the Hoosiers.

Dawkins’ decision also impacts Penix, a redshirt candidate. Ideally, Indiana would have preferred to play him in no more than four games, preserving his redshirt and guaranteeing an extra season of eligibility. Now, that might be more difficult.

Either way, Penix is on track for game reps early this season to see how he handles live action. His first taste may even come this weekend at FIU.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if you see him on Saturday,” Allen said. “I don’t know when, where, how. I just think he’s a young man that we want to be able to grow his development into the program and see how he handles all that and responds. We’ll find out for sure on Saturday how it plays out.”


  1. Wow, too many distractions coming into Game one weekend!
    Coach TA supposedly told him he’d have to compete for the position. Wondering now if BD heard that simply as yada yada yada & had false expectations. Seems time to move Reese Taylor to QB since IU has good depth at DB.
    Disappointed in losing BD. With Ellison’s questionable return I would have worked out BD as RB for more options. Oh well. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. There is something terribly wrong with this picture. Not sure where to start, but it certainly doesn’t sit well. One question in my mind is how does a QB transfer who lost his job only to a guy currently ranking #5 in the Heisman race (ESPN, for what it’s worth), get beat out by a not all that impressive 1 and 3 starter from the year before? Would love for someone to explain this.

    Not to mention USC has no problems naming a true Freshman as their starter, granted Gatorade HS player of the year, but weren’t we told experience was all important? Not to mention QB & team leadership, which wasn’t on display too well when your #1 RB gets booted.

    Just curious, hopefully someone can enlighten me on this.

  3. WOW!! the best group of quarterbacks, has lost one!!! A similar thing happen to coach Wilson……I cannot wait to read what is written on this blog about this whole situation. One week away from your first game and you loss your number one running back and you loss your backup quarterback….This can only happen to Indiana University football. Let me guess Kevin Wilson moved a linebacker to quarterback….now Tom Allen will have to move a defensive back (Reecse Taylor) to quarterback!!! Oh, was that defensive back recruited for quarterback?? In retrospect the quarterback room might be stronger now. That is now two (Nick Tronti and Bradon Dawkins) quarterbacks that Tom Allen and Mike Debord have recruited that have transferred from the program, before they ever took to the field.

  4. I don’t know all of the facts, like does he have a place to transfer to? Looks like a knee jerk decision and I hope that he thought far enough ahead and put parachute on, prior to bailing out of the plane. The I U Football team might be better off and not have a quitter on the team . I think some of the other options listed above make sense.

  5. Now we know he really didn’t want to be in a competition. Quitter!
    Believe me Reese Taylor will relish the opportunity to competent. So much for Penix having a RS year. I thought we were to understand Wilson was the only IU HC who couldn’t keep QB’s satisfied and in Bloomington?

  6. That’s too bad. Dawkins has put himself firmly in Jeff George territory only without the big arm. I’ll be surprised if school #3 is an FBS program. In the absence of a coaching change or major scandal, his nomadic behavior is not going to be seen in a very favorable light.

    When the going got tough BD decided to get going. I hope he finds a program where he can get what he apparently needs. He has planted himself squarely behind the 8 ball.

    Best of luck, Brandon.

  7. Stable of average qbs. Here is an example of a leader. Reese Taylor statement: I will play wherever the coach and team need me. (Granted a freshman, not tall, wants to play, and rated just as high as Penix at qb per espn (high 3star at 78) and I know there are other ratings. Yes, R.T. Is lurking in the background. R.T. is an example of a freshman leader. If it means he could play I think he would try to play tackle or right guard. Randel El type leadership.

  8. #13 and IU football seems like a bad combination. It is good to see that T.A. puts program over individual. Most competent coaches do. It is a positive for long term if there is to be success.

