Ramsey named IU’s starting quarterback

After overseeing a month-long competition to decide his starter, Indiana coach Tom Allen has settled on a quarterback.

It’s Peyton Ramsey, the steady redshirt sophomore who officially beat out Arizona graduate transfer Brandon Dawkins and true freshman Michael Penix for the job. Allen informed his three candidates of his decision on Wednesday before announcing his plan to reporters on Thursday morning.

In a battle that featured varying strengths, Ramsey was the logical choice. He authored the most consistent camp of the three, demonstrating both his knowledge of the offense and his ability to make good decisions in the moment.

“Our entire staff is in agreement that Peyton is the guy,” Allen said. “I think our team really sees that as well.”

When he takes the field for Indiana’s season opener at Florida International on Sept. 1, Ramsey will be making his fifth start for the Hoosiers. He played in nine games last season, replacing former IU quarterback Richard Lagow in early October. Ramsey flashed potential, throwing for 1,252 yards with 10 touchdowns and five interceptions before missing the final month of the season with an injury. His completion percentage of 65.4 percent ranks first in IU single-season history.

The primary knock on Ramsey last season was arm strength, though he dedicated time this off-season to developing more power on his throws. He still doesn’t have the passing zip that Penix possesses — or even the electric running ability of Dawkins — but Ramsey gives the Hoosiers a trusted quarterback to lead them onto the field for a season-opening road trip.

Most importantly for Allen, Ramsey checked the three most important boxes during the IU coach’s evaluation process.

“First of all, a quarterback that protects the football and his decision making — how he reads coverages, how he distributes the ball, how he protects the football. That was No. 1,” Allen said. “No. 2 was the ability to move the team down the field consistently throughout those opportunities, whether it was scrimmages or those times throughout practice.

“And No. 3, we want a young man that the team believes in. That was very, very important to me. We we go through and we selected our leadership council earlier in fall camp, he was our leading vote-getter by a landslide.”

Even with Allen’s decision, it’s likely that Dawkins and Penix will receive snaps, at least situationally. At the same time, Allen said there will not be a “rotation” of quarterbacks.

Dawkins, who started 14 of the 23 games he played in his three years at Arizona, got off to a slow start to fall camp and was the most inefficient passer of the three. The former Arizona starter showed better command of this throws in recent practices, but it was still not clear that he established enough confidence to earn the keys to IU’s offense.

Of course, Dawkins’ top attribute is his running ability, and IU may potentially take advantage of the veteran’s best quality in certain scenarios.

“I see that. I do,” Allen said. “We talked about it with him yesterday. As that grows and as he executes, I think those things that, for sure, (could happen). It’s not a rotational type thing, but I could see a package for him in the future. We’ll see how that plays out. But yeah, he’s got some things to bring to the table that puts pressure on the defense, for sure.”

Penix very much appears to be Indiana’s quarterback of the future. He throws the best ball, can throw on the run and scramble with agility. There’s no doubt he has the highest upside.

But there’s value in allowing him to ease his way into his freshman season. Plus, the NCAA’s new redshirt rule will work to his — and IU’s — favor.

With the new rule, which allows players to appear in up to four contests while retaining an extra year of eligibility, it’s likely Penix will take snaps in a game or two early in the season to gain that much-needed experience.

Should an obvious need arise later in the year, it’s also not hard to envision IU burning his redshirt.

“You see what I see out there,” Allen said. “Very special player, but he’s young. To help him build and help him grow, I think it’s the best decision for all three individuals and what’s best for our team. Bottom line is I believe all three of those guys are gonna play at different times. I’m not gonna put specifics on that, but I do expect all three of them to play. But Peyton Ramsey is the starter.”

At least, for now.

Is Ramsey capable enough to carry that title for the duration of the season? That’s what he has to prove, beginning next weekend.

Indiana’s offense needs more explosive plays, and both Dawkins (legs) and Penix (arm) are more naturally equipped in that regard. At some point for Ramsey, it will have to be about more than managing the game and merely limiting turnovers, even as important as that is.

Should IU’s offense bog down during the Hoosiers’ three all-important non-conference games, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Allen opt for a different flavor. Allen demonstrated decisiveness when he benched former Hoosier Richard Lagow in favor of Ramsey last October and, as usual, Indiana’s margin for error is thin.

