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  1. Good to see a ton of defensive players getting quality time. Not a lot to complain about but Ball State has turned the corner several times because our ends have consistently gotten too deep in the backfield allowing BS to get outside by going under the containment.

    Ramsey continues to be steady and accurate while adding to his experience.

    Penix is doing fine.

  2. Beautiful day…Exciting Hoosier football team with impressive speed and more dynamic players than I can remember in many years.
    BSU having a major letdown after getting so close against ND…or is this a much improved Hoosier football team?

    We had our monsoon…Now comes Typhoon BigTen East. Get to high ground.

  3. The big smile on J-Shun Harris’s face was nice to see….Three ACL tears/injuries/setbacks and still making those sorts of runs.? Always careful about getting too impressed when watching anything IU Football, but Harris is pretty damn impressive.

    Could this be a Rose Bowl year? The defense looks solid. Dynamic players on offense…A couple pretty steady quarterbacks with complementary talents….Emerging star running backs…Coach’s son bringing extra ‘it factor’ to on-field camaraderie?
    Hate to get too ahead of things this early, but this actually looks like a quality college football team.

    1. So, after poor mouthing them for the past month or so, now that they are 3-0 you are on board.

      Next you’ll be claiming you predicted their success.

      It’s what you do.

  4. H4H it is hard not too get overly hyped about this team but the true test starts next week. MSU is beatable and IU needs to show they are good enough to do just that. This team is a complete team so far and bodes well for the future; this year and down the road. This game was one that had all three parts doing well for the first time this year.

  5. Florida International and Virginia scored a combined 108 points today in their victories.

    v13- Speed seems to be the real improvement. I’m beginning to believe your summertime assertions about the strength and conditioning improvements. Better competition will be the true test, but quickness, open speed, and level of execution may all be benefiting from the emphasis on new designs in conditioning. Speed can be a real equalizer…even when you’re a bit outsized …or a small notch down in overall talent.

    Now the fun begins….

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