  9. When it comes to hype ending in flames, the Hindenburg has nothin’ on IU Football….

    To qb, or not to qb, that is the question…
    Whether ’tis nobler in the football to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous BigTen linebackers,
    Or to take Arms against a Sea of fumbles,
    And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep, to get sacked
    No more; and by a sleep, to say we no longer huddle
    to the heart-ache, and the thousand natural traumatic brain injury shocks
    that helmet(not to be confused with Hamlet) is heir to?
    ‘Tis a consummation
    devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep,
    To pass, perchance to Dream to pass; aye, there’s the Hut! Hut! rub,
    for in that sleep of downfield completions, what final score may come,
    when we have shuffled off this mortal Memorial coil,
    must give us pause to audible. There’s the respect under center
    that makes Calamity of so long a Hoosier qb life:

  10. I’m not prepared to bandy about the term “quitter,” quite so cavalierly, yet. If we are going to call a 5th year senior a quitter because they choose to pursue their college athletic career elsewhere, then IUBB has benefited greatly from some, “quitters.” I’m wondering if this might be the result of a terribly bruised ego. You go from a starting QB at a winning football school, lose your job due to an unfortunate injury. Can’t get back into the starting line up because you back up whom you had previously beat out for the job blossoms into a Heisman candidate. You go to the worst FB program in college football history hoping to play at least one more year, and can’t beat out a QB who was a starter only part of the year?

    BD may or may not have reacted in an immature manner, but I wonder how many of the posters here would have reacted any differently if placed in a similar position? Probably won’t happen, but the worst thing could happen to IUFB would be if the kid is able to land at another school and turns out to be quite productive.

    1. Who knows if the next injury isn’t to Tate. So, he quits. Who knows if the next injury isn’t to Ramsey. No, he quits. Quitters never embrace competition over entitlement.

    2. Where is Dawkins going? I have heard of no school pursuing him and the time is over! So much for our great business school and his opportunity to develop there! He seems to lack a “rudder”!

  11. Keep it “zipped,” Mr. Zeppelin, but rumor has it that the University of Akron is talking to Brandon.
    If you get beat out to a future Mr. Heisman, then go to where it all started….

  12. IU has moved Taylor back to QB which is a good move for the team but not necessarily for the player. I hope this is a year where IU plays one QB until he is beaten out by another. By all accounts Dawkins was in danger of being QB#3 with the advancement of Penix. I wouldn’t be surprised if Penix replaces Ramsey if he bogs down.

    It is unfortunate IU is going through this stretch right now but the only thing you can do is move the next man up and stay with your plan. IU needs to upgrade their QB room and I hope coach Sheridan and staff can bring in another higher rated QB keep the QB pipeline going. In two full recruiting classes they have brought in Penix and Taylor which were exciting HS QBs in very good programs.

  13. He just wasnt that good no need for all these long a** paragraphs about the situation goodness you all overreach with the comments

  14. While I didn’t actually predict this, I did comment last Thursday that I wouldn’t be surprised if Dawkins quit. And why wouldn’t he? Unless he was simply using football to continue his education and did not care about playing, why would any former starter waste his last year of eligibility holding a clipboard and coming in during garbage time? He wants to play, and who can blame him? It’s one thing for a former starter to transfer and become the starter on a weak team, but it’s entirely different for a former starter to transfer and be the back-up on a weak team. It’s like a double demotion!

    As loyal Hoosiers fans, it’s natural to bad-mouth Dawkins and call him a quitter. But the rest of the college football world recognizes this as Allen screwed this up. And competing coaches will use this debacle against Allen for years to come, especially when they’re competing with IU in recruiting other graduate transfers! In his inexperience, and perhaps his idealism and/or naivety, Allen ignored the unwritten rule that states you don’t recruit a grad transfer quarterbacks and then make them back-ups. You just don’t! No one in Dawkins situation, at least no one with any self respect, would tolerate being made a back-up. If he wanted to be a back-up, he would have stayed at Arizona. In quitting, Dawkins continued to do what is in his best interests, and he may have done the right thing for IU. It’s better that he leave the program than remain as a disgruntled back-up who becomes a cancer in the locker room.

    Sorry to repeat myself, but Allen screwed this up and IU Football will suffer as a result of his mistake. He either did not evaluate Dawkins thoroughly enough before he recruited him, or he did not appreciate Ramsey’s improvement, or he stupidly assumed that a graduate transfer would accept being a back-up. At the very least, he made a mess out of explaining why he chose Ramsey in his comments to the press. No doubt Dawkins felt like Allen moved the goal posts.