While he proves that he can consistently stretch a defense downfield, slot receiver Whop Philyor, arguably the most impressive IU player during fall camp, could become a valuable weapon for Ramsey on crossing routes. And Ramsey, now healthier than he was last fall, also seems faster than he did a year ago. That seemed to be the case during IU’s spring game, when he opened the scoring with a 53-yard touchdown run.

IU’s spring game came only days after Dawkins announced his decision to transfer to Indiana, and in the months since, Ramsey has demonstrated a sense of urgency that left a mark on his coach.

“He worked his absolute tail off all summer knowing that Michael Penix was chasing him, then knowing that we’re bringing in Brandon Dawkins and he’d come in here with a lot of experience,” Allen said.

So Indiana now has its starting quarterback.

And after an offseason of debate, it’s up to Ramsey to silence any remaining questions this fall.

“He’s a much better player than he was last year, in my opinion,” Allen said. “But he has to continue to show that.”


  1. Yep, you could see this coming from a defensive-minded head coach. No doubt a tough call after a month of legitimate competition, but T.A. chose the safe option. In reading his comments, it makes me wonder why T.A. recruited Dawkins in the first place? “Very, very important, a young man the team believes in.” Well how is a grad transfer, on campus three months, on the basis of that criteria, going to compete with a guy whose been a starter and is going into his third season with the team? This decision, or at least the way he explained it, exposes T.A.’s inexperience as a head coach. Either Dawkins’ effort and performance really declined since he arrived on campus, or T.A. and DeBord were desperate for another QB, or they did not do their homework on Dawkins before they recruited him. You don’t recruit a grad-transfer, who was formerly a successful, winning, starting QB, just to have him hold a clipboard. I hope there is more to T.A.’s comments than what was reported in this story, because this limited information makes T.A. look a little foolish.

    I guess this signals that DeBord and T.A. believe that their more conventional offense is going to be effective, that their O-line is good enough to protect Ramsey, and that their receivers are going to be their primary weapons. Cause they have to know that even the new, slightly bigger, slightly stronger-armed-Ramsey is not going to make any defense nervous. I think he does everything O.K., but nothing great. He’s an accurate dink and dunk passer, a game-manager who, as T.A. said, is safe and protects the ball.

    1. If none of the 3 separated himself over the other 2 in an obvious and significant manner, then Peyton is the man. Don’t create special “limited” packages for any of these QB’s! Those are way to easy to defendin i.e. wildcat, etc. give the transfer a chance in the early games. Give the freshman a chance in the early games. Each with the first unit! Do it right Coach Allen and staff!

    2. Po,
      I’m going to keep an open mind on this, but I share your concerns. In the first few games, I would definitely have PR on a short leash indeed. Any signs of difficulty with the level of non-conference opponents is a sure sign he won’t be able to handle the B1G. If IU cannot put enough points on the board to allow a young defense time to solidify with the non conference schedule, then how do you hope to do so in conference? PR is going to have to show enough of an ability to get the ball downfield and running ability to keep an opponent’s defense honest or he will be an easy game plan for opposing DC’s.

      The big problem is where does the offensive threat come from within the rest of the offensive skill players? There’s possibilities within the receivers, but the RB’s have a lot to prove. Not to mention we still don’t know if the OL will be adequate to most of the competition or not. On the surface it would appear that TA is taking a very safe approach, which brings back bad memories of the Lynch days.

      One other longshot possibility is that TA might be keeping his powder dry until the right time, wouldn’t be the first time such a strategy was employed. Remember a Maryland game where just such a move proved quite useful. I believe something similar happened last January in the BCS championship game as well. Probably wishing on a star, but just a thought.

      1. Saban did exactly the same thing (keeping the powder dry). He waiting 13 1/2 games!!!!!

        1. I know, it was just a long shot idea. Saban did such a good job of keeping it under wraps that his own protégé, Georgia coach Kirby Smart didn’t see it coming to adequately prepare. Not saying TA is employing such a strategy to such an extreme, but I could see an adjustment at QB a few games into the season.

    3. Maybe Dawkins will come in to ‘save the day’…? I did think Dawkins would start, but maybe this is the best decision from a psychological point of view.
      Make the newbie feel he has something to prove once inserted….Don’t let his head get too big simply because he’s from a superior Arizona program.
      And let’s see how Ramsey performs knowing the grad transfer is looking directly over his shoulder….and itching for a chance to ‘wow the crowd’ coming off the bench. I like the mystery and suspense….
      It’s IU Football….It needs a little Nancy Drew.

