Highlights from Tom Allen’s radio show

During his weekly radio show, IU football coach Tom Allen reviewed aspects of last week’s loss to Michigan and previewed the Hoosiers’ upcoming trip to Rutgers.

Highlights from Allen’s appearance follow:

— On establishing a culture where the team refuses to buckle under adversity: “The bottom line is we’re trying to build that toughness in our team. If you go back and look at the recent history and things some of our guys have been a part of, we haven’t been consistent week after week. (Things have been) very up and down. Trying to eliminate that.”

— On the offensive line’s struggles against Michigan State: “Coach (Darren) Hiller was the first one to say the same thing. It was isolated situations. You still had some good things, but then you had breakdowns. Some were physical, some were mental, some were schematic. I will say they are ranked No. 1 against the run for a reason. All those guys are back for another year. We knew they would be talented. They were and they made it hard. We didn’t get the job done up front. At the same time, you don’t act like all is lost.”

— On the physicality of the Michigan State game helping young players understand Big Ten football: “You can’t take away from the fact that we’re really young. That’s the bottom line. I had our guys raise their hands on Monday. ‘(For) how many guys was that your first Big Ten game?’ A chunk of our team raised their hands. Lots of young guys. No doubt, they’re different from the first three opponents we played. … On the flip side of it, your young guys on defense, they walked away thinking, ‘Wow, I can do this. We just played a really good offense and some big ol’ boys up front. We held our own and did some really good things.’ A lot of those guys gained confidence.”

— On Whop Philyor’s big game: “Whop was awesome and made a bunch of plays. He was dinged up and fought right through it. The first few games, he didn’t get as many catches but that was kind of what the other teams were taking away. He’s a warrior. A tough, tough guy. Really good football player.”

— On Peyton Ramsey’s performance: “The tipped ball was a tipped ball. He got pressured. The other (interception) was a bad decision. We can’t have those. It hurt us at the end. But as far as being able to stand in there and get key first downs and be tough and be gritty, all the things we know that he is, he did a good job. We’ve got to push the ball down the field more on the perimeter, down the middle and I believe he can do that. We just have to continue to work on that part of our game to take the pressure off the run game and the inside game. The bottom line is he’s a tough nut and did a lot of great things.”

— On the defense seizing four takeaways: “There’s a lot of positive things to build off of. One thing, with that interception (by Khalil Bryant), if you could just get in the end zone. We got a tough call to take a touchdown away, which is really one that’s hard to understand. But the bottom line is, I told our defense we got four takeaways, which is awesome. We’ve got to find a way to score and continue to help our offense, help our team win games. But getting those takeaways was huge. All four of those were caused takeaways. They were ones that we created schematically, physically and that’s a great, great thing.”

— On freshmen continuing to impress on defense: “Cam Jones has continued to grow and progress. He made an amazing interception, which showed his athleticism. He’s a 220-pound kid out of high school and I’m really encouraged by his development. Guys like that, this roster is full of them. Devon Matthews continues to get better and develop. Juwan Burgess shows flashes of being a really good player.”

— On this weekend’s game at Rutgers: “You gotta call it what it is. You have to be transparent with your team. They watch the film that we watch. They listen and read things. You have to ignore the record. It’s absolutely true. They made a lot of progress last year. They didn’t play to their level when they came to Bloomington last fall, but I expected that one to be a close game based on everything I’d seen on film. We just got after them and they didn’t respond. Their back’s against the wall. They need to win in the worst way. They’re going to do everything they can to get one.”

— On IU’s response to Saturday’s result: “I think they were hurting. I know they were. They were hurting Saturday night really bad. They had a chance to heal up on Sunday and get back on Monday morning and really talk us through it. I had them give me their feedback and we talked as a team and to each other. Then you have to flush all that and get prepared for Rutgers.”

— On running onto the field with basketball coach Archie Miller: “It was great. We invited him and the other head coaches to be a part of the game day opportunity. He was gonna be our honorary captain. That was a lot of fun. I appreciate his support. He loves football and is always there. We’re 100 percent behind him, too. I just love the family feeling we have at IU and everybody supporting each other.”

— On whether he considered an onside kick after Philyor’s fourth-quarter touchdown: “If you don’t have enough timeouts to stop the clock, then you have to onside kick it. But we had all three timeouts. So therefore, all you have to do is — if you get the stop and force them to punt the football, you have enough time to get the football, go downfield and score.”

— On whether the newly-enclosed south end zone makes Memorial Stadium louder: “It is definitely louder. I just think, from a sound perspective, it keeps it all trapped in. It’s a big advantage when we can get the crowd all nice and loud.”

— On which players in practice might be earning more playing time: “Miles Marshall, a receiver — a true freshman out of Atlanta — really, I think, is continuing to come into his own. He’s learning the offense. He’s gonna travel with us and could have a chance to play. He’s a very gifted receiver. He’s got a lot of athleticism for sure.”


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