    1. If the combination of Ramsey, Penix and Taylor leads IU to 7-5, then Coach Allen will definitely have the last laugh!

  15. We had better hope that Dawkins remains silent about his decision to leave the program. If he starts talking to the media, or posting comments on Twitter and/or Facebook, it’s going to damage Allen’s reputation. “Nobody wins a crap-slinging contest.”

    1. P-Dunker that is the silliest comment that I have read from you! Dawkins was just not good enough! Of our 3 QB’s he was clearly #3! Now a true freshman cornerback is #3, and already better than Dawkins! No one at AZ or IU will support his crying!

  16. Dawkins wasn’t good enough to win the job so he is going elsewhere to find playing time. No need for doom and gloom. It should actually make us all feel better that we have a QB that beat him for the starting job. Plus, don’t sleep on Reese Taylor. That kid is a winner! Saying this could damage IU or Tom Allen is just ridiculous. This stuff happens all the time.

  17. The real IU football team (soccer) beat North Carolina last night. Our football team always finds a way to mess it up. The history of this team is just filled with a trail of tears. Allen is a rah-rah guy but he isn’t a change agent. We will never improve until we get one of those guys. Just sayin’.

    1. Coach Allen has been Head Coach for 12 games! Who can say if he is a “change agent” or not? He did change the defense! I can give him a real opportunity!

  18. Po, I hope the grad transfers this year were only due to roster imbalances. After this year I hope IU lives on their recruiting classes and don’t go the JR college or grad transfer route. I was watching BTN and Frost’s press conference. Nebraska looks like their other freshman QB is transferring after losing the starting job. They have already lost upper classmen QBs as it is just the way kids are today. The days of being loyal to the University have disappeared as players are more concerned with playing time.

  19. College football is a relatively short season compared to most other sports…At IU, it can be even shorter …and with fewer opportunities to play in any nationally recognized/high ratings televised games.
    In an era when bowl games are nearly a given(available to almost 1/3 off all college football programs), it is still a challenge for Indiana University to make it happen. Being in the BigTen East can supply visibility. It can also supply a ton of risk for a qb trying to make a name. Is the roster going to be too weak for you to excel individually within a team game?
    Likely a pipe dream, but Dawkins probably dreamed of playing at the next level. I’m thinking he chose Indiana in the hopes of making that dream more possible. Not being picked as the starter narrowed his opportunities even more…He played the risky hand of Indiana, but now the risk may have felt like it just outweighed any reward.

    Question: Does he have to sit out a season if he were to move, once again, as a grad transfer to another program? Could he get immediate eligibility?

  20. v13, why should a kid be loyal to a school or a coaching staff? These young men are getting the short end of the stick, and they really don’t have anyone looking out for their best interests. Compared to their coaches, who are getting paid hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars per year, these kids are getting peanuts. They put their bodies and minds at risk for a college degree, which has become far less valuable over the last 20 years than it was in the past. And let’s be honest. Most of P-5 college football players have to spend so much time preparing to play football, they really can’t spend the time necessary to get a meaningful degree that prepares them for a profession other than football. Many of them don’t even graduate in five years!

    Jeff H, I’m afraid you may be right about Allen. Hate to say it, but I think you’re on target with that comment. He’s a good man, but my head will explode if he comes out in the media and says that he was surprised by Dawkins’ announcement.

    Dawkins’ transfer damages IU Football. At the very least, the team is left with a true freshman quarterback as the primary back-up. Secondly, assuming he’s moved to the 3rd string QB position, this disrupts Reese Taylor’s development at his designated position. If Taylor is going to be one of the back-up QBs, I assure you he’s not going to have time to practice as a defensive back this year. That means he’ll be further behind the curve next season if the coaches decide to return him to defense. No, there’s no sugar-coating this. While it’s not the end of the world, it’s a step backward in Allen’s efforts to “break through.”