  2. Good call…After exhaustive and fact-finding internet research (kudos to Wikipedia and Chetipedia), I now know that Drew Carey made his national debut on ‘Star Search.’ I actually have no detailed recollection of anything before 1998 due to traumatic brain injuries from a brutal stint of high school football during inferior helmet protection years. Oddly enough, I do still like Swiss cheese on a Reuben sandwich.

    But I still like the call. IU is certainly in “search” of a star.
    Chetipedia sounds a lot like Chia Pet.

  3. At some point IU must play Penix with the first team in a meaningful game situation!

  4. Yes BP, and your comment has me wondering if Dawkins is a serious student or if he came to IU just to extend his football career? If he’s a serious student trying to get a graduate degree, then he’ll take this disappointment in stride. But if he came to IU just to play another year of football and has no serious interest in obtaining a graduate degree, he may just decide that his time is better spent doing something other than holding a clipboard. Not saying he’s going to quit the team over this announcement, but I would not be surprised if he does.

    One way or another, if Dawkins does not play, or if his playing time is severely limited, T.A. is going to look really foolish and be criticized for recruiting him to IU. And if Dawkins does not get significant playing time, T.A. is going to find it much more difficult to recruit another graduate transfer quarterback to IU. Either he did not evaluate Dawkins thoroughly relative to his other two quarterbacks, or he was indecisive about what his team needed at that position.

    Again, I hope he has more to say on this topic, because the limited information printed in this story makes T.A. look bad. The good news for him is that every college football fan in the country fan is focused on the controversial resolution to the Urban Meyer case.

    1. I’m not sure why you keep saying this makes T.A. look foolish? T.A. has stated on more than one occasion that he doesn’t promise any recruit a starting job. The QB room was thin and bringing in an experienced QB was the smart/right move. If Dawkins decides to hang around, I’m sure he’ll get his chance to shine. I’m not the biggest Dawkins fan but I’m at least intrigued to see what he has to offer. His Arizona “highlights” showed some playmaking ability but his game tape showed his real flaws. I have a feeling that those flaws were still apparent during the IU scrimmages and ultimately led to Ramsey winning the job.

      1. fishspinners- Do you prefer Mepps or Rapala to start in your Hoosier tackle box?
        Would you say we have a “cast” of characters at quarterback?
        Did Allen falsely “lure” Dawkins to Indiana?
        Is Podunker just “trolling” for Scoop attention …or is Allen truly “making too much noise in the quarterback boat”…?
        Does it matter who starts if nobody can “catch” anything…?

          1. Would this be a good time to discuss Bobber Knight?
            Wonder what’s new with the largemouth?
            Or should we stay on the subject of crappie Hoosier football?
            I bet your favorite baseball player of all-time was ‘Catfish’ Hunter…though he did play for the other New York team and not the Miraculous Mepps.
            Do you remember the time Tom Crean went fly fishing? How trivial! How minnowscule!

    2. The good news for him(Tom Allen) is that every college football fan in the country fan is focused on the controversial resolution to the Urban Meyer case.

      You are correct! Without the Urban Meyer controversy, IU Football’s quarterback dilemma would be crushing the opening discussions on ESPN…Our qb controversy would be a ratings giant.
      Let me get this straight…..So a disinterested fan base which you’ve ridiculed for not supporting the team (via not putting butts in seats at Memorial) is now ready to burn torches outside of Allen’s home because he may have misled a transfer quarterback?
      I think you have developed a tad of TADS (Tom Allen Deficiency Syndrome).
      Get out the crystal ball of undermining comments to come: “This only reaffirms my earlier statements that Fred Glass fumbled the ball in not getting out his wallet to find a true leader and experienced/proven head coach. TA was simply not prepared to make tough decisions…nor does he have the ability to effectively understand the personality dynamics involved in recruiting a young man who risked it all to play for a struggling program.” How was that?

      1. Does OSU truly believe any of their false self righteous posturing. If you are going to punish Meyer by suspending him for 3 games, at least make those games against PSU, MSU and MI!

        1. BeatPurdue- Couldn’t agree more. What a disgrace….and what a loser of a human being Meyer has made himself appear. His latest press conference was a bigger disaster than the first. Zero credibility…and zero compassion for a victim of domestic abuse.