  21. One last point. If it hadn’t happened already, the number of plays where Ramsey was designated to run the ball just got reduced significantly. DeBord will have to take fewer risks with Ramsey, which means he’s no longer going to be a viable threat to run the ball, which means it’s going to be easier to defend against IU. My guess is that Ramsey is going to see a lot of formations with five or six defensive backs this season.

  22. PO, I didn’t comment one way or the other about if players should be loyal to a school any more just stated that it doesn’t happen any more.

    I see another aspect to Dawkins leaving and that is the talent of Ramsey and Penix. I haven’t seen them play yet so I don’t know how well they are doing right now other than the through the actions of Dawkins. If Ramsey and Penix are truly good enough to beat out Dawkins then they may be much better than many think. Many on this site think Taylor can be a dynamic QB so the QB room may be stronger than immediate knee jerk reactions say it is. I have no real way to know if the QB position is stronger now or not but I am willing to wait for the game Saturday before I write the season off.

    Jeff H, coach Allen sure was a change agent for IU’s defense and given time he may be the change IU has needed. Overreacting to the news of the past two days isn’t a realistic view of the program. Lets see how this all plays out and then decide if things are improving or not.

    Things are shaking out with the team as players have transferred in the off-season; now Dawkins and Ellison are gone. I don’t see this as damaging to coach Allen for this year, I agree it has to stop in the coming year though. We need to remember that the team is only partly Coach Allen’s players.

    In good news Hendershot has won the starting job at TE with his improved play this Fall. He has the athletic ability to be a special TE for IU. Dorris is a very good back-up that will see the field on a regular basis. Here is the new two deep chart for the first game:

  23. Nope I think quitter, user, poor sport, spoiled brat, selfish, about sums this guy up.

  24. All Allen had to say was that Ramsey’s command of the offense gave him the edge for game 1. But it’s an evolving situation, IU has 3 good quarterbacks and he expects all of them to play at some point. But instead, Allen said Ramsey had “won” the competition for quarterback- dumb. Just a poor comment and a poor way to coach. Allen seems like a nice guy but you wonder if he has what it takes to be a head coach. Podunker has it right- this will change the offense, IU will be forced to pass more and run less from the qb spot because the depth is now 2 freshmen they were hoping to redshirt.

  25. Wow you guys tickle me “ohhh tom allen is goin to regret this” holy hell its a damn transfer which all other 127 teams deal with every single year he was not good enough becuz if was he would’ve beaten them both out, you still have to earn a starting job the overreaction train is packed to capacity

  26. Exactly bb. Recruits can rest assured of the best man wins, and Allen puts team first over individual. Not surprised after Dawkins wanted to play tackle because the hands off qb didn’t give him opportunity to show his best strengths. This told me he was relying on breaking tackles. After he got knocked around between some successful scrambles I questioned if playing within himself and team. Then, after that mistakes, inefficient passer susceptible to interceptions and incompletions. Hint. Same problems as Lagow. Drive killers. For Dawkins athletic yes. High percentage qb? Not as good as maybe thought. Arizona is not elite program. Regardless, of motivation and coaching change Purdue beats them physically as soundly as they beat IU.

  27. t, good post and excellent points. As much as I wanted Dawkins to be a major upgrade he wasn’t able to beat out Ramsey or Penix. AZ showed in the game against PU they are far from being an Elite team and the rest of the PAC 10 doesn’t play comparably to B1G levels. I had hopes for the role Dawkins could have played in IU’s offense but there are players dynamic enough to take those plays. The one thing Dawkins had was size that our dynamic players don’t have but that can be overcome with speed, hopefully the speed increase will make the difference.

  28. I say good riddance to him. He strikes me as a pick prone throwing runner. 15 TDS to 12 picks, numbers don’t lie.

  29. I do like quarterbacks with size in this league….Weather can get very cold. Hard hits feel even harder when the temps drop. ..and there are some hard-hitting teams in the BigTen East. Tainting Dawkin’s name more because he came from an Arizona which is not an elite program?
    Possibly true…But when all doors close, there is always IU? May also be why very few IU players ever see transferring to greener pastures as a realistic opportunity. Once you wear those chrome helmets with those results? The stigma is rather hard to shed. Does this mean staying makes a young man more loyal? Loyalty is easy as duck soup without temptation.

  30. yah!!! good riddance!! We’re IU. We’re already lose more games than any team in Power 5 history! We don’t need talent! 3-9 has always been good enough in the past and its good enough now! We still out-recruit Rutgers and Illinois so why would be ever need grad transfers? Besides, we have Morgan Ellison to run the ball so we don’t need a 6′ 3″ 220 lb beast that runs a 4.4 forty! Um…..good thinking guys. Hard to argue with your logic.

  31. IU Football? Opportunity? Seize the day? As the late Joan Rivers used to say, “Can we talk?”

  32. We label Brandon Dawkins as a quitters…because he is transferring, yet when Nick Tronti transferred everybody wished him good luck!!! WOW!!! Maybe Tom Allen needs to spread is LEO slogan to some of the harsh fans on this blog. Tom Allen and staff recruited three grad-transfer student this past year and not a single grad-transfer is a starter on this year team. Is this staff recruiting grad-transfers for depth purposes only?? Hard to believe Nick Linder could not crack the starting lineup, esp being from football powerhouse Miami. Either this Indiana University football team is loaded with talent or this staff is having a hard time evaluating talent. I also noticed that Donovan Hale is listed behind Nick Westbrook on the depth chart, after being listed ahead of Nick last year, which points to Donovan might not be fully healed. An a scholarship kicker that cannot win the place kicking job.This will be a very interesting year for Indiana University football.

    1. So, you see some deep conspiracy in this?

      Here’s what I see. They came here as graduate transfers. Other members of the team performed better and beat them out.

      Or, it could be something Mulder and Scully should investigate.

  33. Its a good thing we play the game, hey? Dawkins wasn’t good enough. Its not a big deal. I can’t wait for Saturday!

  34. 1. Players want to play; not slated = go somewhere else. No surprise there.
    2. Lots of people psyched that Dawkins came, now calling names ’cause he left. Jilted lover syndrome, no surprise there, either.
    3. Jury still out on Allen as agent of change and also on the Dawkins fiasco, but can’t escape that TA either completely misjudged the talent or, if his plan was to give Ramsey some more seasoning against the softies [yeah, yeah, IUFB never has any softies on its schedule, but you know what I mean] and then bring in Dawkins for the heavies, completely outsmarted himself.
    4. A couple of months ago Brandon Dawkins didn’t figure into IUFB and poof- status quo ante. Forget the whole thing. GO HOOSIERS! BEAT FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY! IN FLORIDA!

  35. It just could be IU talent isn’t that far off talent such as a Miami possesses on their OL.
    Also from the days of hype prior to Dawkin’s commitment I strongly stated he could not navigate the QB incline at IU even though most everyone else acted as though he was soon to be the Elway of Hoosier Land. I did think he’d offer strong competition. His history of INT’s glaringly displayed the very same negatives his proponents noted about Lagow. But if he’d had 3-4 less giveaways I’d have been a proponent too. He simply lost out on his reach to be the starter. The more I think about the offense of last season I remember much less negative about Peyton’s performance than I do about DeBord’s play calling. I’m certain Ramsey has improved MEASURABLY since last season. I can only hope the OC doesn’t screw that improvement up with play calling that again stifles his performance and the offensive results and loading the onus of winning on the D.

    1. So, HC your saying if PR does not perform well this season that it is all the OC’s fault. I’m not prepared to make that leap until we see what happens on the field. Just a thought, did you ever wonder if the OC’s play calling last year had to be lowered to capabilities of the QBs?

      1. Precisely what I’m saying. Just as I precisely stated Dawkins had a flaw to big for the talent of the IU O&D to overcome vs near every opponent on the schedule. Besides it is DeBord who made the wrong play calls. PR personally performed well with what he was given to execute.

      2. Lower tiered talent is the reason why the play calling was marginal at best and multiplied by the frequent early season poor recognition of who the playmakers were. His high flying resume was built using top talent. He was clueless last season coaching less talented players. He may be to old to have learned a thing. I sincerely suspect he’ll be gone after this season W or L. But Ramsey will perform positively. Like most coach’s kids do.