  5. Man, you have to feel for Dawkins. Last year he’s the returning starter on a winning PAC-12 team. He plays well in the first four games, then gets injured on a dirty hit out-of-bounds. His replacement turns out to be one of the most talented, dynamic quarterbacks since Michael Vick, and Dawkins can’t get back on the field. Since it’s obvious that Dawkins is not going to regain his role as the starter at AZ, he transfers to a school with a losing record that needs a talented and experienced quarterback. Then he gets beat out by a guy who has started four games and lost three of them, who does not have great arm strength, who does not have great running ability. Then, in announcing why he got beat out, his new coach announces that at the start of Fall Camp, the team voted his competitor on to the leadership council. Ouch! I hope Dawkins had his cup on when T.A. made the announcement! Right about now, Dawkins has got to be asking himself, why did I come here?

    It may be a good idea to start giving Reese Taylor some reps at Quarterback.

    1. It’s not like we’re opening against OSU this season. No stage of any significance was stolen.

    2. P-Dunker. This naming a starter is for game #1 of a 12 game schedule. Dawkins will get his chance with the first team. If he is fully prepared, fully motivated and seizes his opportunity, he (Dawkins) could have a great 5th year of football. If he quits trying, which I seriously doubt, then he has only himself to blame. He must face the reality that he has not yet demonstrated that he is the #1 QB. But there are almost unlimited opportunities for him to demonstrate that he is the real #1 QB at IU, just as Peyton did last season!

  6. This decision is two fold it appears, Ramsey does the best job getting the ball to IU’s playmakers and Dawkins was behind the curve trying to catch up. I hope with this decision the offense uses Dawkins abilities to improve the offense while Ramsey is at QB.

    Ramsey isn’t the final answer for this offense as much as it is on how well coach DeBord uses all the players in the offense that will determine how dangerous this offense will be. Finding ways to get Westbrook, Whop, Hale, Harris, Dawkins, Taylor, and Timian the ball in positions that give them room to play in the open field will really make this offense more dangerous to defenses.

    I am eager to see how all parts of the offensive personel are used this year. For IU to be successful this year the offense has to get back to putting up 35 or more points even against the best teams.

    1. V13,
      It would appear TA has opened himself up for serious criticism if PR does not work out. I’m not sure this is the horse I would have bet the house on, with his mixed results at best. IF IU is going to have to rely on the receivers for playmaking then the QB has to be able to open the entire field up. Dinking and dunking will not do that without a credible threat of the deep pass or a serious QB and/or RB running ability. The only thing a short passing game guarantees is to get your receivers banged up in a major way, if it is the only thing you’ve got.

      1. He (Coach Allen) did not “bet the house on” this decision. He did bet the first quarter of the first game. This will be a long and very entertaining season! Get a grip!

  7. Average stable of qbs led by average qb. IU continues its quest to get at average level in big ten.
    I credit T.A. for taking some time. However, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
    PU coach though he states both will play may not announce starter til first play of first game. Brohm has a confident air about him. It rubs off on staff. Plus players.
    I remember last year once T.A. replaced Lagow with Ramsey he tried to stay with him as long as possible.
    Again, Ramsey not a great run threat and passing limits and dents and dings will test durability. So, qb will quite possibly look different in October. And yes Doug Flu, I mean Reese Taylor lurks in the background. Four years though fast is quite a while.

    1. Behind Stevie Scott. Walker got a little run with the second team offense at times, but looks like he’ll be a four-game type of guy, at most.

  8. I assume Dawkins’s passing limitations kept him from winning the starting job. IU preserves Penix’s redshirt by not naming him #1. I hope Ramsey has significantly increased his arm strength and speed. How much he is able to improve is probably limited. Michael Jordan made himself into a great jump shooter. But great jump shooters could never make themselves into the next Michael Jordan. The quarterback competition has been settled…for one game. I expect all 3 quarterbacks will get their chances to lead over the course of the season.

    1. 123- I share your opinion on the opportunities for each of the three QB’s to lead IU this season. I disagree that Peyton iis “probably limited” in the improvement we can see from last year to this. Peyton was outstanding in his QB performance when not injured last year: 65% completion, 10 TD’s, 5 interceptions, low TO’s!