        1. HC,
          I can’t buy the idea that DeBord only performs well with top talent yet, this year will tell the tale. What he had at Tennessee was not that great compared to what he had at Michigan or even by traditional Tennessee standards. If Tennessee had that great of offensive talent, how did they take such a jump the first year DeBord was there? Even though the SEC East has been down for several years, with the exception of Georgia last year, they still have to play a couple games with the SEC West. Remember Tennessee is not the Tennessee of the Peyton Manning or T Martin National Championship days.

          1. HC,
            I’m not sure how. I just said that the first year DeBord was at Tennessee their offense improved considerably and they did not have that great of talent. So to make the statement DeBord can’t do anything with lesser talent, may or may not be true. A lot depends on what he has to work with and that doesn’t mean greater or lesser talent. May just be ill fitting parts to the offense he wants to install. Pretty obvious that Lagow didn’t fit the DeBord offense, PR and the rest are yet to be determined.

          2. Stand solid with my last post. Tenn. offense had near nowhere to go but up with Josh Dobbs possessing NFL talent. But DeBord still produced pretty average offensive results. MD has been in a fog w/o top talent. Could be wrong but his M.O. is clearly stating so.

    2. A lot of things are forgivable. Turning the ball over is not. No matter what your upside, if you turn the ball over you will sit.

  36. Wow, HC posted comments consisting of more than one snarky sentence. It must have been a great Alaskan vacation!

    Whether DeBord is an effective OC or not, and I hope he is, if IU’s offense turns out to be a dud again this year, he can’t get too much of the blame because he has not recruited the majority of the players on offense. Everyone always testifies that a coach must be evaluated on the talent he recruits. DeBord has one IU recruiting class under his belt. And regardless, just like Wilson’s first two Defensive Coordinators, the boss is responsible for the performance of the people he/she hires. And that’s one of the key problems with hiring a man who has never been a head coach before. Their experience, knowledge and perspective is one-sided when they become a head coach, to either the offense or the defense, and it takes them years to develop a broader perspective. Wilson couldn’t spell “defense” when he arrived in Bloomington, and I’m not sure he can now. T.A. may be just as limited in his ability to evaluate offensive coaching talent.

    You can justify T. A.’s decision by saying Dawkins simply got beat out by a better quarterback, but what was the criteria they were being evaluated on? In his comments to the media, T.A. compared the leadership ability and knowledge of the offense of a guy who’d been on campus two months to a guy who’d been on the team for over two years! That’s ridiculous. You think Dawkins’ accuracy in fall camp might have had something to do with his familiarity with the new offense he was trying to learn and all his new teammates? The criteria T.A. referenced in his comments to the media (“the intangibles”) were only relevant if all the other attributes of the two quarterbacks were equal. But they weren’t. And having watched Dawkins in all 13 of his starts at Arizona, it was obvious that he’s a play-maker, a difference-maker. Dawkins moved the chains and he lead his AZ teams to score a lot of points. He lead a young AZ offense, with a terrible offensive line, in putting up a ton of yards and scoring a lot of points at AZ. His passing accuracy improved significantly from 2016 to 2017 before he got hurt. And during the two seasons he started at AZ, Dawkins was under a lot of pressure to score on every possession. He was constantly playing catch-up because Arizona’s defense couldn’t stop anybody. In the games I watched Ramsey play in last year, he was either in garbage time, playing against IU’s weakest opponents, or getting shut down by Big Ten defenses. While I was impressed with his poise, he was not an effective runner and his accurate dink-and-dunk passing didn’t produce a lot of points. Based on what I watched last year, Ramsey is a game-manager, but he’s not a difference-maker. We’d better hope that a) he’s stays healthy this year, and b) the talent around him has improved a lot.

    I like T.A. a lot. I desperately want him to succeed at IU. But one way or the other, the Dawkins debacle was not good for the team, and T.A. is responsible for it.