  9. I’m not attacking Ramsey. I like Ramsey. I thought he did a good job last year, especially as a freshman. Putting him into games as a change-of-pace QB was smart because it created problems for the first few defenses he faced. However, as a starter last season, IU won 1 of Ramsey’s 4 starts, and the one victory came against Charleston Southern. In his four starts, Ramsey threw 6 TD passes and 4 INTs. Removing the CS game, Ramsey threw 4 TDs and 3 INTs in his other three starts (all against Big Ten teams). He averaged 6.11 yards per pass attempt for the entire season. If you remove the CS game, Ramsey’s Yards per Attempt drops to 5.6. He’s an accurate dink-and-dunk passer. He’s mobile, but he’s not a running QB. Last season Ramsey ran the ball 92 times for 226 yards, averaging 2.45 yards per carry. Removing the CS game, Ramsey rushed for 2.23 yards per carry. That’s not the production of a running QB!

    His experience, increased size, speed and arm strength will no doubt make him better this season. But I just don’t see Ramsey leading IU’s offense in scoring enough points to produce a winning season. No matter how much he has improved, I don’t see any Ramsey instilling fear into any defenses.

    I wasn’t at any of the practices. I have no idea how each QB performed. I’m not saying T.A. made the wrong decision. But I am saying that T.A.’s comments justifying his decision sounded really stupid, like a rookie coach that didn’t know what he was talking about. He basically announced that Ramsey won the job because he’s safe and popular with his teammates. As for Dawkins, he’s not going to learn the offense any better by sitting on the bench or holding a clipboard, and I didn’t hear T.A. say Ramsey was the starter for only the first game. And when you think about it, in what games will Penix get to play if they want/need him to get experience? Are we going to see T.A. rotate three quarterbacks? That’s never a good idea!

    1. BeatPurdue- I have to agree with Podunker. I too really like Ramsey. And he is very accurate. But a lot of his completions were on check downs. I think IU led the league in 3 and outs and had the fewest explosive plays. Defenses took away the big plays and forced Ramsey to throw short too often. Yes he completed the throw but it still ended in a punt. I hope things have changed- not only with his speed and arm strength but with the O line. But my impression of Penix is a guy that can, and in time, will do it all for IU. He will keep cornerbacks honest because he can make any throw and is a true running threat. I don’t know why he hasn’t received more hype. Everyone was excited about IU getting Nick Tronti, a high 2 star recruit with great high school stats. But you could see Tronti’s arm strength was going to be a problem in the Big 10. Penix had even better stats and has all the measurables. He’s the future. IU has 3 good quarterbacks but only 1 has the potential to be a star IMO.

      1. I agree that Penix is the only one of the three with real star potential. I said before he is the best QB recruit at IU since Harry Gonso. IU must try him this year at some point. The question is when!

  10. Pretty much all comments are valid and the reason that Ramsey gets the call (ever how solid) is because qb position is still trying to get to average in big ten. Currently at the moment, position is still unproven and just not that good. Sometime in October it will be known how good of shape IU is in at qb position. Right now looks like defenses will once again be able to exploit qb weaknesses until proven otherwise. P.R., B.D., and M.P. are all in the lower range of average by big ten standards. Are any of them as good as Tommy Stevens who sets at Penn State? PU qbs?

    1. Penix is better by far over Stevens and any Purdue QB! He is just lacking experience. So give him the ball sooner rather than later. But I am fine with starting game 1 with Peyton backed up by Dawkins and then Penix.

  11. Say what you will, but for a program that is trying to make up ground recruiting has been pretty silent for some time now. Any news on strong possibilities? Are there going to be 20 legitimate in 2019 class? (at least 17 3 star)

  12. You people rail on Ramsey like he wasnt a freshman playin for the first time FRESHMAN experience is the great teacher just remember that while all of you jump to conclusions on whether or not he can play at a high level

    1. BB,
      I agree as it is said, there is no substitute for experience. However, can experience give enough arm strength to put the ball 30 or more yards downfield effectively? This is the question in a lot of minds about this decision. Especially since we were somewhat lead to believe both Dawkins and Penix were talent upgrades. We are lead to believe we are bringing in two great QB talents, one for the present and one for the future. Then we find out that neither are good enough to beat out what we already had. Unless the S&C program has made massive changes in PR, when you take of the cream and crimson colored glasses (that’s rose colored for H4H), you find he was not physically that strong a QB.

  13. The value of arm strength for a quarterback in the college game is over rated. Some of the winningest quarterbacks in college history had average arm strength at best. Over the years I’ve see a lot of million dollar arms attached to a 10 cent head that were turnover machines. Some players are winners and leaders and some are not. I would suspect decisions are being made by the IU staff based on what is in the best interest of the program long term. Penix is the future starter (he will be a very good one) and Dawkins is a one season safety net (there are reasons he was riding the pine at Arizona) in case of injuries.
    H4H – It’s good to see you on top of your game! I prefer Mepps.

    1. may the Swartzie be with you,
      (loved that movie)
      For PR and the program’s sake, I hope he does well, but there is a flaw in your arm strength argument. You have to assume PR is either an excellent runner or has ample other weapons around him. He is mobile, yes, but not that great a runner. As for the other offensive skill players around him, they are all in the yet to be determined pile. The first three games will tell the tale on PR. If he cannot be effective enough against FIU, UVA, and Ball State to bring home convincing wins in all three games, he is not your QB and B1G tune up games for your other two QBs were wasted.

      1. PS
        I don’t think you can compare riding the pine behind Khalil Tate to riding the pine behind PR.

  14. In IU football qb and other positions as well recruiting defense IU takes what they can get. If they could they would recruit higher rated ability at qb plus other positions. Reality is they can’t (up til now) so they take what they can get. Currently, it looks to be status quo for the immediate future.

  15. sawrtzie, Dawkins was Arizona’s starter last year and the year before that. In the fifth game of the 2017 season, he got hit low two yards out-of-bounds by a Colorado defender. That dirty hit injured Dawkin’s knee. That’s why he was “riding the pine at Arizona.” It wasn’t because he wasn’t an effective quarterback; he got hurt!

    We talk about Ramsey’s experience, but ignore the fact that Dawkins has four times more experience as a starter compared to Ramsey! Someone refers to Ramsey as a “winner,” but he’s 1 and 3 as a starter and has been part of a winning team since he arrived in Bloomington. Dawkins’ lead his team to a winning season and a bowl victory in 2016 in spite of having one of the worst defenses in college football that year.

    T.A.’s justification for selecting Ramsey to be the starter included nothing but Ramsey’s intangibles. T.A. used words like “safe,” “protects,” “tough,” “hard worker,” “leadership,” etc.” But T.A. didn’t say “winner,” and he never mentioned anything about Ramsey’s physical skills or athletic ability. I don’t doubt Ramsey possesses all of those intangibles, but a lot of people do. You could walk across campus and find a ten young men and women who possess those intangibles, but none of them are going to lead IU Football to a winning season. This IU offense needs a quarterback who is “difference-maker,” a guy whose tangible athletic ability threatens defenses, makes up for the offense’s deficiencies and who can change the game. I just don’t see Ramsey as having the athletic ability to do those things, and I fear that with him at QB, IU’s offense will not have the firepower necessary to score a lot of points. Hope I’m wrong.

  16. Dawkins is butter…Ramsey is Parkay and has little margarine for error.

  17. People need to remember that Dawkins beat out Tate to be Arizona’s starter last year. Dawkins only lost his job to Tate after being injured in the fifth game of the season on a late/illegal/dirty hit out-of-bounds. Tate then replaced Dawkins, and the rest is history. About now, I’m seriously wondering if Tate had been the QB who transferred to IU, would T.A. have named him the starter?

    thinkaboutit makes a great point. You select Ramsey to be the starter only if you believe he’s surrounded by exceptional talent. I just don’t believe IU has enough experienced offensive talent to justify playing a “game-manager” at quarterback. The running backs are O.K., but there are no Tevin Colemans or Jordon Howards in this year’s backfield. The receivers have potential, but the most talented ones are coming off of injuries or don’t have a lot of experience. Luke Timian is an excellent ball-control receiver, but he’s never going to be a game breaker. The Offensive line should be much better this year, but I don’t think you’ll find a Jason Spriggs or Dan Feeney in that group.

    As I’ve said, I hope I’m wrong, but I believe T.A. has made his first major mistake as IU’s head coach.

    1. Again, QB may very well look a lot different even by October. Does Ball State stack defense for run and short pass game making Ramsey go longer over top, play offense close to vest with a few wide open (not exactly trick plays but liberal) winning like a score of 21-20? We will see. IU has much higher rated recruits but may be equal at Quarterback.

  18. vesuvius13- Would you tell Podunker that erupting is your gig? He’s like the molehill that cried lava right now….

    Allen is a genius.
    Starting Ramsey has created a firestorm of attention on IU Football. Scoop is lighting up. It’s like a three-alarm quarterback fire. Sirens everywhere! Newspapers spontaneously combusting while only leaving the sports pages! Stands filling up! Our Hut! Huts! are burning up!
    Harry up!… and Gonso get some water now! More Indiana hoses!
    More Indiana Hoosiers!
    Romeo who?