    1. Dawkins was evaluated by the same criteria as the other 2. He was beaten out in an equal competition. 15 career TD’s to 12 picks under any circumstances says it all. If more negative stats are needed to support the passing stats just check his fumbles. Either passing or rushing. A true ‘TO’ machine. Like Chet said puke the ball, experience clipboard stardom.

  37. IU hasn’t had a winning season in more than a decade and hasn’t been ranked in the Top 25 in all the player’s lifetimes. So TA needs all the talent he can get- from anywhere he can get it. Which is why it makes no sense that he badmouths the Juco’s and transfers. Here’s what he said today: “As I tell these guys, I want to see the guys here that we recruited….” Huh? So you didn’t want last year’s most gifted talent, Ian Thomas or Luke Timian or the 2 grad transfers on this year’s team? What about the next Ian Thomas or talented grad transfer reading those quotes? Do you think they are going to feel like IU would give them a fair opportunity or will they be held back so TA can favor the guys he recruited? Might get away with saying those dumb things as a defensive coordinator but not as a head coach. Starting to look like he might have gotten 1 promotion too many.

    1. After reading the ‘verbatim’ was the reason I originally posted you reread it. You can slant anything but his comments disparages no Juco, Transfers or Grad transfers. They were really innocuous comments. You and Po must be related.

      1. I hear Tammy Wynette singing Stand by your man every time I read your comments. Was TA trying to disparage Juco’s and grad transfers? No. But does he? yes. When you say you want to see the guys around here you recruited, you disparage the guys around there that you didn’t recruit. It was a dumb comment on top of may other dumb comments. I hope he learns from the mistakes. They are set to offer a juco receiver. If you don’t think the other schools vying for the same receiver aren’t telling him about Dawkins and Coach Allen’s comments, you are as simple-minded as his remarks.

        1. I’ll tell you what’s simple minded. You and Po trying to mimic over each other. No other support in sight. Shallow thinking.

  38. So, Brandon Dawkins came out today to say he’s not playing football anymore. He’s been dealing with mental health issues, has sought treatment and decided he needs to stop playing football. Thus subverting every narrative in this thread about why he was recruited and how he was handled during his time here.


    Haven’t minded the Scoop….er, HSR in sometime because comments after comments of baseless speculation. I come in and just read this post (great) and it’s comments and it is exhibit A. Podunker has already thrown TA the bus with no information whatsoever. We now learn that Dawkins has some issues, which are bad enough that he had to not only leave the program, but quit the game.

    I don’t think you’ll get an apology from Podunker or anyone else making assumptions for what happened with Dawkins while he was in Bloomington. But this wasn’t a debacle by anyone on the Indiana coaching staff. It’s just an athletic kid with some serious problems who is seeking help. I hope he gets more thought put into his treatment than have been put into these comments.

    Hope everyone enjoys football season.

  39. Irregardless of Dawkin’s recent statements, I disagree with T.A.’s decision and the criteria he said that his decision was based on. I also thought, like 123 referenced above, that T.A.s statements to the press were careless and counter-productive. There is a reason so many head coaches, in both college and the pros use so many cliches and talk in “coach-speak” when in addressing the media. T.A. needs to learn that essential skill before he earns the wrong type of reputation. We don’t know if Dawkins would have quit the team if he’d been named the starter. But it’s irrelevant.

    As for everyone suggesting that Ramsey is the more accurate QB, let’s not forget that in the three Big Ten games he started last year, he threw four TDs and three INTs. I suggest you evaluate dual-threat quarterbacks on total offensive production, not just their accuracy in throwing dink and dunk passes. Averaging slightly over 5 yards per pass attempt and 2.2 yards per carry ain’t going to produce a “break through” season for IU.

    1. You suggest anything you please but if I don’t agree I’ll reject it completely.

  40. I believe the word you were looking for is ‘regardless’ which is the opposite of ‘regarding’.

    If irregardless were a word it would be the opposite of regardless.

  41. who is or was the better quarterback or athletic Zander Diamont or Peyton Ramsey??? Zander speed and elusiveness or Peyton Ramsey arm strength??

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