  19. It’s rather ironic that football proclaimed to be superior in the southern states has its roots in a guy born(and originally coached) in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Sportswriter Fuzzy Woodruff dubbed Heisman the “pioneer of Southern football”(courtesy: Wikipedia).

    He also pioneered “hike!” which evolved into “hut!”….What is football without “Hut!”….?

  20. Wow Luke Timian really?Nick Westbrook is a game gamebreaker had nearly 1000 yards receiving 2 years ago and you have Whop Philyor come on people do your homework.smh

    1. BB,
      I’m going to assume your comments were not sarcastic and I do believe IU has some good receivers. However if the defenses do not fear the deep pass to receivers with the speed to get behind them, then the passing is relegated to the short game. That’s the kind of stuff which gets your receivers however talented, injured, if the defense just sits back and waits to tee off on them as the come across the middle or out in the flat. It doesn’t matter what kind of one dimensional threat you are, it is still too easy for the DCs to game plan if there’s nothing else that can serious challenge them. Especially when you have the OSUs, PSUs, UMs and MSUs of the world’s defenses waiting on you down the road.

  21. bb, the operative part of your last post was “2 years ago.” Westbrook was talented, but he has not played in a while. Last year’s Offense made absolutely no opponent nervous. None! If IU is to have a winning season, the offense is going to have to be much, much better and the defense has got to be at least as good as it was last season. I’m not seeing how the offense, lead by Ramsey, is going to be much, much better than last year. He’s a good game-managing quarterback, but I think we’ll need a lot more productivity than 5.6 yards per pass attempt and 2.4 yards per run from this year’s QB.

  22. There have been numerous QBs that haven’t had a strong arm yet were very successful IE Brady, Montana, Mannings, and others. Accuracy, seems routes, a solid running game, and an occasional deep ball will challenge a defense. Last year against MSU Harris broke free deep in the middle but Ramsey overthrew him. The idea Ramsey can’t throw deep enough isn’t true. He doesn’t have a strong enough arm to squeeze the ball through tight windows but having routes that spread the defense horizontally along with a route or two that are deep will challenge any defense.

    There are different styles of offense and one bombs away is just one. The West Coast style offense, DeBord’s offense, is based on short passes that come in different ways with seam passes that split coverage often turning into long TDs and deep passes now and then. Whether IU has the athletes to make a West Coast offense work but we will find out this year.

    1. V13,
      I don’t disagree with you that a QB can be successful without a strong arm. However they must have something else going for them in a big way. For the Brady, Montana, and Mannings of the world, when they are successful there is also significant offensive talent around them or at least a system very conducive to their capabilities. If Ramsey can get the ball deep enough on occasion to keep the DBs from creeping up too close then fine. The big thing is will there be the ability to get the ball to your playmaking receivers in an effective manner.

      You know as well as many of us, the idea is to keep the defense guessing and off balance so they can’t load up on you in expectation of what you will do. Predictability is the last thing you want associated with your offense. If your QB has certain limitations, then you just took those elements off the table to challenge the defense. There are many ways to compensate for QB limitations, but does IU have that capability?

      1. There are many ways to compensate for QB limitations, but does IU have that capability?

        And this is why they play the game! But isn’t it great to be forever an underdog? IU Football is always David facing Goliath(Florida International, Charleston Southern, etc). Our roster is as deep as a sidewalk puddle after a light morning sprinkle. If you have a bit of social anxiety or hate large crowds, there is no better place to enjoy some of your own space. blend but not blend, than at a Memorial football game.
        We don’t worry about things like depth and capability. Leave Carl Sagan and the cosmos to star power. IU has a very fine astronomy department….This is our follies. This is our relaxing football; a chance for some cool Canadian autumn air still graced by a trace of summer’s last bit of warmest sun soon far more interested in scorching its favorite places closer to earths big gut.
        Capabilities? Really? Let me know when there is a cure for cancer. It’s my prediction there still be no roster medicine or coaching treatment to provide IU Football with capable and sustained winning football. Losing is a disease….but IU Football is a cherished abnormality that we have learned to love despite having no Facebook friends.
        Kevin Wilson….? Oh, how he tried. But he was too tough on the scroungy runt. Back to abnormal normal we now return. Back to breaking all records in the category of ‘punt.’
        Quarterback controversy? On what earth? In what solar system? In what galaxy? In what universe will anything periodically exhaling out of IU Football’s whoopee cushion ever find true controversy? There are things of this world that don’t belong ….and that is their beauty. That is IU Football. Leave her be without the insult of “capabilities” she’ll never possess. Leave her not to distress over never going to a prom as an equal to a team from the South. Leave her to love because she is unique. She is a comet blasting through only your window. She is the light in your heart where darkness is a painted camouflage. Making her into what she is not is a distortion of irreplaceable dust in the glowing short life of an autumn sun refusing to die.

  23. Both Manning and Brady had strong arms coming out of college. Neither had cannons, but they had strong arms. But to your point, I agree that just having a strong arm does not make for a great quarterback. Ramsey may not need to throw 50-yard frozen ropes, but he’d better be able to zip the ball 25 yards on target. Five yards per attempt and dumping the ball off to running back out of the backfield ain’t going to cut it.

  24. Does it bother anyone else the reasoning Coach Allen gave for naming Ramsey the starter? He mentioned how the team responded to him since the Spring. Well how can you tell Dawkins he got a fair shake if he’s supposed to compete with how the team responded to Ramsey BEFORE Dawkins was enrolled? Also, he said about Penix “You see what I see out there,” Allen said. “Very special player, but he’s young.” Really? He’s young? You didn’t know his age before you brought him in as an early enrollee and told him it was an open competition? If I’m either of those guys, I’m feeling like it wasn’t a fair competition because I would have been judged on things I couldn’t control. Allen needs to think about what he is saying more now as a head coach than a coordinator.

  25. Excellent post, 123, and I completely agree with your comments in the above post. I wrote something similar just after Allen made the announcement! If the reasons why Allen chose Ramsey to be the starter were what he said they were when he made the announcement, the evaluation criteria was flawed and unfair. And Dawkins had to be thinking, “then why did you recruit me?” How was Dawkins going to know the offense as well as Ramsey, who played in it last season and who went through Spring camp? How was Dawkins going to establish himself as a team leader when he just arrived on campus in June? Allen may have other reasons for selecting Ramsey, but the reasons he gave in making the announcement were bone-headed and made him look foolish. Allen’s got some egg on his face. He and DeBord either did not evaluate Dawkins thoroughly enough, they didn’t appreciate Ramsey enough, or they didn’t know what they were doing to begin with. The only thing that makes sense is that they were simply desperate to get another experienced quarterback to serve as a back-up. Allen’s two back-ups quarterbacks probably aren’t real happy with how their coach explained his decision to the public.

    I doubt Allen will ever be able to recruit another graduate-transfer quarterback to IU. Every head coach competing with IU to recruit a grad-transfer quarterback is going to use the Dawkins case against Allen. I can hear them now, “why would you commit to play your last year for Tom Allen? Look how he treated Brandon Dawkins back in 2018.” Ouch!

  26. Ramsey is the starter. Just as it should be. Whether Dawkins was brought in as camp fodder or not is of very little concern to me. But what is apparent to me is he has increased the competition factor by a lot. Just as Coach Allen sought. Dawkins will see the field from the benefit of some special packages just as Allen stated. Penix, if circumstances allow will play early in the season but could become a situational/unexpected tactical weapon for later season B1G opponents. What I see the 3 as is offensive options readily available.

  27. HC, you do not have to worry about Brandon Dawkins anymore, just announce that he is transferring. As a fan, we might not worry about why a graduate transfer came to Indiana University, but other recruits (future recruits) do. This is where fans do not understand 18-23 year old young man. Brandon Dawkins did not come Indiana University to hold a clipboard, and we the fan and the coaching staff maybe didn’t understand or listen to what he had to say. Number one this is the first time I have been in a football program where we pass first and Number two I cannot wait for the lineman to try and tackle me when I am running the ball. Brandon Dawkins felt he did not get a fair deal with Indiana University coaching staff. IMO only I think he was mislead just like Nick Tronti was mislead when he was recruited.

    1. No, he didn’t come to hold a clipboard…but he didn’t do what was necessary to avoid it.

      All things being equal I am confident the coaching staff would have jumped at the opportunity to put a senior on the field.

      Obviously, Dawkins wasn’t equal.

  28. A quitter quits twice. Then a 3rd becomes easier. #4 will quickly follow. Nobody looks up to a quitter. Reese Taylor will positively demonstrate what ‘opportunity’ means. “Here’s your hat what’s your hurry”. How boring.

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